Radhakant Yadav – the lone campaigner of Karkare killing probe

By Mumtaz Alam Falahi, TwoCircles.net,

Frail but agile is 77-year-old Radhakant Yadav. The blood in the weak Lohiaite body is still hot. Behind Hemant Karkare’s killing, he sees the forces that are active for racial supremacy on this land for five thousand years. Karkare was killed because he was exposing the nefarious design of Hindu fundamentalist groups, says 3-time MLA from Madhepura constituency in Bihar, in an exclusive interview with Mumtaz Alam Falahi of TwoCircles.net.

What moved you to approach the Supreme Court for fresh probe into the killing of Maharashtra ATS chief Hemant Karkare?

I read the book “Who Killed Karkare? The real face of terrorism in India” written by SM Mushrif, former IG, Maharashtra. I had read Dr Lohia’s Hindu vs Hindu (in which he talked about struggle between fundamentalist Hindus and moderate hindus that is on for 5000 years. Lohia said Gandhi’s killing was more to do with fight between fundamentalist Hindus and moderate Hindus than to a Hindu-Muslim issue). Mushrif’s book vindicates what Lohia said. Mushrif exposed the nefarious design of Brahminist forces. I approached the Supreme Court for enquiry into the whole Mumbai terror attack of 26/11, not only the killing of Karkare. Karkare was killed with a planning. He had exposed Hindu militants in Malegaon blast case. He had reached to the conclusion that the same Hindu militant forces were behind Ajmer Dargah blast, Samjhauta express blast and Mecca Masjid blasts. As they were afraid of his coming revelations they conspired to kill him.

The information about Mumbai attack plot had reached IB and RAW seven days before. But IB sat on it and waited to use that occasion to kill Karkare. IB has same fundamentalist people as those who are ruling the country. Their planning is to take over the country in 2015. For this, they created anti-Muslim phobia by plotting terror attacks in the country. We demand probe of entire Mumbai attack, IB’s role and the role of Mumbai police.

When things around the killing of Karkare getting cloudy, or better say, Hindu conspiracy to kill him is getting clearer, then why the Congress govt at the centre is not ordering fresh probe into his killing?

The fundamentalist Hindus to which Dr Lohia refers are also found in the Congress. The party also is under control of Brahmins. BJP and Congress are now two sides of same coin. Before independence Congress was a party which fought for freedom, the Congress of free India wants to make it slave once again. Manmohan Singh is just copying US and UK. Both BJP and Congress have fundamentalist elements.

Some Hindu terror groups like Abhinav Bharat and their members have been found involved in some terror blasts including Malegaon, Ajmer Dargah and Mecca Masjid blasts. How do you think these organizations can be checked?

Now media will have to come up and expose these forces. The political parties have lost will-power to raise these issues. But as SM Mushrif says such fundamentalist elements have infiltrated the media as well and they don’t want to bring such issues before the people. Take the case of this book Who Killed Karkare? No media has given coverage to this book.

Terror blasts in India are said to have taken place of communal riots. The forces who were behind communal riots are now executing terror blasts. What do you say?

There are no major blasts in the country after Mumbai terror attack. Credit for this goes to Hemant Karkare. And that’s why I will celebrate his martyrdom. He did a great work in the interest of the weaker people in the country. He checked the Brahminist forces who are out to enslave us.

Though Supreme Court has rejected your petition seeking enquiry into Karkare’s killing but has put you at liberty to approach High Court. What are you thinking?

The courts are on vacation nowadays. When HC opens I will discuss with our lawyers and members of Sapt Kranti Wahini and then take a decision.

About Radhakant Yadav:

Radhkant Yadav’s petition for probe into Karkare’s killing was rejected by Supreme Court on May 12 but he was kept at liberty to approach High Court. Yadav is president of Sapt Kranti Wahini – the organization that works to spread the thoughts of Dr Lohia. Yadav was MLA from 1977-95 on Janata Party, Lok Dal and Janata Dal tickets. Now he resides in Patna.




Request Mr. S.M. Mushrif: Pl upload yr book on Internet for free

Dear Mr. S.M. Mushrif., please upload your book "Who killed Karkare" on the internet for FREE., so that it reaches the maximum number of people thru internet. Forego the royalty. What you have done is a service done unto the IDEA of India., the SPIRIT of India. Hope you consider my appeal. Thanks.

Septuagenarian maybe next target

Septuagenarian - Mr. Radhakant Yadav maybe SILENCED by hardcore Hindutva Forces, similar to "silent" / "unceremonious" elimination of Hemant Karkare for his HONEST WORK.

Kalyug Bharat although is a land for a billion-plus humans, it is NOT for HONEST / TRUTH-EXPOSING / RIGHT-SEEKING individuals. It is frantically on-course AND may become notorious for JUNGLE-RAAJ under Hindutva influence.

