Sania’s ‘sensational’ dress still stuck in debate

By Dr Mookhi Amir Ali,

Not being a great sport enthusiast I have not been following Sania’s career. If I have paid any attention to her, it was in the very beginning of the career for two reasons. One, that she is a Muslim. When I see a Muslim doing well in India I feel vindicated in thinking that Muslims are not as badly discriminated against as some leaders make it out to be. She is a devout Muslim coming from a devout Muslim family of Hyderabad. She is on record in a television interview that she derived her moral strength from the five times’ namaz she offers. And the second reason for my interest in her has been the controversy she created by her ways which were not so within the parameters ordained by Islam.

In 2005 when she won the US Open she received mixed reaction from Muslim clerics and the Muslim press. One said “we are all proud of Sania’s achievements and want her to do well but we do not understand why she has to wear the kind of dress she wears. Many could not fathom why Sania Mirza could not look like the devout Muslim she claims to be. A conservative Marathi paper run by a Muslim printed her picture without the legs!

Still, on the whole the conservatives among Muslim community have been very indulgent towards Sania Mirza's dress. While Sania is the darling of the Nation, she is the pride of the Muslim community. She deserves all the forbearance which most of the Muslim bodies have exhibited. It was enough for them that her family regretted the fact that they have no control on the dress code prescribed by the tennis organizations. While the most conservative among Muslims accepted that she can’t help wearing what she has to on the tennis courts, the most moderate of Muslims failed to see why she had to be seen, filmed and photographed in the same dress even after the game is over. None asked why she did not place a wrap on herself soon after the game. She had no control over newspapers' choice of her photographs to publish; but surely the use of her photographs in tennis “dress” in the advertisements was not without her consent.

Mirzas cannot influence the Women's Tennis Association on the dress code. Surely they could dictate the choice of costume she was shown in by the advertisers of the product she endorsed. The baby of a devout Muslim family was placed by Allah in a position to be of great service to Islam and Islamic values. At the height of her career she could have questioned the unnecessary shortness of the skirts women are made to wear. She did no such thing. Instead she tried capitalizing on her fame by flirting with Bollywood. She appeared in glamorized make-over and outrageously revealing dress in a film function. There were suggestions that she was angling for a film career.


Excellent Politics

Shahzad(AL ANSAR MILLAT WELFARE SOCIETY,Basar Bigha,Soh Sarai,Bihar Sharif,Nalanda) said the Bihar Assembly elections may be more than six months away, but the major political parties in the State have begun gunning for the crucial ‘Maha Dalit’ vote-bank.The Lok Jan Shakti Party (LJP) held a “Dalit unity” rally here in December last. At a “Maha Dalit Unity” rally, organised by the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) here on Sunday, Janata Dal (United) leader and Chief Minister Nitish Kumar urged the Maha Dalit community to remain united and vigilant against divisive forces.“Please do not think that our government is doing you a great favour by launching so many development schemes for your benefit. It is your right after having suffered centuries of oppression,” he said.
Attacks Paswan
In a veiled reference to LJP supremo Ram Vilas Paswan, Mr. Kumar said: “There is this leader who is bent on defaming me and who asks for my resignation practically every day. I would appeal to these people to stop indulging in baseless slander and instead engage in some constructive work for the uplift of the Backward Classes.”
As of now 21 Backward Castes, with the exception of the Paswan community, have been included in the Maha Dalit caste list.Mr. Kumar reiterated the government’s desire to include the Paswan community in the list to enable it to avail itself the benefits given to Maha Dalits.“We have no intention of leaving anybody out. In fact, it is my fervent wish that a study of the Paswan community be carried out so as to pinpoint the avenues for their development,” he said.
Referring to the recent constitution of the Maha Dalit Development Committee, Mr. Kumar said the State government had appointed ‘Vikas Mitras’ to oversee the development of the community.

Sania's Dress

Sania Mirza should wear clothes she needs to wear for participation in the great sport of tennis and she should use her own good judgement on what to wear in between her tennis games. Being a good Muslim comes from one's heart, not from one's dress. If she wants to follow a film career she should feel free to do so. The purpose of religion is to make us righteous, just and merciful, not to stifle individual freedom.

