Amir Rashadi ‘hero’, but Ulema Council may not win LS elections

By Mumtaz Alam Falahi,,

The UP Ulema Council has united Azamgarh Muslims by holding programs in villages, a big rally in New Delhi in January and a bigger one in Lucknow in February. The Ulema Council, formed in October last year in the backdrop of Batla House encounter and subsequent arresting of Azamgarh youths, has instilled confidence in local Muslims. They have come out of fear era, and have accepted the leadership of the Council. Maulana Amir Rashadi, convenor of the Council, has emerged as ‘hero.’ Notwithstanding, the Council may not win a single seat if it fights the coming Lok Sabha elections – on its own.

This is what Azamgarh Muslims – intellectuals, local politicians and social activists – tell, and not without reasons. Behind the strong possibility of the Council’s defeat are factors ranging from Muslim population to caste politics to Council’s no-no to electoral alliance to even the style of functioning of the Council.

Amir Rashadi

While the overwhelming majority of the local Muslims are supporting the Ulema Council’s decision to fight elections, some say it is an unwise decision at this time. The group should first unite and strengthen the community and its vote power like Kanshi Ram did in Dalits’ case, and only then will think about elections. Till then they should work as a pressure group, some intellectuals say. All are unanimous, however, that the organization is not in a position to win even a single seat in entire Poorvanchal (eastern UP where the Council’s presence is now being felt) on its own. It will not only lose but will end up helping – unwittingly – polarization of Hindu votes, and final result: victory of communal forces.

Ulema Council’s impact on Muslim society

Thanks to Ulema Council programs, Azamgarh Muslims have come out of fear. They are now boldly speaking on issues. The Jantar Mantar rally held in Delhi on January 29 has infused a lot of confidence in people. Only 3-4 thousand could gather in that rally but multiples of that number gathered in the Lucknow rally held on February 20, says Dr Muhammad Arshad of Azamgarh.

“It is the first time that Ulema Council or better say religious groups have gathered on a social issue in Azamgarh. This has created awareness among people. The group has got success more than expected,” says Dr Arshad, guest teacher at Jamia Millia Islamia. People had stopped carrying Azmi title with their name. Now this situation has changed, he adds.

People are now coming into open. They have come out of fear period. They think that unless they get politically strong, there is no way to solve their problems. And that’s why they are supporting Ulema Council, says Azamgarh-based social activist Tariq Shafeeq.

Echoing his view, Muhammad Azam, pradhan (village head) of Bhawapur, says that Muslims are now feeling bold. No longer do they fear police or its agencies like ATS or STF. They have completely come out of fear.

Council getting support of Muslim masses?

Youths and common Muslims of Azamgarh have now got attached with Ulema Council. They have devoted themselves to the Council, with their money and time. They have been doing this with other parties and leaders in the past. Now they are doing it with the Council, says Dr Muhammad Alauddin, Lecturer at Azamgarh’s prestigious Shibli College.

Today their impact is such that common Muslims are not ready to hear anyone except Ulema Council. They have accepted them as their undisputed leader. Now they are approaching Ulema Council on matters for which they would earlier go to political leaders, Dr Muhammad Arshad says. The influence of the Council is spreading in neighboring districts like Jaunpur, Siddharth Nagar and Basti, he adds.

Umair Manzar, native of Azamgarh’s Chandpatti village, says Ulema Council was born out of people’s frustration. When local Muslims saw no one was coming to help them, they decided to form their own group. Result is Ulema Council which has got support of 90% Muslims in Azamgarh district, says Manzar, research scholar at Jamia Millia.

Social activist Tariq Shafeeq, who lives in Sanjarpur – the village of Sajid killed in the September 19 Batla House encounter and Muhammad Saif arrested from the L-18 flat – says when asked about the opinion of the villagers about the Ulema Counci, “They are ready to support anyone who comes up to fight for their rights. They are supporting Ulema Council because it talks about their issue. They will support even BJP if it decides to fight their case. For them party is less important than their issue.”

