Rape-Murder of a Buddhist girl by Muslims led to riots: Myanmar Ambassador

By Mumtaz Alam Falahi, TwoCircles.net,

New Delhi: Amidst spreading anger among Muslims in India over the killings of Muslims in Myanmar, the Embassy of Myanmar in New Delhi has come up with first official and detailed explanation about the violent clashes, its origin and the measures the Government of Myanmar has adopted to control the situation and provide relief to the victims.

According to Myanmar Ambassador Zin Yaw, what has happened recently in the Rakhine State of Myanmar was violent clashes and riots between Buddhists and Muslims in the state – it was not one-sided killing of Muslims by another group with the support of the state. According to Yaw, only 79 persons comprising members of both communities have been killed in the riots that started on 30th May 2012. He termed the photos of mass killings of Muslims as fake and described the reports as baseless accusations. He further said that the violent clashes began after the rape and murder of a Buddhist girl by three Muslims in Rakhine State on 28th May.

The ambassador has made this clarification in reply to a letter by Dr Tasleem Ahmed Rahmani, President, Muslim Political Council of India. Mr. Rahmani had written to the ambassador on 19th July seeking appointment for a meeting of Muslim leaders with the ambassador over the reported killings of Muslims in Myanmar.

“A delegation of Indian national Muslim Organizations of including Jamaat-e Islami Hind, All India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat, Jamiat Ahle Hadees, Jamiat Ulama-e Hind, Muslim Political Council of India and others are anxious to meet you at the earliest possible convenience in the light the of the reports pouring in through all media sections regarding mass killings and persecution of Burmese Rhongya Muslims in Arakan region of Myanmar,” wrote Mr. Rahmani in the letter.

“Indian Muslims feel very upset over such reports. Before making any move to contact international human rights organizations and our own government, we feel it is imperative to have a first hand and direct version from you,” he had further said in the letter.

In response to the letter, the ambassador of Myanmar, Zin Yaw sent him a three-page letter on 20th July.

Main points of the letter of Myanmar ambassador
-- On 28 May this year, a Rakhine Buddhist girl was raped and killed by three Muslims in Kyaukpyu district of Rakhine State. The perpetrators were arrested and put in police custody.

-- On 30 May, 100 people including relatives of the girl and villagers came to the police station asking police to hand over the accused to them. Police refused and opened fire to disperse the mob.

-- On 3 June in a town called Taunggup, a group of about 300 Rakhine Buddhists attacked 10 Muslim passengers on a bus travelling to Yangon. All 10 were killed on the spot. This led to violent clashes between Rakhine Buddhists and Muslims. The situation went out of control.

-- Curfew was imposed by the State Government on 8 June 2012. However, clashes continued. State of Emergency was declared in Rakhine State by the Union Government on 10 June. Army was called in to control the situation. The situation is now back to normal completely.

--During the clashes, both Rakhine Buddhists and Muslims, 79 persons in total, were killed and many injured. It is totally untrue that hundreds or thousands have been killed and that those killed were Muslims. The deaths were caused by either group to each other, not by others. Houses and property worth millions of dollars were destroyed. Thousands of victims have become homeless.

-- The government formed on 6 June 2012 an Investigation Committee headed by the Deputy Minister of Home Affairs to investigate all aspects of the unfortunate incident and submit a report to the President.

-- 30 Rakhine Buddhist suspects have already been detained so far.

-- Relief camps, 72 in total, have been set up separately for Rakhine Buddhists and Muslims. Basic needs of food, clothing and medicines of the victims have been met by the government.

-- In coordination with the government, UN agencies in the country, including UNHCR, UNFPA, WFP and UNOCHA, and INGOs have also been providing humanitarian assistance to the victims.

--Lt. Gen. Thein Htay, Union Minister for Border Affairs and for Myanmar Industrial Development, accompanied by Mr. Vijay Nambiar, Special Envoy of the UN Secretary-General, officials from UN agencies, 15 Muslim leaders from Yangon visited Rakhine State recently

Full text of the letter of Myanmar ambassador

Dear Dr. T.A. Rahmani,
I would like to provide you the following information:-

On what happened:
On 28 May this year, a Rakhine Buddhist girl was raped and killed by three men near one of the villages in Kyaukpyu district of Rakhine State, which is bordering Bangladesh.

