Justice Kakru to head AP Human Rights Commission

By Mohd Ismail Khan, Twocircles.net,

Hyderabad: The former Chief Justice of the Andhra Pradesh [AP] High Court Nisar Ahmed Kakru, will be appointed as the next chairman of Andhra Pradesh State Human Rights Commission [SHRC]. He hails from Jammu and Kashmir and has served the judiciary at varied levels. He was in-charge Chief Justice to his home state High Court and recently retired as Chief Justice of Andhra Pradesh high court.

Justice Nisar Ahmed Kakru

The SHRC is presently headed by an in-charge chairman Kakumanu Pedaperi Reddy, who took over the position a year ago. Justice Kakru was unanimously selected in a meeting held at the secretariat called up by the Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy. The meeting was attended by chairman of the legislative council A Chakrapani, the leader of the opposition in the assembly N Chandra Babu Naidu, the leader of the opposition in the upper house D Veerbhadra Rao, speaker of the assembly N Manohar and the Home Minister P Sabitha Indra Reddy.

Justice Kakru’s name was proposed by chairman of the legislative council A Chakrapani and the close contender was Justice B. Sudershan Reddy from Andhra Pradesh, former Chief Justice of the Guwahati High Court. Mr. N Chandra Babu supported Justice Kakru saying that he belongs to the minority community. The formal order is expected to be issued soon by the governor E S L Narshiman and he is expected to serve the position for next five years.

It will be a tough task ahead for Mr. Kakru as the chairman as many human rights organizations in the state had accused SHRC to be worthless in the light that it hardly acted against the culprits especially when the accused was part of the state machinery. The SHRC has been notorious in the state for its lousy trails and large number of pending cases. So, his toughest job will be to reform the commission, so that it can stand upright in the days ahead and demand human rights for the victims of the state.



Great fot the Nation

Justices Kakroos appointment as CHRC is great for the Nation. Nation needs Kakroo. seems Kakroo is not interested. Kakroo kas done wonders and is expected to do the same as CHRC AP

Dear sir

Dear sir.,
i want to become Andhra Pradesh State Human Rights Commission member send me details if possible.

Complaint of Manhandling and Threatening with abusive words


A.V.N. Sri Ram,
C/o G.Seethamahalakshmi,
Abburivari Street,

The Grievances Redressal Officer,
Grievances Redressal Cell,
All India Radio, Akashvani Bhavan,
Parliament Street,
New Delhi-1.

Respected Sir/Madam,

Subject : Complaint of Manhandling and Threatening with abusive words by
Duty Officers (Transmission Executives), Mr.C.Manikya Rao and
Mr.Prasad of All India Radio, Vijayawada while on duty. Request


I A.V.N. Sri Ram, am working as Casual Announcer for All India Radio, Vijayawada since nine years and request to submit the following complaint of physical manhandling and abuse on me by two newly recruited Transmission Executives on 13/04/2012. I was allotted night transmission in the Home Service for presentation of announcements on casual assignment basis. At around seven (7) p.m, Duty Officer on duty Mr. Prasad, asked me to bring the film songs register. I told him that as I have still to use the register for further broadcasting of songs, I shall give it to him later. He said he needs the register immediately and I asked him to use the attender to bring it from the studio. The Duty Officer, Mr.Prasad said after all you are a Casual and you dare advise me. Meanwhile another Duty Officer, working in the adjacent room for CBS, intervened shouting at me with filthy and abusive language and said bastard how dare you refuse to do what is told to you. After all you are a casual bastard and we are officers, I will peel out your skin and kick you out of this job. Then as I protested for his using filthy words he bullied on me and beat me on my shoulder right in the presence of another female casual announcer Mrs. Padma Sree, who was also attending to some section work in the Home Duty Room. She came to my rescue and practically stopped Mr. Manikya Rao from beating me further by standing between him and me. As I was thoroughly humiliated and shocked at the meaningless act and the cruelty of the Duty Officer which was so totally unexpected and unbecoming of a official. I tried to inform this incident to the Programme Executive-Coordination, over phone and I was not allowed to take the number from the phone register or use the phone as the two Duty Officers pulled back the register from my hands and pushed me out of the room.

They also followed me to the Control Room and did not allow me to use the phone from there also. After fifteen minutes they came alongwith a security guard and necked me out of the transmission booth saying that Programme Executive-Coordination has discharged you from duty today and instructed the security guard to neck this bastard out of this place. Thoroughly afraid and depressed at this inhuman, ill treatment and with nobody else to support me I lodged a complaint with the Suryarao Pet Police Station on the same night. The complaint has been registered and the receipt enclosed with this complaint which were posted physically to the AIR Grievances Cell, Director General, DDA in New Delhi and to Addl. DG, Mylapore, Chennai. Now I am receiving threatening calls from certain SC/ST employees especially in the Programme Executive cadre belonging to the same SC/ST community to which the two Duty Officers also. They are threatening that if I did not withdraw the case they will file SC/ST atrocity case against me with false evidence. Sir, I plead with you, that I am very sincere and honest person and I never even had an altercation with any colleague or superior in my entire nine years of working in All India Radio. The behaviour of the Duty Officers is very inhuman and caused me severe pain and trauma which is uncalled for. Now they are threatening to file false atrocity case and I feel jeopardised for my life security and for losing my bread winning job as a Casual which is the only means of income I survive and serve my family.

I therefore request your kind self to kindly enquire the matter and do me justice by safeguarding my life and interests. I shall be ever greatful to you for the above act of kindness.
Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

A.V.N.Sri Ram.

Copy to :

The Director General, All India Radio, Akashvani Bhavan, Parliament Street, New Delhi-1.
The Additional Director General – ( SR – I ), All India Radio, Mylapore, Chennai.
The DDA, Section-8, All India Radio, Akashvani Bhavan, Parliament Street, New Delhi-1.