People accepted Council’s decision to fight elections?

Dr Muhammad Alauddin of Shibli College says: Thousands of people went with Ulema Council to Delhi where decision to fight elections was announced. Many more thousands of people attended the Lucknow rally. This shows that people are with them.

But if this mass support will convert into votes, it is difficult to say now. Elections are two months away. They haven’t announced their candidates. So it is difficult to say about the impacts of the Council on elections, he adds.

Dr Muhammad Arshad says Ulema Council’s decision to contest elections is as unplanned as its creation. The decision has been taken in frustration as not even secular parties were coming to the rescue of Azamgarh Muslim youths. People felt they had no leadership. No one was speaking against the atrocities against them, against the picking up of their children. No one was openly supporting them. Council is the result of that situation. It has got mass support. But whether this mass support will convert into vote is premature to say.

He further says: “Their decision to contest elections on its own at this time is unwise. Rather, they should work as a pressure group. When Kanshi Ram jumped into politics for his community, he first united the community and only when they became a strong force, he utilized or exploited that force for power.”

“At this juncture, Ulema Council should not field its candidates; rather they should work as a pressure group. Or at least they should extend support to those who can be helpful to them. If they jump into election politics now, divisions may appear in Ulema Council” he says.

Social activist Tariq Shafeeq says: Youths and people attached with madrasas are supporting Council’s stand to fight elections but intellectuals and modern educated class have not yet made up their mind. “They think Council is not a political party. It is an organization. And several such organizations emerge at the time of elections,” he says.

Muhammad Azam says: “Muslims are ready to accept any decision of Ulema Council. They are ready to support their election candidate also. 95% Muslims are with them. Cutting across party line they will support Ulema Council. Muslims are ready to support even Hindu candidates fielded by Council. Muslims are now approaching the Council for their matters. Amir Rashadi has emerged as a hero.”

Will Ulema Council win on their own?

Impossible, as Muslims are around 17% of the population in Azamgarh. The council hasn’t yet forged any alliance with other parties. So its Muslim candidates are not going to win. However, they can strengthen the chances of their win only if they fully turn the cast combination in their favor and field Hindu candidates.

Tariq Shafeeq says: Their Muslim candidates will not win because they have not yet forged any alliance with any Hindu group. They have not taken Hindus along with them. They have not taken along secular Hindus with them. They are not in winning position. If they are to win they will have to field a strong Hindu candidate from Thakur or Yadav castes. That strong candidate with full Muslim support may be in position to win the Azamgarh seat.

Ramakant Yadav, a strong man of the area, is BJP candidate. People have been supporting SP or BSP to defeat BJP. Now BSP has a Muslim candidate, and another Muslim candidate will just help Ramakant.

“Another factor that makes Council’s victory dim is its not being a political party. It has not its cadres. Cadres gather votes or divide opposite votes. They have just emotions. And emotions cannot go long,” says Tariq.

Muhammad Azam says: Their candidate on his own will not win until they get an alliance. Like Dalits have been voting for BSP, Muslims this time will support Council candidate. In Azamgarh Sadr there is good presence of Dalits, Thakurs and then Yadavs. It is difficult for a Muslim candidate to win the seat.

Umair Manzar also agrees that Council may not win on its own. They will have to forge alliance.

Dr Muhammad Arshad says: If Council fields their own candidates, it will be very unwise as it will ultimately help communal forces. Even if Muslim votes get polarized they will not be in winning position. On the other hand the polarization of Hindu votes, which is most possible in view of Muslim polarization, will get communal forces to victory.

Tariq Shafeeq says that communal and emotional tone of the Council has begun hampering its popularity. This has distanced many from the Council as they are not agreed with the work style of the council. Their regular call of Allah o Akbar in their programs and rallies has begun polarizing Hindu votes, he says. Their on and off religious sloganeering is causing much annoyance and disturbing communal harmony, he adds.


