Kerala’s Mujahid Conflict: Waqf Board to take initiative to solve cases

By Staff Correspondent,

Kochi: The Kerala state Waqf Board will take initiative to solve the cases between the two Mujahid (Salafi) groups in the state. A meeting for the purpose will be held in the office of the Waqf Board in Kochi on November 17. Leaders from both Mujahid groups will reportedly take part in the meeting.

The Waqf Board has formed a sub-committee chaired by Adv Saidalikkutty to solve the cases. Adv PV Sainudheen, PP Abdurahman Peringadi and Waqf Board CEO Jamal Muhammed are the members of the sub-committee. The Board will give priority to solve the cases already before the Board, said KV Abdul Qader, MLA, who is the chairman of the Waqf Board.

There have been several conflicts related to ownership of institutions and mosques in different parts of the state after the split in the Kerala Nadvatul Mujahideen. Now the Kerala Nadvathul Mujahideen is headed by TP Abdullakoya Madani and AP Aboobaker Moulvi. The other group is named the Nadvathul Mujahideen Kerala and is headed by Dr Hussain Madavoor and Dr EK Ahmed Kutty. Both salafi organisations work actively in various fields like education (religious and material), women empowerment and health.