Through the investigation conducted by Kyaukpyu district police force, three persons, all Muslims, were exposed to be the perpetrators. They were put under protective custody in Kyaukpyu Jail on the morning of 30 May for fear of revenge from relatives of the deceased girl.

Relatives of the deceased girl and fellow villagers, about 100, went to the police station on the afternoon of 30 May and asked the police station to bring to them the three suspects. The police officers, who are Buddhists, did not allow them to enter the station compound and rejected their claim by saying that action would be taken against the three suspects in accordance with the law. This testifies to respect for law and the rule of law in the country. Unsatisfied with the response from the police officers, the relatives and fellow villagers attempted to enter the police station which compelled the police officers to fire five shots to disperse them.

On 3 June in a town called Taunggup, a group of about 300 Rakhine Buddhists attacked 10 Muslim passengers on a bus travelling to Yangon. All 10 were killed on the spot. The news on killing of 10 Muslims spread to the immediate neighbourhood and Muslims and Rakhine Buddhists in the neighbourhood attacked each other. This communal violence spread quickly to other parts of Maungtaw and then to Buthidaung, Sittway and Yathedaung townships in the Rakhine State where Rakhine Buddhists and Muslims have been living since long. The situation went out of control.

Local authorities and police were unable to control the situation due to lack of man power and facilities. Curfew was imposed by the State Government on 8 June 2012 in the areas where clashes took place. However, clashes continued and even spread out and therefore, State of Emergency was declared in Rakhine State by the Union Government on 10 June. The Defence Services was called in to control the situation and to restore peace and law and order in the state. The situation is now back to normal completely.

During the unfortunate incident, both Rakhine Buddhists and Muslims, 79 persons in total, were killed and many injured. It is totally untrue that hundreds or thousands have been killed and that those killed were Muslims. The deaths were caused by either group to each other, not by others. Houses and property worth millions of dollars were destroyed. Thousands of victims have become homeless. Both Rakhine Buddhists and Muslims suffered as a result of the lawlessness of a few.

On what the government has done and been doing:
The government formed on 6 June 2012 an Investigation Committee headed by the Deputy Minister of Home Affairs to investigate all aspects of the unfortunate incident and submit a report to the President.
Action will be taken in accordance with the law against all those, without any exception, who have committed crimes or agitated others to do so. 30 Rakhine Buddhist suspects have already been detained so far.

Relief camps, 72 in total, have been set up separately for Rakhine Buddhists and Muslims. Basic needs of food, clothing and medicines of the victims have been met by the government.

In coordination with the government, UN agencies in the country, including UNHCR, UNFPA, WFP and UNOCHA, and INGOs have also been providing humanitarian assistance to the victims.

Lt. Gen. Thein Htay, Union Minister for Border Affairs and for Myanmar Industrial Development, accompanied by Mr. Vijay Nambiar, Special Envoy of the UN Secretary-General, officials from UN agencies in Yangon led by Resident Representatives of UN agencies in Myanmar Mr. Ashok Nigam, 15 Muslim leaders from Yangon and departmental officials, visited Rakhine State recently, during which arrangements made by the government for rehabilitation and long-term aids for livelihood for the victims and for the security and the rule of law in the region have been explained to the victims. Cash, foodstuff, school uniforms, exercise books and stationary worth hundreds of thousands of dollars have been given to victims of both groups.

The Speaker of the Lower House of Myanmar Parliament accompanied by MPs representing political parties also travelled to Rakhine State. Together with the Chief Minister of Rakhine State and his cabinet members they visited the relief camps in the state and observed relief, resettlement and rehabilitation measures for the victims. The MPs donated Kyats 12.93 million, their daily allowance for three days, Union Solidarity and Development Party Kyats 20 million and the State Assembly members Kyats 2 million, for the victims.

Comment of the Embassy:
The Embassy of Myanmar sincerely hopes that you be well aware that violent clashes take place sometimes not only between different religions but even between different sects of the same religion. Whenever such ugly things happen, not only those who start but also who have nothing to do with such things suffer. The Embassy firmly believes that regardless of what religion one professes, all must live together peacefully based on respect for each other and laws of the country in which we reside. The recent clashes between Rakhine Buddhists and Muslims in the Rakhine State of our country are very unfortunate and the Embassy feels very sorry for all the victims without any reservation.