I am really happy to hear

I am really happy to hear the decision of the Ulema Council to fight elections in the coming loksabha polls. Its true that its not in a position to win any seat. It is also equallt true that it may help the communal BJP.But could anybody say with any authority that which party is not communal today.As far as Muslims are concerned they have been exploited by each and every party in the last 60 years. Whether its Cong, JD,SP, BSP, RJD or any other party all have just used Muslims for their own benefit and gave some share of the power cake to the few chosen one from the community at the cost of the entire community. So its better if we dont talk anymore in terms of secular or communal credentials.
Just 100 mts away from the L-18, Batla House there was another encounter in the Muradi Road in 2000-01 when Advani was the Home Minister. And when L-18 happened it was Mr Shakeel Ahmad, a Muslim who was the MoS for Home. So please go and ask the mothers of Sajid and Atif what is the difference between Advani and Shakeel Ahmad.
Its time to remember Kanshi Ram's famous statement. He used to say for the first time we fight just for registering our presence, in the second attempt we fight to defeat the sitting party candidate and in the third attempt we fight to win.
So even if Ulema Council dont win a single seat it makes no difference. The only thing which needs to be checked is whether they are being planted by other anti muslim party or not. If their credentials are genuine then we all should support them.
I fully support them and urge them not to worry about the results. Have faith in Allah and fight.Remember there is no difference between Cong and BJP.

A good writ-up

Thank for this writ-up.Why Muslims always frightened with the communal forces when they try to come out from the net of hidden communal secular forces?They will not win today,but will creat a place among the people and will win next time.Their contest will enhance their power of bargain with other party in coming days.Other hand this council will be a vocal for the people of these muslims belt.In our childhood when we tried to go mango garden,our elders used to frightened with the story of head-chopper?So,donot do with this council.Let council to work and get experience.Congress and BJP are not product of one years but the let this council to face the challenges and experienced.Everything will be ok.

I am responding to

I am responding to Mr.Anonumous. Though my position is not to respond anonymous, it is just encouraging a type of immorality, not to stand on ones view. But some others in Muslim community echoing similar sentiments will be addressed here. Politics is not the game of emotions. Hazrat Ali was saying during his fight with Muawia, when the latter used Holy Quran for decision, known in Muslim circles holding the Quran on spears (Neza), The statement is right but aim is wrong (Kalamatun Haqun orido behil batil). Politics can not afford anger, exagerated emotion, it is a cool and calculated business. The basic political question on macro level (micro level can be state and constituency specific) is what we want to see the result of Lok Sabha Election 2009 in the given situation. The clear and only answer is UPA led alliance to be in power with many many additions. The major additions are the Congress should adhere more to secularism and fight more vigourously with communal force, they should address more aggressively on Sachar Committee report. They should come clean on muslim youth persecution in the name of fighting terrorism. They should adopt an economic policy which is not capitalistic and centered around the welfare of mass. They should revert back to non aligned policies on foriegn policy. These all required political action in democracy on continuous and sustained basis. It is not politics to endeavour for more bad. We are not living in monarchy where a monarch will decide every thing.
Poltics is all about result. Politics of a community is not whims of few. To say congress and BJP is same, the least can said is a naive statement. But it does not mean Congress will deliver all good. The struggle with congress and why only Congress the left politics also will be a continuous process. On communal front front the basic mantra will be that majority community should understand muslims, their religion and their institution well. For this we have to deepen our thought and action. It will be a very bad strategy to polarise majority community. The Allah will also be not happy. The good write upis available on BJP and Congress on two circle website. The author of that article is Dr. Hilal Ahmad of CSDS. That can be perused.

Amir Rashadi: True voice of Azamgarh muslims

I appreciate the work done by UP Ulema Council in general and its convenor Maulana Amir Rashadi in particular for the courage they have shown so far and standing up for the people of Azamgarh in worst of the times.

