Three UK soldiers killed in Afghanistan in two days


London : Three British soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan in the past two days ending a virtual month’s lull during which the UK suffered no fatalities.

According to the Ministry of Defence, two soldiers from the same regiment died within hours of each other after being involved in separate incidents in Helmand province on Monday.

One soldier, from 21 Engineer Regiment Group, was killed in a traffic accident when travelling to meet local Afghan contractors, while one of his colleagues died in an explosion, while taking part in a reconnaissance to replace a bridge over a canal in the Nad-e Ali district.

The announcement came after the MoD earlier named the soldier killed in an explosion close to patrol base Waterloo, in Sangin on Sunday.

The deaths, the first since April 7, bring the total number of British troops killed in Afghanistan since the overthrow of the Taliban regime in 2001 to 284, 105 more than were killed in Iraq.

So far this year, 39 British soldiers have lost their lives in Afghanistan at a slightly higher proportionate rate than the 108 who were killed in 2008.