In Myanmar, Muslims are not only in Rakhine State but also elsewhere as those who profess other religions in the country. Buddhist pagodas and monasteries, Christian churches, Islamic mosques and Hindu temples exist side by side in many cities/towns/localities of the country. This can happen because of the deeply rooted religious tolerance in the country.

Fake photos or false information have been spread with an ill intention to agitate Muslims around the world by attempting to create the impression that Muslims are being discriminated or killed in Myanmar and that such acts are state sponsored. Such are unsubstantiated accusations. Please do not be misled by them.

I would like to request you to kindly share this information with your colleagues.

I wish you and your colleagues all the best.

With warm regards

Zin Yaw


An appeal to fellow Muslims

I’d like to request my fellow Muslims from the civilised societies not to be deceived by the fabrications and distorted information by the so-called Rohingya Bengali extremists, who have ruined the good reputation of us among Myanmar brethrens.
Most of Myanmar Muslims are descendants of the Southern Indian while there are some from Chinese Yunnanese. Regardless of our ancestry, we speak Myanmar language and live together with other nationalities of various faiths in peace and harmony.
We have lived in Myanmar for over a century together with many ethnic people of various faiths through thick and thin. We took part in the nation’s struggle for independence holding hands with ethnic Myanmar. There are still many Muslims holding important positions of various government departments.
We never thought of and will never think of setting up a separate state for us far from seeking independence like these Rohingya Bengalis are doing.
They migrated from neighbouring Bangladesh in search of greener pasture but unlike us they fail to be loyal to the host country.
To make matters worse, some educated of them, with financial support from the Middle-Eastern extremists, about four decades ago, started to claim ethnicity by fabricating and distorting information about their ancestry angering local Myanmar. Their stupid action has had a strong impact on the image of Myanmar Muslims among other national brethrens.
Therefore we would like to request you all not to jump to any wrong conclusions because of these extremist people.
We honestly believe that Myanmar government and people are not responsible to handle this complicated issue of these illegal Rohingya Bengali.
The international community, especially the UN, should try to sort it out in cooperation with their mentor middle-eastern countries and their native Bangladesh.
May Alah bless you all at this holiest time!
Shwebo Tha

Muslims are great at starting

Muslims are great at starting trouble, but only attack the unarmed. Once a response is made, they fall back on their ridiculous outrage. It is no wonder Muslims are hated throughout the civilized world.

Muslims fear from Allah

What you writing that is baseless.If Muslims would not fear from Allah then in 800 years of Indian rule and 750 years rule of Spain there would be no other religious people in India and adjoining countries and spain and adjoining countries.There was no UNO,No Amnesty International,no league who could stop Muslims from butchering other people.But due to justice and fear of Allah Muslims ruled peacefully and thats the reason that after rule of 800 years Delhi and Agra,the two seats of Muslims rule remained Hindu majority.
We cant accept this excuse of Burmese Ambassador for slaughtering of Burmese Muslims.the pictures and the videos that floating on internet could not hide the truth of what Burmese military has done with Burmese Muslims.Is Burma so anarchial nation that just for murder of a girl by a criminal could allow the killing of 30,000 Burmese Muslims?
Let the whole world to hate Muslims.What the all animals of a forest could do by hating Lion?So the case of Muslims.The Muslims only want that Allah love them.That is enough.Muslims will peaceful how long they are instigated .


Hi dont understand if u r an literate; i think u r uneducated. no point in arguments. respect each other and respect otherwise u will be in misery.


gentle man i would really wish that you face the same crisis the same kiiling of ur family what the innocent muslims of burma faced and than you will understand how it feels like. one american or isralei killed a big issue bt 30000 innocent muslim burmese killed ,,no problem ?
you illeterate see the pics of how 5 yrs old kids r choped to detah by axe . how wold you feel if the same things hapen to ur family?