Ulema Council and Maulana Amir Rashadi have stood up for muslims specially Azamgarh muslims when they were abandoned by so called secular parties and the so called secular leaders even the Member of Parliament from Azamgarh didn’t ask a single question in parliament regarding Batla House encounters.
Ulema Council and Maulana Amir Rashadi have become the voice of (atleast Azamgarh) muslims.

I personnaly don’t care if Ulema Council win any seat or not but I am happy that finally there is someone who really shares the pain and has the guts to voice the feeling of muslims.

I don’t care which party wins elections Congress or BJP, for muslims both are evils and in my opinion BJP is the lesser evil as we know it is fascist and anti-muslim but for congress less I say better it is. Congress is the cause of most of the problem muslims are facing today. Opening of Babri Masjid gates, demolshion of Babri Masjid, Mumbai carnage of muslims, Latur riots, moradabad riots, meerut riots, bhagalpur riots……….. all took place during one or the other congress regimes. On the other hand let’s take Manmohan singh govt has it implemented Srikrishna report? has it done anything regarding Gujrat pogrom, it constituted Sacchar commission but when it is going to implement Justice Sacchar recommendations and if present congress/govt is so secular as Mr. Arshad Ajmal thinks then why it is afraid of and unbiased and independent investigation into Batla House encounters.
Congress manipulates muslim vote and want muslims to fear BJP for its own benefits.
No govt is going to care for muslim unless muslims themselves are the part of the govt. Ulema Council is the first step in the right direction. It is now up to muslims to decide what they want? They want to follow Mulayam, Maya or Lalu or choose leaders who are selfless and devoted to the community and there are some such as Maulana Badruddin Ajmal, Barrister Asaduddin Owaisi and our own Maulana Rashadi.

I must add here that Ulema Council is not the only silent revolution which is taking place slowly but All-India Majlis-e-Ittehad-ul-Musalmeen in Andhra Pradesh, India Union Muslim League of Kerala, United Democratic Front in Assam and other states are also doing commendable job and offer a ray of hope. I only wish these join forces to fight for the cause of Indian muslims.

sir india me sab muslim ko

sir india me sab muslim ko milker ek political party banani chahiye. jo musalmano ko education aur accha emploment dilwaye

A journey to moon also starts with first step

I think admin4 does not understand politics. To make your prsence felt, you need not have to win any seat. FYI, how many seats did BJP win when it started, despite 85% Hindu majority nation?. TMMK of Tamil Nadu is a very good example of a third front acceptable to non-Muslims.

Indian electorate are fedup of Congress and BJP. 90% of population is looking for honest people and who knows, may be Ulema council is addressing this vacuum.

Good luck for Ulema Council and Allah will help you.

Crying "discrimination" can't help

What Amir Rashadi? It is impossible for to win the LS elections of the New-Delhi-based entity carved out of British India, without the mercy of crooks! For a semblance of dignity to return to the community, a drastic mindset change is called for among “Indian” Muslim intellectuals. While professing solidarity with Palestine or Kosovo, they commit the blunder of getting isolated from persons from the other “Indias”, functioning under different names. That is the root cause of the agony of Kashmiris and the madness created by it. Political leadership of Muslims has traditionally been prostrating before the politicos who sabotaged separate electorate for Muslims and Dalits, which necessitated partition. So-called freedom fighters effectively sidelined them by offering utopian equality with the unequal tycoons. Noisily crying 'discrimination' can never help until enough courage is gathered to reject the formula that sowed the discrimination.


ulema council zindabad

ham sab aap ke sath hmare hidu bhai aap ke sath hain ,,,,,,,

fact findind

asalam o alikum
its reaaly good to see your organization efoorts and strugle.keep it up.i wanted to get help that our forefathers are living in india and we dont know them becouze my grand father is died.his name is mohammad siddique khan.if any one can help us in this regards.



kaise hai javed bhai aap mujh se tuch mai raheye ga inshaallah aap ki tamam zarurat puri kijaye gi



Yes we can help u

ulma council is good party i

ulma council is good party i proud ulma council well come any one in ulma council hum app ke sath hai ulma council ulma council zindabad amir rashadi zindabad sub ulma council ko suport kare


ulma council is good party i proud ulma council
ulma council is good party i proud ulma council
ulma council is good party i proud ulma council

I appreciate the movement.

