UP close UP: Darul Uloom Deoband

By Kashif-ul-Huda, TwoCircles.net

UP close UP series: Part 6

“This madrasa is not merely an educational institution but a fort for protecting Muslims’ religious and civilizational treasures,” said Shaikhul Hind Mahmoodul Hasan regarding Darul Uloom at Deoband. Mahmoodul Hasan [1851-1920] was the first student of Darul Uloom Deoband and later to become a prominent force in the Deoband movement.

But it is not true that Darul Uloom Deoband was the first of its kind. People like Shaikh Ahmad Sirhandi, Shah Waliullah, Shah Ismail Shahid or institutions like Farangi Mahal of Lucknow and Makhdoom’s Madrasa at Ponnani, Malabar served the cause of Islam in India but none had success like Darul Uloom.

Darul Uloom Deoband was a response to the British hegemony over India by a section of ulema but instead of retreating back to their cocoon this was a forward-thinking step by people without political patronage. Realizing that it is not possible to beat British by armed conflicts, some ulema who had studied British system of governance and education went about creating an educational system that will take the best of the British system but keep the Islamic spirit alive.

Darul Uloom, established at Deoband in 1866, when the wounds from 1857 loss was still raw, took a revolutionary approach for teaching and learning of Islamic knowledge. Among its founders were Muhammad Qasim Nanautawi [1833-1877] and Rashid Ahmad Gangohi [1829-1905] who had studied at Delhi and had the chance to see the Delhi College and how it was run. Unlike madrasas of that era, Darul Uloom had more formal system of Islamic education, it was bureaucratic, teachers were appointed for different subjects, and it had system of examination with rewards for merit and an annual convocation program where degrees were handed out.

Darul Uloom also benefitted from newly established railways, postal system, and printing press. These helped Darul Uloom to reach far corners of the British India. So if they were not running away from the British system then why establish this path-breaking madrasa in Deoband?

Saharanpur district which contains Deoband, along with Meerut and Muzaffarnagar became important area where many religious families got established over many years during the era of Mughal decline. So Deoband benefitted from a network of religious families that provided students and teachers to this ever-growing madrasa. But unlike other madrasas that were closely linked to one family, Darul Uloom founders made a Majlis-e-Shoora (consultative committee) that consisted of religious scholars as well as prominent members of the local community. All important decisions regarding the institute are taken by this Majlis protecting it from the whims and fancies of the director.

Fall of the Mughal Empire and adoption of English by the British India meant that Ulama had limited employment opportunities forcing them to work amongst the common Muslims. Though Darul Uloom always received donations from the rich and the powerful but it made an extra effort to seek funds from common Muslims. The accounts of income and expense were maintained by the Darul Uloom authorities and a report sent to all their donors annually.
This also meant that people were seeking these ulama for guidance on most mundane of issues. This paradoxically gave ulama unprecedented influence over the community. The success of Darul Uloom is also because of their graduates going back and establishing similar madrasas in their hometowns that became feeder schools for Darul Uloom at Deoband.
Ulama of Darul Uloom Deoband had been very active against the British imperialism. From the Silk-lettter movement (Reshmi Rumal Tehreek) that led to 3-year detention of Mahmoodul Hasan as prisoner of war in Malta to establishment of Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind and the Khilafat Movement to the first non-cooperation movement, Deobandi ulamas were leading from the front. Deobandis take pride that they were the first one to demand complete independence for India and also one of the fiercest critic of demand of Pakistan.

In post-independence India, ulama of Darul Uloom largely confined themselves to the field of Islamic education. In the aftermath of partition and ever increasing communal violence, Darul Uloom continued to see itself as the protector of Islam in India. But issues were not black & white anymore, they didn’t understand the politics and what role they can play in it. However, recognizing the importance of Indian Constitution and how new laws passed in the Parliament can restrict what they saw as practice of Islam in India, All India Muslim Personal Law Board was formed in 1973. Credit must be given to Deobandi ulama for making it all inclusive with representations in it of Barelvis, Shias and women. The Board functions like a lobbying organization and shaper of Muslim opinion.

Increasingly, Deobandis are getting comfortable with electoral politics and had some success in Assam and West Bengal. But it is wrong to assume that all directions are set in Deoband rather it is an individual members or group of Deobandis who are trying their hands in new things seeing their role as protector of Islam in India.

Darul Uloom Deoband finds itself in the media almost always in a negative light. Negative publicity turns out to be a good publicity for Darul Uloom. Not unlike the late 19th century inter-religious debate that positioned Darul Uloom as champion of Islam, media attention does the same job now. My analysis of Darul Uloom’s fatwas showed that majority of their fatwas are harmless but it is the miniscule “bad fatwas” that gets the star treatment, even in these cases media indulges in exaggeration to make it appear worse than what it is. And it serves Darul Uloom well as it helps the institution reach to the Muslims which otherwise it has no means to reach.