Dear unknown,, u are still

Dear unknown,, u are still confused with your identity n u blame muslims gr888.... Do not post without any proof... if u r sure of ur post please support it with some proof or else just shut up n stay out of it...

you are very right we can

you are very right we can start trouble even in your home just give me your identity i will show you the trouble and the real hatred.

you are brain washed by the

you are brain washed by the media just like rest of the world...the truth is known by only handful about who actually is behind it all...muslims are not hated but are made to be hated because of the wrong accusations as Islam is seen as a major threat to many others so they are just taking measures to eradicate this threat but at the end the righteous will be victorious Inshallah

what about amnesty and bbc reports on their sites are they fake

Violence between Buddhists and Muslims flared after the rape and murder of a Buddhist woman in May, followed by an attack on a bus carrying Muslims. Communal unrest continued in parts of Maung Daw as Muslims attacked Buddhist homes. Reprisal attacks then targeted Muslim homes and communities. The attacks left many dead and forced thousands of people on both sides to flee their homes. There have been long-standing tensions between Rakhine people, who are Buddhist and make up the majority of the state's population, and Muslims, many of whom are Rohingya. Many Rakhine Buddhists have said that much of the violence in June was carried out against them by Rohingya groups. Rohingyas say they have been forced to flee because of the violence. Earlier this month, Burma's President Thein Sein said the "solution" for the Rohingya was deportation or refugee camps.
There’s never any justification for killing people anywhere in the world. In this case, yeah Muslims are being wronged & killed, but killing of even an atheist or a non-Muslim would be wrong. And keeping mum about this injustice is a shame. Anyhow, you can’t expect much when the Burmese President Thein Sein had himself stated that deportation or refugee camps were the only solutions to the Rohingya crisis. What kind of solution is this? He sounds more of a chicken. Why is he scared of his own people? Up to 90,000 people have been displaced so far & that’s a huge number. Anyhow, Amnesty International has called on Myanmar’s parliament to amend or repeal the 1982 Citizenship Law to ensure that Rohingyas are no longer stateless. I just hope this mad killing, raping & torturing come to an end. Moreover, laws need to be amended in the state of Burma. I believe it’s high time.But I’m amazed to read some of the comments on pages & sites. People love to act smart & that’s about it. I wonder do they really care or they just scribble insensitive comments to prove they are smart to themselves cause I don’t think anyone else is interested. Since they are all so damn unreadable that one can’t even continue to read what they are babbling. Anyway, this is the case anywhere…check out any status on FB particularly of fake creatures, people just love to prove something. And the only question that pops up in my mind is that: are you really all that good or you trying to pretend you care about humanity?

Myanmar’s President Thein Sein has said Rohingya Muslims must be expelled from the country and sent to refugee camps run by the United Nations.The former army general said on Thursday that the "only solution" was to send nearly a million Rohingya Muslims -- one of the world's most persecuted minorities -- to refugee camps run by United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). The UN says decades of discrimination have left the Rohingyas stateless, with Myanmar implementing restrictions on their movement and withholding land rights, education and public services.Now the problem is that the government says that these people do not belong to Myanmar. This is something which is not acceptable. It is an international tragedy. It is something that those people belong to Myanmar and Bangladesh.Now they stand as such, as you see, they are being eliminated. This ethnic cleansing is absolutely an international tragedy. Fighting in Mynamar’s Kachin and Rakhine provinces has reignited the threat facing the Rohingya after a nearly two- decade ceasefire between Myanmar’s armed forces and Rohingyan insurgents. The fallout has displaced at least 70,000 people and as many as 90,000 according to reports from human rights agencies.This has been going on for the last 30 years but nobody knew about it. The persecution was there but it was not of such a huge scale as it is now.This is absolutely incorrect that they are outsiders, that they must be thrown out. This is ethnic cleansing and the Myanmar government is lucky in the sense that the Muslim world, the majority of the Muslim peoples around the world do not know about this tragedy. Now the government of Myanmar does not recognize Rohingya Muslims as citizens, despite their claims to the land in Myanmar’s Rakhine province that dates hundreds of years. They have been accused of being ethnically tied to neighbouring Bangladesh and are diminutively called “Kalar,” a slur against their darker skin. However, Bangladesh does not recognize them, largely crowding them into camps like the one at Shahburi Bib, where the Rohingya are largely left stateless.

Fake News Spread around

Dear All Burmese Exile Media,

22 July 2012

Re: Requesting Burmese Exile Media To Be More Responsible

Recent days, Muslims around the world are fooled by misleading and fabricated wrong information provided by so-called Rohingya Bengali exploiting religion as a tool with the help of global Islamic extremists networks, I truly believe that Burmese Media in particular must clarify the real situation of Burma.