I appreciate the movement. We may not win seats but aleast we have made a begining...

One line from my poem to align with the cause.

The insatiable...
Still wants to try,
Harder n better…
Till the day I die,
When I will smile.
Let others cry,
When I die



azamgarh zindabad ,naare taqbir allahuakbar


Manjilein unhi ko milti hain.........
Jinke khwabon me jaan hoti hai.......
Pankh se nahi doston hauslon se udaan
Hoti hai.............................

Dear Members As-salaam-o-Alaikum I want to be a member of this council InshaAllah..................................

ulama council

Ulama council didnot do any thing for effected families in Azamgarh. they have collected corores of rupees from Azamgarh delhi mumbai, and also gulf countries. they are fully polytical and chasing there breads on innocent boys and their families. I am telling with full of my confidence that they have cheated to the victims and their families.

work of ulema council

You are right man. they have nothing do but they success to change the fear enviornment. Now in politics every body wants popularity and money their cnadidates are not able to elect also. Dr. Javed Akhtar is not able to manage a hospital how could he run a constituency?

Amir Khan
Baz Bahadur

problem of ulama council

You are right mister. I appreciate your view about Ulama council. Today we have need of constructive critcism and your view is like that. Now Ulama Council is going on wrong path. Unfortunatly they are not represent all community of Ulama. But I think they will have gone on back foot hurrily.

Reply to the comments of the learned people below....

Reply to the comments of the learned people below....

Reply to Dilshad Khan:
Ques: Ulama council didnot do any thing for effected families in Azamgarh.
Ans: It's true that Ulama Council or UC did not do anything for the effected families because what UC could do was at maximum they could
provide financial assistance to these people, however none of the effected families are in need of taking financial assistance from UC as they
themselves are sound enough to bear the burden.... UC did and is providing legal assistance to the effected families
wherever needed.

Ques2: they have collected corores of rupees from Azamgarh delhi mumbai, and also gulf countries. they are fully polytical and chasing there breads on innocent boys and their families. I am telling with full of my confidence that they have cheated to the victims and their families.
Ans: How much money did you give to the UC.....It's really easy to play the blame game.....
Please if you are not sure of something then don't spread the rumour cause this won't effect the UC but will increase your sins.....
As far as funds are active members of UC and you will come to know what's the real situation...

It's thanks to UC after Allah that the feeling of insecurity has vanished from Azamgarh and now you have become bold enough to write a comment on a website,
ask your own heart, would you have been able to write the same comment a few months back before UC came into existence????? You yourself will get the answer...

Let's say UC has not done anything but it has atleast united us....

So, Ek ho jao aur Nek ho jao..... Think postive and be fair....

Answer to Fahim...
Ques: Today we have need of constructive critcism....
Ans: Mate, request you to please check a lexicon and understand the terminology "constructive Criticism" and then comment...
The learned friend isn't doing a constructive criticism by spreading some uthopian rumours and blaming a person who's has sacrificed his life for the sake of his community....

Answer to Aamir Khan...
Ques: Dr. Javed Akhtar is not able to manage a hospital how could he run a constituency?
Ans: Actually my learned frnd.....we have become habitual of following other's like donkeys and so we are unable to accept our own leadership and we see a lot of
shortcomings and drawbacks in our own leaders belonging to our community... Dr Jawed is serving the society since decades selfishlessly and you still doubt his credentials as a doctor...
Strange.... but it's not your's our communities thinking that makes you write so...

