We condemn attack on professor in strongest term: PFI

By Md Ali, TwoCircles.net,

New Delhi: “There can never be any justification of what happened with TJ Joseph and we strongly condemn chopping off his hand by few miscreants,” said EM Abdul Rahiman, chairman, Popular Front of India (PFI) here yesterday. “It was quite shameful and it shouldn’t have happened in the first place,” he added.

Talking to the press at the Press Club of India, Mr. Rahiman accepted that people who chopped off Prof Joseph’s hand were PFI members.

“We do accept that the accused in this crime were associated with us and we are cooperating with the police in the investigation of this case. But I want to make it very clear, that we don’t follow violence. We are a completely non violent group which is focused on the socio-economic empowerment of marginalized groups,” said Mr. Rahiman.

He also accepted that “there are some members who are involved in the local acts of crime, and we are certainly going to examine what led to this? We are going to sure that our members don’t get involved in any violent activity.”

The incident

It is important to mention here that, on July 4, 2010, TJ Joseph was attacked by a group of people and they chopped off his right palm for his reportedly blasphemous act. A lecturer at Newman College in Thodupuzha in Idukki district, Mr. Joseph was out on bail after getting arrested for blasphemy in April last year.

The assailants in this heinous crime turned out to be members of PFI, which later on suspended them. After this incident there was widespread raid in the PFI offices across the state and several of its members were arrested by the police. According to the state police, certain weapons were found in a PFI office in Kannur.

However, there were also reports that the police themselves had planted the weapons and then took them out at the time of raid.

Police is continuing with raids and arrests of PFI activists. PFI has termed it as “harassment of its cadres and a well planned witch-hunting.”

Not a terror activity

Mr Rahiman also said that while these acts of crime should be condemned, these can’t be equated with terrorist activities. He wants to challenge “the assumptions created by the current political dispensation and a part of media that this was a terror activity, and PFI is involved in acts of terror.”

Why different yardsticks for different groups?

He accused the Chief Minister of Kerala of having double standards and different yardsticks for different organizations.

He pointed out that “what we are saying is that ok, this was a crime but what about several cases where CPM, RSS and BJP workers have been found to be involved in acts of terror, bombings, murder and different other kinds of heinous crimes? This is not an accusation but has been proved by the Crime Record Bureau and several verdicts by different courts of the state.”

Mr. Rahiman asked, “Why those organizations are being shielded and why PFI is being hunted down as if it is involved in a big act of terror? Does the state government follow different standards for different organizations?”

PFI has also slammed the CM of state, VS Achuthanandan, for his ‘anti-Muslim’ and ‘anti-Islam’ statements, and has demanded apology from him.

What is all the more disturbing is that now the state administration has reportedly been targeting Muslim groups. This can potentially create communal hostility and thereby disturb the communal harmony in the state.

PFI is an organization which has been working in Kerala as social organization since 1993 with the name of National Development Front. In 2006 it merged with other social organizations from Tamilnadu and Karnataka and formed Popular Front of India. PFI has around 50 thousand cadres across India.



HA....ha....ha. Non violent

Non violent group.

Murders are non violent acts.

Dears....this is not Islam.this is nifaq.you do everything...then you condemn.

Google search engine is more than enough to know your actions for past 17 years in many names like Ndf..pfi...kfd...sdpi.

ha ha ha

dude u talk abt searchng on google. Did u chck RSS activites. I thnk u r frm rss itself so no need to reply 2 ur commnt.

Ours is a non violent

Ours is a non violent organisation.If any of our workers are involving in killings, those incidents are local incidents...

As far as these people are there , Muslims will not be able to criticise RSS.

At least 20 murders are

At least 20 murders are alleged to be done by NDF in Kerala.A lot of destructions and property loss also ocurred.In one incident alone it is estimated to have loss of crores of rupees for Muslims. In Aswin Kumar murder of Iritty.
In Tirur communal clash,after murder of Ravi, many lives lost.

In Thalassery and Mahe, both lives of NdF and Cpim workers lost.All were Muslims.
It is true that, some of the clashes are started by RSS.
After Rss and Cpm, it is NDF , the third largest killer group of Kerala.

If PFI is sincere in its claim, it should be ready to condemn its own past.

Be a peaceful group, that will be good for Muslims.

". We are a completely non

". We are a completely non violent group which is focused on the socio-economic empowerment of marginalized groups"

its purely hypocritical talk until they explain that they really accepted this stand in the light of Qur-an and sunnah.
Because, we have listened a lot of ayaths and hadeeth from this people when they advocate violence in the form of their so called "defense".

Any way I am happy to see this stand from even at this late stage.
But unfortunately their followers are understanding violence as their way. They did this brutal attack against the college professor in the question paper issue even after he confessed the mistake and requested for pardon. So they have to work hard to convince them this shift and to bring them their violent path.



PFI is a blot on the name of Islam and Muslims in India

PFI shud b banned along with RSS. The violent history of PFI is not hidden and teh fact is it cannt be hidden frm common Muslims of KErala. Its a blot on the name of Islam in India and Muslims.its only contribution is to disturb communal harmony.It hs only harmed Muslims.

Choose between RSS & India.

Unfortunately, RSS thru its hate-bank politics has corrupted the Hindu Psyche. To such extent, that Hindus have decide to have "RSS" at the cost of India. It has come to that !

Low caste Hindus must not lose a day. Convert en-masse into Christianity., to save one's skin from RSS armies armed with swords, bombs and gas cylinders.

Once low castes become Christians., then RSS dare not touch... cuz if they do., President Barrack Obama will order Cruise Missiles to hit Hegdewar Bhawan, Nagpur and Bhonsle Military School Nashik, outright., without a second's delay.


What a fun?? Obama can attach Afganisthan or Iraq or any other muslim countries, even Pakistan. But not India. Read little history before making bla bla bla.

Hypocrite liars

These leaders are pure double-faced liars. They condemn it in public and justify it in private.This is not Islam. This was not taught by the Holy Prophet.

Please do not blame the whole society for one's act

If a man has done some thing unacceptable, nobody has the right to blame the whole society. If an RSS activist has done this crime, no Police and no Government organisations are going to raid their offices and ruin the propoerties of his community. Is this fair, democracy and secularism?