Especially, we are very disturbed to see so-called Rohingya Bengalis, Islamic fanatic extremists, and Islamic terrorists are creating fake photos, fake video and writing fabricated fake news in Arabic and other languages accusing of Burmese and Buddhist are killing Muslims in Burma and calling for religious war.

It is totally disturbing and annoying to see some Muslims are using photos and video files from 2007 Saffron Buddhist Monks Revolutions, China Earth Quake, Tsunami, Indonesia Arresting Illegal Immigrants, Thailand Arresting Illegal Immigrants, Bomb explosive victims in Thailand, victims of Nigerian Christians who are burned alive by Nigerian Islamic terrorists and media resources from around the world creating fake fabricated hoax rumours with the intention of crating religious hatred against Burmese and non-Musilms.

This is totally unacceptable.

We are aware that International News agencies are taking news from Burmese news media and so it is a unique opportunity to inform the world of what is really happening in Burma.

But we are very sad to learn that Burmese media in exile are questionably silent on these fabricated stories provided by so-called Rohingya Bengali spreading wrong information by international media.

Addition, we would like to warn the so-called Burma Campaign groups around the world to stop spreading hoax information with the intention of creating Religious conflicts in Burma.

Moreover, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International must stop fanning the flame of conflict in Arakan state, Burma. These very two organisations lost their credibility whatsoever due to their biased reports, extorted information published and doing interviews spreading hoax rumours.

We are well aware that these very two organisations’ leading figures, researchers and advocates are taking information from so-called Rohingya Bengali organisations and so-called Burma Campaign groups.

Addition, these so-called Burma Campaign groups are also taking information from so-called Rohingya Bengali organisations.

Furthermore, International media is also taking information from so-called Rohingya Bengali, so-called Burma Campaign Groups and INGOs like Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International.

If we analyse the fabricated news spreading around the world, you will surprise to see all hoax information are coming from one main source — from the so-called Rohingya Bengali organisations.

Since Rohingya Bengalis are instigating religious hatred and advocating for terrorist attacks against Burmese civilians and non-Muslims, we believe that Burmese media in exile is MORE responsible to let the world known of real situation of Burma

We would like to call for all the Burmese exile media, journalists, and reporters to be more responsible journalists whom we can count on for the true, reliable and unbiased information.

Thank you very much.

Best regards,

Burma Democratic Concern (BDC)

An appreciatable approach by

An appreciatable approach by our respected leaders and received the reply in detail. Still something practical and human assistance needed for the Refugese scaterred around in pathetic condition. One camp is around Kalindi Kunj near Sarita Vihar in New Delhi.



Truth beind Burma riot

"My father was shot dead by the Burmese military in front me. Our entire village was destroyed. We ran for our lives. I still don't know what happened to my mother," she said, sitting in a thatched hut in a fishing village near the town of Teknaf in south-eastern Bangladesh


Burma is under attack by Bengali-Rohingya terrorists

A Rakhine Teacher "U Chan Thar" in Maung Daw Township was chopped to death by his Bengali-Rohingya Muslim students in front of his 10 years old daughter and his wife who is also a teacher was seriously injured. He trusted his students and tried to negotiate with them while he was on the run during the clashes and the result is loss of his life. I have many pictures of Rakhine and Burmese corpses who were brutally killed by Bengali-Rohingya Muslim terrorists. Most of them are throat-cut and chopped to death. Those pictures are not appropriate to mention here. If anyone would like to see those, please let me know.


Why don't Muslims protest the

Why don't Muslims protest the killing of innocent Buddhist monks in South Thailand or the burning of Buddhist villages in Chittagong? Instead they make up ridiculous stories of thousands of muslims being killed in Myanmar. Is it any wonder they have no friends and are universally distrusted?


This is totally outrageous. Who has given them the right to attack the whole community of Burma due to someone killed or raped a girl.... Only culprit should be punished not the whole of community..
This is a planned bloodshed, in this time anyone can be trapped by such thing.
Burma government needs to bring before International court for this pogrom.

fake photos adn mis information!