Grow up bro...... bring in change....

Ulema Council trying to protect terrorist

How could you cheat a country which gives you food and shelter. Better you try to be Indian instead of Muslim. Islam is not greater then India. In fact, no relegion is greater then India to the Indians. If you think Islam is greater then India, you don't deerve to live here. You are just cheating your community for your personal benefits. This Islamic thought has made muslims infamous not only in India but also through out the world. Better you improve yourself and guide your community to a good path instead of misguiding them and putting them into the hell for your personal interest. Stop trying to protect the terrorists. Otherwise you will have to bear very serious consequences. India is not only our country but also our relegion... Religion Indianism/ Bharat Dharm/ Mazhab Hindustan. Allah never came personally to help you. It was this land which gave bread and shelter and everything whichever it had. India is our Allah or Ram. How can you play with the lives of innocent muslims to gain political power? It is too shameless. I hope muslim community may understant these things. May they love this country and worship this land. "Har Karam Apna Karenge Aai Watan Tere Liye, Dil Diya Hai Jaan Bhi Denge Aai Watan Tere Liye. Dil Diya Hai Jaan Bhi Lenge Aai Watan Tere Liye..Religion Indianism/ Bharat Dharm/ Mazhab Hindustan Sanghatan

for us Islam is equal to

for us Islam is equal to india.You may not like it but that's our can't force ur views on others.Is anyone forcing u to adopt some othr ideology?No.The u too shuldn't force muslims to adopt ur so called "Indianism".We are already Indians.You RSS wallahs,when u say muslims shuld become more indians you mean they shld become Hindus as per you,you just don't say openly.And keep in mind , we are not fools.

Again on the path of SIMI

Can you say the same thing in Pakistan or America. In Pakistan, can you say " Hinduism is equal to Pakistan". In America, can you say "Islam is equal to America". If you do so there, you will be put into the hell. When you say Islam is equal to India, you mean "Islam is greater then India". In India, you can say this easily bcoz India was never so rude. But now the time is over. If you don't change your attitude, We promise, you will put into the hell... Religion Indianism/ Bharat Dharm/ Mazhab Hindustan Sangathan


Vinod Raghuvanshi @ 8 October 2010 - 10:08pm. under title: Again on the path of....

Vinod Ji - you are very good at changing COLOURS i.e. CAMOUFLAGING like a "Girgit". You see, JINDAL, the current Governor of Luisiana has changed his religion to Christianity. Now we have an upcoming candidate from North Carolina - Nikki Haley (originally Nimrata Randhawa) changed her religion and is contesting as ANOTHER REPUBLICAN candidate for Governor of South Carolina.

Unfortunately, Indian Muslims CANNOT change colours NOR CAN THEY "camouflage", hiding their ORIGINAL IDENTITY. A person CARRIES his/her name, together with his/her deeds - when he/she leaves this world. WORLDLY BELONGINGS leave the moment the spirit leaves the body. Relatives / friends accompany the DEAD upto "grave yard". Then STARTS the ACCOUNTABILITY of his/her deeds. Remember this FOR THE REST of YOUR LIFE, teach it to your children (if you have) - and try to BEHAVE HUMANELY, without HURTING anyone ((intentionally)). You will be "solely" and "individually" HELD ACCOUNTABLE for your OWN DEEDS / MISDEEDS. No-one will help you at that time.

Good Luck.

An Indian

Ulema council never protects RSS

Reply to Mr.Vinod; The Brahmanical Terror Outfit(RSS) is the largest terror organization in South Asia as reported Christian Science Monitor(CMS).As I understand Ulema Council protects neither RSS nor anyother terror outfit.

I would like you to define the word Hindu/Hinduism.Is it a religion?Which holy script does speak about such a religion?Geographically I am too as Hindu as you are. Is India your father's property? Do not behave like foolish chaddiwala.