So media help spread the fatwas of Darul Uloom but how many Muslims follow it? Few months ago I was interviewing Abdul Qasim Nomani, mohtamim of the institute and we had to stop the interview as the sound of firecrackers just outside his window was too loud for recording. Maulana Nomani informed us that it is a wedding celebration, a clear disregard of their fatwa issued three years ago.

Still, no one can dispute the influence of Darul Uloom Deoband. A century and a half later, Darul Uloom is not just a movement but an idea with a world-wide reach.

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May Allah protect us from

May Allah protect us from this shaitani madrasa..whr disrespect to my beloved Aaqa sallallaho alaihi wasallam is taught..madrasa whr it is taught that Almighty can speak lie (maz'Allah) may Almighty Allah protect whole ummah from ths misguided devbandh..and we adhare to maslak e Ala hazrat firmly.!!

May Allah protect us from

May Allah protect us from this shaitani madrasa..whr disrespect to my beloved Aaqa sallallaho alaihi wasallam is taught..madrasa whr it is taught that Almighty can speak lie (maz'Allah) may Almighty Allah protect whole ummah from ths misguided devbandh..and we adhare to maslak e Ala hazrat firmly.!!


janab Nawaz sb, please hame bataiye ki deoband wale kaise kehte hain ki

1) "Almighty can speak lie (maz'Allah)" ?
2) disrespect karte hain prophet (pbuh) ki ?

agar aap sahi se bata paye to main bhi inshallah lanat behejoonga unlogon pe jo aisa karte hain

aur agar aap sahi se explain nahi kar paye to main inshallah lanat bhejoonga aapke nazariye pe.

Daru uloom Deoband propagate

Daru uloom Deoband propagate true Islam and not hate message like other group who r in fact chela of shaitan with their hate ideology and impose their version of Islam on others. D.D. Is peaceful Institution and instrument of unity. Mr. Nawaz You go to D.D. and compare with yours than say who is serving Islam and who is the destabiliser. Be respect others and provide better example not hate in the name of Islam. its Allah who will judge on the day of judgement not any individual. We Respect Nabi-e-Karim (PBUH) from the bottom of our Hearts and love Him according to His Will. And plz note that that we donot brand our fellow Muslims as Non Kafir

with insult and abusive language and terrorize them, as your's do everyday and on every single occasion. We are Peaceful People.

Shame on you for writing such

Shame on you for writing such comment on a Madrasa where Almighty Allah & his prophet's name is mentioned every momment. No any Madrasa can compete with Darul Uloom Deoband in the field of services forIslam. You will be sinful by calling it misguided, it is on right path and will be in the future. You are totally misguided to worshiping Mazars, and follwonig in steps of those Peers having no connection with Islam as those are not offering namaz regularly. All should appreciate services of Darul Uloom Deobnd whether it is related to religious education or fighting against British to save our mother land.

Ala hazrat himself is a

Ala hazrat himself is a british ka ghulam, who denied giving fatwa to fight against brithishers when ulema e deoband were sacrificing lifes fighting against british.

Darul Uloom Deoband

Congratulation for publishing article about D'D.In fact Darul uloom is more active in literacy movement in Muslim Community, a peaceful institution far from delivering hate ideology. D.D.is example of simplicity and A Al Azhar of India.

All your propaganda are false

All your propaganda are false and fabricated no one among Deobandi believe that Allah speak lies we don't want to make debate with you. You present your case of Blasphemy on the day of Judgement and see who are lier. further in this world you can go to any court of justice to prove your case.So world will know that who are hate monger? and who are the enemy of peace?

andhe aur behre bhi samajh rakhte hai

are bhai kis duniya me rahte ho. agar mai sari baat chor kar mujhe ye batao shamli ke maidan me kya hua tha, muzaffarnagar nagar ki kile bandi me kya hua tha, thana bhawan me britsho ne kya kiya aur unke khilaf kaun log the, panipat ke marke me kya hua tha,angrezo ki fauj me bharti hone ko kisne haram kaha tha,unki ink ke istemal ko kisne roka tha aur mai kin kin ke bare me batao,jihad ka fatwa britesh ke khilaf kisnediya tha aur us per amal karne wale log kaun the are bhai allaha ne hame ankhe di hai samajh di aaj duniya ke chapppe chappe pe ankhe daurao aur dekho wakt ke firaun aur namrood se takkar lene wale logo ka talluk musalmano ki kis jamat se hai.aur mujhe batao russia tabaha barbad hua, karne wale kaun the,british hukoomat barbad hui karne wale kaun the aur aaj jo kuch ho raha hai mukbla karne wale kaun log hai.allaha didayat de.........