Fake photos or false information have been spread with an ill intention to agitate Muslims around the world by attempting to create the impression that Muslims are being discriminated or killed in Myanmar and that such acts are state sponsored. Such are unsubstantiated accusations. Please do not be misled by them.


It is very interesting to note that when Hindus are being killed, raped, and converted at gunpoint in Pakistan and in Bangladesh, nobody seems to raise an eyebrow in India and the Indian media too does not extensively cover these topics but when it comes to the muslims, literally everyone seems to be on their toes.

Raped and killed by three Muslims ?

instead of punishing the three criminals, you preferred to kill the entire community ??

tell me if 100 percent among the Budhists are never involved in any rape or killing !? would you then blame entire budhists of Burma ??

A nation full of criminals can only take the law in hand !
"A Modus Operandi of Narendra Modi" !

Shameless Cover-up


The last communal riots in

The last communal riots in Hyderabad were attributed to some dead animal parts in a Hanuman temple.Later it was found to be stage managed to spread mischief.Most of the riotis are stage managed

re: muslims are great at starting

Do you think that in todays godless world Any community that is attached to its religion, and averse to drinking, gambling, free mixing of genders, dancing, singing and all kinds of immoral activities, would be popular !!? Obvoiously, it will be an unpopular and hated community, demonised falsely and continuously by the media owned by the most corrupt n powerful people.

Burmese government maintains

Burmese government maintains long history of abusive behaviors toward its minorities. They use racial and religious hatred to maintain their divide and conquer approaches. Most of the people in Burma are illiterate in Science, Social Studies and a lot of other areas. Burmese and Rakhine ethnic are the most racist nation in the world. No reputable media is reporting the news from the region in the questioned. Burmese security forces and extreme Rakhine Buddhists are committing crime against humanity in the lack of International media.

Agreed that Muslims are great at starting

Agreed that Muslims are totally great at trying to start wars, fights, etc. They jump at any opportunity to create trouble. The religion is supposed to be about peace, but obviously the people have changed it according to their convenience.

dear brothers in islam why u

dear brothers in islam why u all are running awaya when non muslims are attacking u i know the goverment also support non muslim in killings of muslim brothers dont be afraid fight with non muslims for truth and if u die in war for the sake of islam insha allah u will b rewarded jaanh i saw the vidio the women were killed small childres were killed but they r very near to jaana allah has already granted them y u all r running fight one we has to die and like these death u will not get the burma embassy in india says 79 were killed and the vidios were fake he is just defending the bhuddist community brothers re unite spread the message of islam and if some one trying to kill u then allah says u have full right to kill brothers please dont be scared fight for the justic no 1 will help u expect allah these non muslims think that they r doing great by killing and remember no UN agency will help u bcoz they r the frist enemy of islam people may say anything kill the non muslims these message has to spread

Muslim Killed In Burma

yeh bahut bura hua hai ki Muslimon per Zulm ho rahe hain, meri dua hai Allah aise zalimon ko hidayat de aur agar unke naseeb main hidayat nahin hai to Allah aise zalimon ko nestanabood karke apni zameen ko paak farmai. AAMEEN

Is this a report???? really

Is this a report???? really disgusting. have you seen the actual facts on killing????

and this

Insha Allah....Burma will pay

This information is fake

Dear all my friends,

this information is fake and made by the bloody buddhist people's. the right news is there has two women's was buddhit and they were accepted the ISLAM. whos has raped-killed by their own buddhist people not by muslim,,and now they claim on that muslim was raped which is not actually. if u think that that has been done by muslim so,,,,,
1)why u all killing to innocent people's what the have they wrong with u?.
2)if this case done by 3 muslim men's then why u all killing to all innocent muslim's people's. r u taking any action against that 3 people's?if not so why?
3)i think there may 4% of population on there,,then how the burma's muslim's could be coverage of rape-killing if there 96% of buddhist people's r exist?
4)and what about that passengers who was traveling in the bus?
I just assume that brother this is caused because u r the jelliuse with muslim's asa well those who had accepted the islam,,,,

Shame on u buddhist people's. you just have a gurds to kill or raped of innocent people's.& kindly stop to spread wrong information we r not fool as u.

thanksful of u

Brother u r so great i dont think it u r braveman. ur reply is wonderful & happiness. plz follow it. we r with u

am reading.....

