Four Muslims among top 100 rich Indians

By Shafeeq Rahman,

Four Muslims are listed among the top 100 rich Indians in the ranking for the year 2011, released by Forbes on 26th October 2011. Azim Premji (3rd) from IT industry Wipro, Yusuf Hamied (30th) from pharmaceutical Cipla, Habil Khorakiwala (80th) Chairman of generics maker Wockhardt and Irfan Razack (87th) from the real estate industry Prestige Estates are among the richest Indians.

Premji and Hamied are the regular persons listed in the Forbes richest person ranking for many years but Habil and Irfan are the recent entries to the Indian richest club. Shahid Balwa, Partner of DB realty and Etisalat, was also among the billionaires of 2010 ranking with the worth of $1.06 billion, but he is not in the list of 2011.

Total cumulative net worth asset of all four Muslims are $15930 million. Details of the four richest Muslims are shown in given table:



Net worth $ Million




Azim Premji





Yusuf Hamied





Habil Khorakiwala





Irfan Razack




Azim Premji

Azim Premji, prominent Indian Muslim consistently ranked in Forbes richest listing, is the head of India’s leading IT outsource agency Wipro with the worth of $13 billion which was $16.8 billion last year. Last December he was in limelight by donating $2 billion to his trust to fund his education charity which is the largest individual amount donated so far by any Indian. Premji is ranked 3rd among Indians and 36th in overall world billionaires ranking 2011. In March 2010, he was at the same position among Indian billionaires but worth of assets was $17.6 billion that is higher in comparison to 2011.

Yusuf Hamied

Yusuf Hamied & family is the renowned drug maker in India under the Cipla brand for last 75 years. His asset also declined from $1.95 billion in the year 2010 to $1.1 billion in March 2011. But they improved the business and current worth is reached to $1.75 billion. In the global ranking 2011, he is at position of 1057 among world richest.

Habil Khorakiwala

Habil Khorakiwala has the family-owned pharmaceutical business under Wockhardt brand which has the main source of revenue from the United States and Europe. Now they have entered to develop hospital infrastructure in Indian major cities. Earlier in the year 2006, he was 746th ranked among the World billionaire with the net worth of one billion.

Irfan Razack

Irfan Razack is the managing director of real estate developer Prestige Estates group. He and his younger siblings, Rezwan and Noaman, who share fortune and work with him, took company public last year, raising $240 million. Has built over 45 million square feet of commercial, retail and residential properties so far; has 61 ongoing projects covering 62 million square feet in South India.

Mukesh Ambani with worth of $22.6 billion and Lakshmi Mittal with worth of $19.2 billion are at the top among Indian richest in the ranking of 2011 but the assets of both top Indian billionaires have decreased in comparison to last year. India’s 100 richest have lost 20% of their total wealth: They are collectively worth $241 billion, down from $300 billion a year ago, due in part to a 10% decline in the Mumbai Sensex and a falling rupee.

(The writer is a professional researcher on India-centric socio-economic and political databases. [email protected])

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Still they want to blame Hindus,Indulge in Bomb making and other cruel practices,Dont go to colleges ,so called studies in Madrasa, multiple marriages and resulting children ....

Well, here you are blaming

Well, here you are blaming muslims!


It is marvelous to find Brahminists aka Viraat Hindus exposing themselves with their virulent hatredness when any topic turns to Muslims and their status. And they instead of practicing equality would point everyone not to cross varna dharma by invoking lame excusing issues as one Muslimophobe did in the comments about bogey of muslim-bomb & terror, multiple marriages by producing more children etc. In fact it is these Viraatis who indulge in these acts and wouldn't like to show their true faces since it reveals them in the mirror itself.

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If that was so, you would not find Muslims succesful in every field in India. Right from politics(Abdul Kalam) to arts (A.R.Rehman, Khans) to business (Aziz Premji), Muslims have been given equal rights ti prove themselves. I challenge you to name one Muslim country which has produces distinguished non Muslims. In case of Pakistan, their only nobel lauriette Abdus Salama was not given Nishant-e-haider and his grave was descrecated because he was a Ahmeddiya Muslim.
Facts speak for themselves.

Not bad given the fact that

Not bad given the fact that two to three per cent qualify in IIT, IIM, IAS

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