Your article about Nitish Kumar rubbing shoulders with Hindutva at time of opportunity, and just prior to state election - is a latest example of my comment. Here is the web-link, if any reader intends to verify:


India may soon drift and achieve the "notorious name" in international community, for shifting gear from "soft-Hindutva" to "hardcore-Hindutva", if left unchecked OR unchallenged, by moderates from all sides - especially in local, state, and national election(s).

An Indian

People with conscience like

People with conscience like Mr. Radhakant are jewels in the fast eroding values of our secular democratic tradiions. Salutations to the forthrightness of a real Indian National: Mr. Radhakant
Congratulations to Mr. Mumtaz for this imp interview

This book will beat the sales of ....

This book will surpass the sales of Koran this year on planet earth...

The book argues that some underworld gang wanted to get rid of him planned the entire episode of Mumbai by sending them to mumbai taking this advantage they killed him...

Jai Ho...

Salute to the Veteran

I salute Respected Radha Kant Yadav, the veteran socialist for showing his true mettle. His is the voice of moderation and search for job. Let us all wish him a great success.Quoting Lohia he rightly points out that the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi had more to do with the conflict between the modern Hindu and the fundamentalist Hindu.Mahatma Gandhi was the greatest obstacle in the scheme of the fundamentalist Hindus for whom the nation meant 'Kaum' and Hindutva is not Hinduism. It is Hindudom i.e. rule of Hindus. This country belongs to all. Mahatma Gandhi did not vacate space for the fundamentalists. if he had stopped calling himself a non-religious man,or a man who considered religion as an outdated force, he would not have been killed.But, again, this forces are in ascendancy for the last two decades.

Whatever nefarious design

Whatever nefarious design can be checked by media, if media fulfills job honestly. Unfortunately what we observe is opposite. After kasab verdict every channel was interviewing this or that insect, but none bothered to interview late karkare's family. Only one channel showed mrs karkare for 10 second only once. Because she said that it is no justice to us unless the mystery of bulletproof jacket is allowed to unfold. She could never appear again. Who is controlling the media. People are not fool.

"Don't miss the wood for the trees!"

Bloggers,it is regretted, more often than not, do "miss the wood for the trees!"They are carried away by Lohia's "moderate-Hidu" Vs "fundamentalist-Hindus"!That is an old tale.No one is at dispute with even the "fundamental-Hindus". But ,as true citizens of India, no one can shield the wrong headed ones who" plot to dislodge the secular state and usher in a "Hindu Rashtra" that too with Israeli help!'
The 26/11 attacks which included for the first time in Indian history attack on Jews Home at Narriman Point,killing of karkare and other police personnel, the disappearance of the woman eye witness who saw the terrorists walk upto the Mumbai shore and her flight to an unknown destination in an Israeli carrier, ring bells of great caution.this anti-national act has to be probed thoroughly.
Lastly, Institute of Economics and Peace, which periodically releases "Global Peace Index" asserts : "Main countries experiencing "decreases in peacefulness were : India, Sri lanka and Pakistan!"The first two sought Israeli support to fight terrorism and Pakistan for emerging a "nuclear power"!It fits well with "destablizing dynamic of Zionism!"Will Indians and Govt.of India act?

India attacked from within

With the capture of David headly(his real name is dawood gilani & he is muslim) the anti-india and anti-hindu forces are becoming desparate and are indulging in false propaganda.
Javed Iqbal was asst. commissioner of police, why has he not a part of this propaganda.
The detail enquiry was done by UPA government (headed by christian women ) and clear stament was made regarding this on the floor of the parliament , even then this malicious campaign is done to subjugate hindus and indians.
It would have been better id Mr.Mushif(close to Musharraf)established his proof and fought the battle in court so that truth comes out.But he chose to insult hindus.
For 5000 years Hindus have sucessfully and peacefully defended their culture and will continue to do so.

Togadia-Modi-Advani behind Karkare target kiling. Rest was drama

Mushrif is not related to Musharraf., dumbhead. Mushrif has identified the criminal chain., that Karkare was on. RSS has out-sourced terrorist activity to unemployed Pakistani citizens. The mastermind is in Ahmedabad., and his name is Narendra Modi. Praveen Togadia. and ultimately to the Big Boss., LK Advani !

That is the reason that Advani went public against Hemant Karkare ! and MK Narayanan (another silent accomplice) visited Advani personally ! Where was the need. Can Mr. MK Narayanan explain why he visited Advani and the minutes of that meeting !

Fact of the matter is, that RSS is the world's largest terrorist organisation with "Riot Systems" in place to trigger any riot (riots for sale., as Muthalik of Ram Sena says., @ Rs. 60 lakhs / per riot) or blasts., as the case may be.

Unearth the real criminals, no matter how high they be. Even if it is Togadia-Modi-Advani link., and serve Mother India., and the IDEA of India and the Constitution of the Republic of India.