am reading and i could not understand wat these non muslims are saying......muslims are the first people who made the earth alive.....we are the people who showed the right path to everything in this world...........any way no point of arguing to the buddisht...hehehe they are the people who trip on to a stone and fall and start worshipping it....lol


True say..

why media is not covering

why media is not covering situation in burma, The facts is media is totally controlled by jews... Muslim are been torched to death everyday, 300 mosques have been locked,Quran is prohibited, 20000 muslim killed so far. Government silent, united nation silent,oic silent... 90000 muslims migrated so far... till now 4000 families burnt alive.... why muslim not get justice...?

A Question to Myanmar Embassy

Mr Zin yaw it is great that you covered your story very nicely, i have some doubt i would appreciate if you could clear them.
1. In your report you said 3 muslims raped a buddhist girl and people in rage killed 10 muslims in a bus in this situation if they were really in revenge they would have killed the accused families not innocent muslims, this shows that the people were not angry of the rape but has a problem with muslims, amazing love between the communities.
2. You said on 3rdJune 10 muslims were killed, violent clashes began between buddhists and Muslims and curfew was imposed on 8th june. y so? was the government sleeping by that time or waiting for the toll number to increase.
3. The report says total of 79 persons were killed and property worth millions of dollars were destroyed, both the figures do not match up. i guess either the embassy is weak in counting or might be a problem with there calculations..

In hope the embassy truly replies this and not cover it up.

One question for Tousif, If

One question for Tousif,
If this rule you apply in case of Assam, Where two Muslims when injured by Bodo's over certain personal issue. Why all Muslims attacked on Bodos to kill
innocent and made the homeless ?
Also Why Mumbai reminded the Chengizkhan's era ?



don't kill of muslim

Muslims are great at starting trouble, It is no wonder Muslims are hated throughout the civilized world.muslims have been braved

Islamic Justice

Burma is giving the muslim the islamic justice where there is no right of existence for the other believes like what happened to pandits in kashmir.

Before questioning

Before questioning Myanmar,these leaders should ask their friendly Islamic Countries and Saudi Arabia about their treatement to their religious minority.
For ex-Muslims in India were protesting against ban on Hijab in Frace but non of them ever asked to Saudi Arabia that why it force non Muuslim women to wear Hijab??
This double standard make them Valueless.
And if U try to know,majority of anti-Muslim riots are started due to action of Muslims,and mostly among them because of Rape or eve teasing.

before questioning about hijab

before questioning fisrt you think that if any one of your sister in your country moves without hijab or by moving by wearing western culture dresses all boys will see frm up to down .to protect them from this incident saudi govt. forced to be in hijab
you also know how boys are crazy about girl my friend .be shame on your self man before asking this question ok....??


tatz their wish to wear the dress .......while in stone age ther wer no dress u knw .thn wer is the hijab .tat they are provin tat we make a keen country ......thn why they takin and the horse races its a haram u knw and many unwanted activities are done by the shieks in the country simply cheating the world lik a good person ......first they hav crct thier self before givin the order ..

am not against the islam .....tat shd'nt go against the self peace or freedim of person who does n't want it .........

dear take a look

abt rape..take a look, 99% of rape cases are in the world are othere than islamic county...u can think...why?...and for 1% exceptions are always there...regarding india..if there are only hindus...do u think...there will be no killing? just think...then also it will exist in the name of...brahmin...maowadi...yadav..and so on like in pakistan...shia and sunni..these are political...agenda...fooling peoples...and...rule people....rule the country...and rule the whole world.
Osama was firtly used by americans...to destroy USSR...and work finished...Osama finished...,Saddam hussain...fought against america for nothing...just for american to take charge of iraq easily in the name of terroris...he acted as thir american weapon..now usa has its own oil...in iraq....every one is fooling people around the world....to rule the people!
in any manner either in the name of terrorism or....in the name of humanity...!
As human being no human wants to kill other human being.....but one real brother kill his own brother, father, mother, wife, children, and thieir relatives...wot is this? leave the discussion of hindu and muslim...just discuss about how come a brother is killing to his own real brother...who both are born from the same mother???? dear same mother????
u want to be naked...go on...who is going to stop u...if u r naked...ur brother...will also be...and family member will also be...! then there should be no shame between u and ur family mebers....u can do anything with anyone.....friend....when these all things when u will think about...ur family...then only u can understand...the values...of a human being...we r not ...animals...we have sense...of everything...u know everything...but dont want to understand...thats ur choice.



