Cover numbers sent to all Hajj applicants: Kerala Hajj Committee

By Staff Correspondent

Malappuram: Letters have been sent to all Hajj applicants of this year from the state informing them of their cover numbers, informed the Kerala Hajj Committee. Those applicants who had applied continuously since 2007 and have not been selected yet will be selected directly if they have applied this year. Their cover numbers will bear the code KLR, whereas the code for all others is KLF.

The Committee requested the Hajj applicants to check and ensure the code numbers mentioned in their cover numbers. However, no applicants will be eligible for special consideration if those who had applied and been rejected three years consecutively have applied this year along with others in the same cover.

Those who have not yet received their cover numbers should contact the office of the Hajj Committee immediately along with their name and passport number. The office can be contacted at the phone numbers 0483 2710717 and 0483 2717571.