Islam is only God's religion on the face of the earth.All others are man made /fake religions and they are being recognized by either region or race.
Please open your mind to accept the truth and save your soul from the eaternal HELL FIRE.

Which one is more important Religion or India?

We don't favour any religious outfit in India.. neither SIMI nor RSS. We favour Only Indianism. For us, Hinduism is not greater then India. What about you? Our relegion is not Hinduism. Our relegion is Indianism. What about you. We can destroy the Mandirs/ Masjids/ Churchs if they come into the way of India? What about you. Sahid Smarak is the only Mandir/ Masjid/ Church for us. What about you? We can die for this country. We can kill for this country. That's how much we love this country. What about you? If you worship this land, we can die for you. If you play with the interest of this country, We will kill you. Choice is yours. You decide whether we love you or hate you. This land is meant for Indians or Indianism. It is not meant for any relegious outfit. We request you to go into the favour of Indianism istead of Islam/ Hinduism like us. It doesn't mean we are to surrender to your feet. There are so many things. But we don't want to give this debate another path. We hope you understand it... Warm regards, Vinod Raghuvanshi, Religion Indianism/ Bharat Dharm/ Mazhab Hindustan Sanghatan.

Your question does not have any sense

Reply to Vinod;Have we told you that we hate India? Have we discussed about which one is greatest?Why have you asked this question? Who the hell are you to ask us this stupidity?Is India your father's property? As I understand, this kind of question is being asked by Brahmanical terrorists(RSS) in order to pretend to be super patriots.
We Indian Muslims love our mother land more than the you(psuedo-nationalists) do.We Indian Muslims would like to create a democratic Akhanda Bharat(Present India+Pakistan+Bangladesh+Afghanistan).Are you ready to create such a great democratic nation? If you can not support this, you can not be a pure Hindustani/Indian.
Obviously our belief does not prevent us from loving our country and present ruling establishment.Our basic belief is that"there is no other God but only Allah is to be worshipped and Muhammad(PBUH) is the last messenger of Allah.The present Indian constitution guarantees full religious freedom in India.Anybody can spread,accept, and reject any religion at any time.Unity in diversity is the main trait of our nation.

We Muslims do not believe in violence as you recommend. We can resort to violence only when we have to defend us from annihilation.I do not understand what you mean by Indianism.As long as Islam gives us solution for all our problems, we do not have to search for another one.Islam is the only religion which liberates mankind fron all kinds of slavery.I think you have some serious psychological disorder.Better you consult a psychatrist.
In case, you become the ruler of India, change the present constitution and force us to worship something else you like, as a true patriot, I will be the first one to handle you.


Vinod Raghuvanshi @ 8 October 2010 - 9:48pm. under title: Which one is more important...

I would advise Vinod Raghuvanshi and his comrades to PUT the SAME QUESTION of YOURSELF.

You will definitely GET a TRUE ANSWER, provided you DO-NOT try to "silence" INNER VOICE.

An Indian

yours is an example of yet

yours is an example of yet another kind of extremism.
" We can die for this country. We can kill for this country." When God created this earth,did he create only India,or other lands too were created.God does not call for his slaves to worship any particular piece of land.God call for humans to do justice among themselves no matter which land they live on.
Looking at what u have written it seems that u consider people living on lands other than a land called India are all demons and have no right to live.
Grow up.Not indianism or Americanism or Britainism BUT Humanity(taught by religions) is a greater religion.Give up this "love" for a particular piece of land,love all creatures of God,not only those residing on this piece of Land(called India).