Sania's Dress - Reply to Ghulam Mohyddin's comment

Brother Ghulam,

I am not at all surprised to read your comments, as your comments reflect one of the categories of Muslims (read absolute LIBERAL)that we have amongst the ummah today. At the end of your comment you have mentioned that "the purpose of religion is to make us righteous, just and merciful, not to stifle individual freedom". I would like to correct your concept and understanding of the word rightousness;

1. According to you she should wear whatever it is required to wear for the great sport of tennis. It is clearly mentioned in hadith what is amount of body that should always be covered (both for men and women) when in public and private as well. The skirts worn in tennis are just near to exposing the vital parts. There has been many instances, when the undergarments are also exposed while playing. Do you think that is OK. Just imagine your own wife, daugter or sister in the same position. Will it be acceptable to you. And what's so great about tennis or any other sport for that matter? Just because the whole world is doing it, it becomes great and we as muslims should follow it as well, just to prove that we are too progressive? and compromise our religion.

2. Also, according to you, its OK for her to join films. Join films and inetract physically with non-mahram males (I hope you know the meaning of the term non-mahram) and expose her self as required by the film script and the director etc. etc.and all these is strictly forbidden in Islam, to be precise its HARAM.

If this is what you think is righteousness, then I would suggest that you read the Quran and hadith properly and again and again.

May Allah (J) inspire with the right guidance and understanding of the GREAT religion ISLAM.


Reply on Sania's Dress

Mr.Junaid Byn Abdul Sattar says, "It is clearly mentioned in hadith what is amount of body that should always be covered (both for men and women) when in public and private as well."

We find ourselves in the present predicament because countless generations of ulema failed to practice ijtehad. The requirement that we in the 21st century live exactly as the Arabs of the 7th century did is unreasonable. Our turning to religion for answers to every aspect of living is unhealthy. Islam is a rational common-sense religion that is capable of evolving as the world civilization evolves. We oppose lewd exposure of body for erotic purposes, but the tennis dress has a rational purpose suited to the nature of the game.

When the Khans in Bollywood can make billions of rupees and contribute to the entertainment of millions of miserable indigents, while at the same time making movies with good social messages, why are our women not allowed to participate in this line of work. Many of our women must have God-given artistic talents to act, dance or sing which are going completely to waste.

While I realize that your views are perfectly honorable, you too must realize that other honorable views can exist, and that we need to stop trying to impose our views on everyone.

Dear Mr. Ghulam, are you

Dear Mr. Ghulam, are you Feel only muslim or Practicing Muslim.

I agree if someone take the Shahada, he/she is a muslim. But for good muslim, you know what you have to do.

Abyway I am not the judge here, it is HE who judge everybody, I try to keep my act good, but always felt short, but still trying to achieve that level. SO ,I can say this, atleast try to be a good muslim, if the surroundings are not letting you, then it will be judged by only one.

I supplicate to Allah, to keep all of us away from Fitnah. And worry more of the hereafter not of this world which is negligible compare to hereafter life.

Brother Mookhi ali, The core

Brother Mookhi ali,
The core issue is Sanias on court dress as role model for all indian muslim girls.Bollywood actresses are not accepted in a muslim society as pious muslim,but a sportsperson like Sania is a perfect catch for secular anti islam forces to portray her as an ideal model for muslim girls(dress only).

I couldn't agree better with

I couldn't agree better with the article. Kudos to that..

Mr. Ghulam, there is a proverb on the very famous Stan Lee's Spider Man and for certain you have come across it more than once. Again, for certain you agree. Referring to sister Sania's influence from being a person of such standing in the nation and irresponsibility for not standing up for the Islamic way of life with her non adherance to the Hijab,

"with great power comes great responsibility."

She chose not to, and like what she adorns, her choice reveals her non commitment to Islam. And that is an act of disobedience to the command of Allah, and thus stands inappropriate.

For certain you are wrong with your perspective. I pray you spend more time in reflection before trying to imress it on others.

Is Sania Irresponsible?

Ben Harris says, "With great power comes great responsibility."

Sania's behavior cannot be called irresponsible in any way. If she was preaching hijab to others and then not practising it herself, that would be irresponsible. But she is playing tennis according to rules, and she is following Islam in her way. You too have a right to follow Islam in your way. Let us not make Islam coercive by forcing others to our way of thinking.

dr zakir naik

check out what dr zakir naik's speeches about sania mirza on youtube