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Fahim Ansari thanked God after acquittal in 26/11

An Interview with his wife after the Bombay High Court judgment

By Rehan Ansari, TwoCircles.net,

Mumbai: While R.R. Patil, Home Minister of Maharashtra, announced that the state government will appeal in the Supreme Court, Fahim Ansari, 36, an accused in 26/11 Mumbai attack case, offered Shukrana Namaz and prayed for Late Adv.Shahid Azmi after his acquittal by the High Court in Mumbai on Monday.

Yasmeen Ansari, 32, wife of Fahim Ansari, and Fahim’s brother Usman were very happy when TwoCircles.net contacted them in the office of Jamiat Ulama-I-Hind, Maharashtra.

L-R: Gulzar Azmi secretary Jamiatul Ulema Maharashtra, Yasmeen wife of Fahim, Usman Ansari, brother of Fahim

Yasmeen Ansari, housewife who studied till 10th standard, is now struggling for the survival of their family. She makes envelopes and is living with her daughter Iqra and two elder brothers of Fahim Ansari.

Excerpt from her interview with TwoCircles.net:

How do you feel after the acquittal of your husband Fahim Ansari?

I am relieved and lots of thanks to Allah for his kindness. I and my whole family are grateful to Jamiat Ulama-I-Hind for their constant support.

The High Court verdict depicts different pictures of Muslims contrary to what is perceived and presented. We are not terrorists and Indian Muslims never supported any terrorist act either within the country or by Pakistan. It also strengthens our faith in the judicial system of our country.

Have you met Fahim after the verdict? What did he say?

Fahim was very happy and said that he offered Shukrana Namaz after the verdict and prayed for Advocate Shahid Azmi, Jamiat, and Adv. R.B. Mokashi for their unprecedented support and faith in him. He is now concerned about another case, the terror attack on CRPF centre at Rampur on January 1, 2008 but God willing we will succeed there also because my husband is innocent.

Tell us about your daughter. Has she become familiar with the happenings around?

Our daughter, Iqra, is 8 years old now and she is studying in a school. Although she does not remember much about her father but whenever she hears the news about Fahim Ansari’s acquittal she asked when Abbu will return and I feel very sorry for her that I can’t answer this questions.

Were you hopeful of this verdict?

Yes, the acquittal in the special anti-terror court and the verdict of Justice Tahiliyani has given us lots of self confidence and we were hopeful of getting justice.

Yasmeen Ansari

Tell us about the attitude of people towards your family after the arrest and now acquittal of Fahim?

After the acquittal by the special court, attitudes of people changed for the better. They started believing that we are innocent and prayed for his release. But initially even we the close relatives of Fahim were very afraid and no one would like to meet us. We lost our small business of envelope manufacturing and now Fahim’s brother Usman Ansari has to serve others in the same business.

Tell us about your experience with Adv. Shahid Azmi

Honestly, when we saw him initially, we did not believe in him he was so young and inexperienced but when he started talking to us we felt that we are at the right place. He never asked for his fees and gave us hope that Fahim will be acquitted if he is innocent. Whereas before Adv. Shahid, we met many big criminal lawyers but they said if you have lakhs of rupees then only come otherwise pray because Fahim cannot get even bail.

Finally what will you do if the government appeals in the Supreme Court?

We never expected this from the secular government of Congress and NCP, whose, Ministers yesterday only announced that they regret the arrests of Muslim youths.
But we are hopeful, God Willing, Supreme Court will also set him free. The high court decision has reiterated our faith in the judiciary and we will fight the case there also.