Sameena Shah wins Google India Engineering Award

By news desk,

New Delhi: Sameena Shah has won the 2009 Google India Women in Engineering Award. Google India selected 9 top students for the 22 finalists this year. Full time student in a recognized institution and pursuing Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or related majors were eligible for this award.

An Engineering graduate of Jamia Millia Islamia, Sameena Shah, on winning the awar said, “I love research in Computer Science because it satiates my inherent desire to understand the logic behind things. Things which are seemingly random may have an underlying structure. The joy for me lies in discovering patterns, creating algorithms, proposing a theory and making my own little contribution to the world.”

Google India wants to recognize and celebrate women in computer science and related fields through this award of Rs 100000. Shah has extensive work in Artificial Intelligence, seven published papers and eight under review in international journals and conferences. She has got the Ministry of Human Development & Research research fellowship from 2004 to 2009 for pursual of PhD. She also received the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (USA) student scholarship in 2008.

Shah did her Engineering from Jamia Millia Islamia in 2002 and then Masters in Technology from IIT (Delhi) in 2004. She is currently pursuing a doctorate degree from IIT (Delhi) on the topic "Distributed Machine Learning."

Source: The Milli Gazette (1-15 March 2009)




It's heartening to heard this news. Congratulations on this outstanding achievement Miss. Sameena Shah. You are a true Inspiration for Muslim Girls.

Salute to My Sister Sameena Shah

My Dear Sister, I must confess that Women especially has an excellent hidden talent and it must have to revitalize and utilize in a good sense.
I congratulate and salute you for this wonderful glory, and you raised my head with Pride...
Keep Going..My Well Wishes all always with shine every morning.

Your Brothr
Sajjad Bangash Shah
Islamabad, Pakistan

Sameena"s dressing sense is in true Islamic

Sameena"s dressing sense is true true Islamic.we are proud of muslims woman like shabana azmi,ayesha Takia and sameena shah etc...


A job well done! We are proud of you.


I was higly impressed with the achivments of Sister Sameena.With experience of 13 years in IT(which includes 6 years in UK),I could easily understand who much of hardwork this means.
I am not sure with of the comments above about the dress of Sister Sameena.Is he/she a scholar of Islam?I am sorry to say it is relevant to ocassion.


Congratultion Sister Sameena

Dear Sister Congratulation
I really proud of you that you got renowned Google India Engineering Award 2009. I hope that other muslim girls will learn from you.
I wish your prosperity and every success in your life.

Your well wisher
Mohd.Mustaqueem Saifi
Saudi Arabia

Salute to Sameena Shah

Congrats and salute to Sameena shah who will be an inspiration to Indian women who are into research but find many obstacles in the way .

Thank you Ministry of Human Development and research for encouraging such initiatives by sponsoring her research in IITD

Changing face of indian muslim girls

Congratulation dear sister...u have done wonderful job..
your achievements shows the changing face of indian Muslims...especially...Muslim girls .they are realizing the value of education.we don't have to be infirior .we can change face..
WE put our hands together with u

email id

can i get her email id or contact info....??
i want to interview her ....for ieee newsteller