whatever they do to hindus,

whatever they do to hindus, buddhista and christians in pakistan ...the same treatment is given to them now elsewhere and they feel injustice ...oh lovely

Massacre and genocide of Muslims in Burma

Dear anonymous, you are so coward person that you can not dare to disclose your name.And off course coward people only put baseless allegation on other people.I am an Indian and proud to be Indian.Can you give any example of Pakistan and other Muslim countries killing or mass killing or making life miserable for non Muslims ? You can not because in almost all Muslim countries which are more than 57 , non Muslim are treated like our brothers.Non Muslim women are treated and protected like our own sisters.We respect all human beings equal and at par with our Muslims.Because we believe that we all are children of one father 'Adam' and one mother 'Hawwa' i.e.'Eve'. Our blood is same.We all are created by on almighty god whom in Arabic we call 'Allah'. In this sense we all are relatives.Islam does not permit to harm others , leave alone killing innocents.According to Qur'an killing of an innocent human is like killing all human beings and saving a life is like saving all human being.It is the Zionist conspiracy and American propaganda which is called Islamic Terrorism which is nothing but Islamophobia.They fear that Islam is a missionary religion and spreading fast specially in Western World.They fear that a time will come when Islam will rule the world including West.That's why they want to do character assassination of Muslims and want to put a gap between Islam and non Muslims.To gain this goal they explode bombs , spread rumors and fear of terrorist activities.After every terrorist act some one with some fake and bogus name of Muslim organization accept the responsibility and America attests the claim in no time , as it was ready for every act of terror.In Muslim countries it might be possible that Muslim kill Muslim ,like insane Pakistani, Iraqi,Syrian,Egyptian,Tunisian,Afghan,Bangladeshi Muslims.But there are no examples of Muslim killing non Muslim like communal Hindus kill Muslims in India and demolish and destroy their worship places.Like followers of Mahatma Budh kill Muslims in Myanmar (Burma),like coward Jews with all help of America , kill innocent Muslims in Palestine and displace them from their homes and home land, like Christians in Bosnia kill thousands and thousands Muslim to re-capture political power , like coward American Christians killing Muslims every where in the world and dropping powerful bombs in Muslim countries in the name of peace.

Whatever happened should be

Whatever happened should be available worldwide and among all the international TV channels or medias. But here was the exception. This lead to the ocean of doubt in the Burmese Govt. and their medias aswell.

Well said Naeem.. One needs

Well said Naeem.. One needs to have complete political wisdom before commenting on such sensitive religion based issues.. I agree with you.

How nice off you, if 3

How nice off you, if 3 muslimms boy raped one budhist girl then you will kill all muslims in burmas. now you are double standered and disrubed minded, then what happen in gurat when more than thousand people killed by hindus no one actioned.

no 1 knows the actual thing

no 1 knows the actual thing so stop commenting on it


First of all i dont understand that how did the Burmese Govt. got to know about the situation. And if they got to understand about the situation then it naturally means that who are those person who are involved up in the conspiracy. Secondly if they know about the conspiracy then what have they been sitting up for a long time.That means there is just an International Politics hidden behind it to just supress the minorities in the country.

Now again I am not talking here only for Muslims who have been killed as they who have been killed have already got destroyed up and I dont think so that even 5% of the minorities will receive any form of Incentives from the Govt. since they are minorities. The Benefit who will be receiving will only be 95% of the Buddhist since the Govt. belongs to majority of Buddhist people.
It is not I am talking people for who are only muslims only but there might be also in the future that these Govt. who have attacked muslim might attack the other minorities which consist of Hindus and Christians too and therfore I dont consider any point of any issues for the other minority religion to get happy just because muslims have been killed.
The Burmese Govt. you cant justify your answer by simply saying that only a Buddhist girl who was raped by a 3 muslim guys, the girls family member have attcked the innocent muslims and other developed nations just enjoying the other part of the front.


first of all where mayanmer government when this incident happen . its means government also want this .and where many world wide organization .