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Lokpal panel should be allowed to do good job: Singhvi


New Delhi: Hours after Anna Hazare threatened another agitation to push forward the Jan Lokpal Bill, the head of the parliamentary panel looking into the anti-graft legislation, Abhishek Manu Singhvi, said Tuesday that the committee should be allowed to do a good job

Responding to queries on the Lokpal bill in the wake of social activist Anna Hazare Tuesday threatening to renew his agitation to push the civil society’s Jan Lokpal Bill, Singhvi said the parliamentary committee was doing its best to deal with real issues.

“A parliamentary process is underway. The parliamentary committee is trying its best to deal with substantive and real issues. We are not in any manner in an argumentative or confrontationist mode,” said Singhvi, who heads the parliamentary standing committee on personnel, public grievances and law and justice.

He said the panel wants to do a good job and should be allowed to do so.

“We are trying our best and I suggest and I submit that all stakeholders should contribute to the objective of achieving a good bill,” Singhvi said.

Hazare Tuesday said in his hometown of Ralegan Siddhi in Maharashtra that he would resume his movement to get the Jan Lokpal bill passed after Dussehra and begin his campaign with the Oct 13 Lok Sabha by-election in Hisar, Haryana.

Hazare said he would hold a couple of public meetings in Hisar or send a video message explaining how the Congress has blocked the Jan Lokpal (ombudsman) bill and urge people not to vote for the party.