Your comment on 3 serial bomb blasts in Mumba on 13th July, 2011

Yesterday three serial bomb were blasted one after another. More then 23 people died and several injured seriously. Every political parties commented and condemned it. Again Indian Mujahideen may be behind this blast like earlier bast in India. The nature, system of blast is the same. What would u like to say to public, Muslim community and any warning to Indian Mujahideen from your side. Do you think Indian Mujahideen is doing good from Muslims with such blasts or they are just putting Muslims into hell on the direction from ISI/ Dawood Ibrahim/ Pakistan who are already fighting for their survival? They call it Jihad. Is it true Jihad? Will this Jihad put a question on Islam and Muslim's existence?

As you people are Muslim scholars and now got into Indian Politics. Your view on this will be highly appreciated.

Thanks & regards,
Vinod Raghuvanshi

azamgarh is king






Aim Of ulema

the woods are lovely dark and deep
miles to go before i sleep
miles to go before i sleep

Ulma council is growing up rapidly

Ulma council is growing up as fast as it had the Lok Sabha election it had secured nearly 65000 votes wherease in Panchayat Election it obtained more than 3.5 lac votes.Presently its popularity among Hindus is increasing at a large scale.

It will divide muslim vote

It will divide muslim vote and infighting will start.Result RSS sponsored candidate will win.
same thing happenning in india everywhere again &again.When will muslims learn?

It will divide muslim vote

It will divide muslim vote and infighting will start.Result RSS sponsored candidate will win.
same thing happenning in india everywhere again &again.When will muslims learn?

the rising of ulema council

As per the my knowledge & the result it has got in the rajyasabha election in just four month of its career shows,
Ulema council will be a strongest political party of india
Aim of ulema council is to be a true politician unlike others.

The only one party in which, the word of seculersim & the meaning of seculerism is found.
I request to all indian to this party, this only party to bring a new india

****I m from mumbai****

the rising of ulema council

as per the my knowledge & the result ulema council got in rajyasabha election, shows

Ulema council is running tow

we are proud to be indian muslim..

safaroshi ki tamanna ab hamare dil me hai,,
dekhna hai zor kitna bazu-e-qatil me hai.....


Islam ek shantipri mazhab hai lekin kuch gaddaro ki nazar thik nahi.
Mai dua karta hu ke muslmano ek nai takat mile roop me .muslmano ko chahie ki ek platform pe aake olm...cou...ka sath de aur amir sab ke hatho ko mazbot kare

Who is terorist?

Maulana Amir Reshadi ne 8/6/2010 ko Yunus tea stall Saraimir Azamgarh UP ke maidan me kaha ki Atankwad na to muslim hai aur na to Hindu Atankwad agar koi hai to woh Neta Hai.


main chata hooon ki jo musalman abhi bhi gaddaron ka saath de rahe hai wo ab apni aankh khole le aur ULEMA COUNCIL ka sath den warna isi tarah kutto ki tarah bhatakte rahenge
Ulema councile jinda baad

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i am join it

party ka naara

mujhe iss party ka ek naara achcha lagta hai ki EKTA KA RAJ CHALEGA! HINDU MUSLIM SATH CHALEGA iss naare ko orkut pe padhne ke baad maine is party ko join diye hai aur is ke president Aamir Rashadi ki speech youtube pe soon bahut achcha laga
jai ulama council
jai aamir rashadi


Ulma council is growing up as

Ulma council is growing up as fast as it ham imagined. Its popularity among Hindus is increasing at a large scale.

UC is in its full swing.

Ulma council is prevailing in Azamgarh and its srounding districts.After the over-expected success in Panchayat Election,UC has become an attracting shelter for the leaders ruled out from their parties.Amir reshadi and Tahir madni has expressed their expectation of wining atleast over 20 seats in coming Assembly Election in 2012.They also appealed the brave supporters to continue the cooperation and back which are the biggest weapons for the party.

Ulema Council is in its full swing

After the over-expected success in Panchayat Election,Ulema council has become an attractive shelter for the leaders ruled out from their parties. It is expected to win atleast over 20 seats in coming Assembly Election in UP in 2012,said Amir reshadi and Tahir madni in addressing a huge mass in azamgarh.