Deoband is fitnah Institute created by Britishers

Darul Uloom Deobands history lies in suppporting British Govt. and creating ,Dividing Indian Muslims into Maslak.Books written by Deobands Founder are so much dirty in Aqaid that they have created and Produced a generation of Gustakh e Rasool (Peace and blessings be upon him)in the region who said waht was not said earlier in Islam.What a fitnah of wahabism in India always supported dirty wahabi Salafi Aqaid in south Asia

fitna barelvi not deobandi

if the fitna of britsher is deoband ,then why why written the book (alamul alam beanna hindustan darul islam) written by bareli ke bare hazrat ji in this book than government of britash is on ain sharai hookumat. allaha hidayat de..............

You are totally ignorant,

You are totally ignorant, first try to read what were written by a Deobandi Alim, then decide, you are only hearing market voices created by those diverting Muslim community from its real path of Tawheed to path of Shaitan. And inventing many things that have no relation with Islam. Comeout from darkness to the light of Islam and do not waste your prescious time on propagating irrelevent things about those Ulmae served Isalm even in a ahrd time.

Saw the detailed frank and

Saw the detailed frank and impressive interview. And also shocked to read some awful unwanted comments. To me as a lay-man, I could not understand whether Masjid / Madrasas are only for worship or also for politics. Rarely one will find a moderate and respective person connected to Masjid and Madarsas. But on the other hand a Maulana is having good time that is " deen bhi aur duniya bhi " Can the Maulanas / Moderates go separately and keep widening the gap. Go with the time.. Think
faruqi - observer

Thank you For this Interview

It was a treat to listen the interview of Maulana ,I am very thank full To Twocircles for this interview

You donot go and search whats

You donot go and search whats the reality is? You really take for granted whatever propagate your hatemonger Ulama/preacher tell you. we Assure you that we donot believe that Allah tells lie. and that all your false allegation has been refuted since beginning of your invention of falsehood but you people never accepted since 1992 and now u r writing that so and so, judge yourself abt your mockery thousand and one times told you that we donot believe or propagate still you pretend like deaf and dump its useless to tlk with you. Go to daily newspapers websites and check in Reader's Views and see how badly islamophobia is spreading how Our beloved Prophet (PBUH) has been attacked on regular bases I know that's not your problem if someone abuse Islam And The Noble Prophet (A.S.) your mission is how to destroy Deoband and its supporters who believe and practice Islam sincerly all these beacause of your Dargah Business. Verily Dr. Iqbal had said truely "Honake naan jo Qabron ki Tijarat karke kiya na bechenge jo meel jae sanam pattharke" Deoband was founded to counter British Influence in Indo-Pak subcontinent and yours were issuing fatwa in favour of British who were using there power to convert Muslims into Christianity but your problem is not if someone accept to renounce Islam, you prefer it rather than accept pure version of Islam you believe to fight Muslims and its your first priority to destroy them whoever oppose your brand of Islam which is full of hate and against the teaching of Islam. Once again I repeat that whatever your say that deoband profess that Allah speak lies is in fact your invention and for that you will have to reply on the day of judgement. May Allah SubhanahuwataAlla guide you. Ameen

Mere hearsay is what ...

Mere hearsay by the illiterates masqundering as the 'followers' of the Prophet (sas) is the fact behind people calling DD a Shaitan den. They could not gather a single fellow claiming beyond what the followers of Hindus do, inventing things which if not followed are termed 'bid'at'. I hardly followed the DD but analysed that its opponents are just safeguarding their 'source of income'. I saw it for five years of my stay at Bareli (Bareilly!!). The abusers of others must not forget that the Prophet (sas) never abused anyone. Whither sunnat!!

Deoband is really Fitnah

Wahabi ideology was propagated in south asia by Deoband's founder.Whole of south Asia is witness to Deobandi Wahabi Terrorism in Pakistan,Afghanistan,J&K ,Bangladesh etc.Sipah Sahab,Taliban all owe their allegiance to Deoband ideology.Their Tablighi Jamat is an instrument in creating extremists who supportes these Terrorism thus giving bad name to Islam.

World was better before Deoband and its ideology.This Madarsa is back bone of all Fitnah running in the name of Islam in South Asia.Their Islam is Political Islam to occupy terrotries and estbalish their narrow version of Islam.Killing and converting Non Deobandi Muslims in to Deobandism is their prime focus and function.May Allah shut down this Institution.Ameen

i want to have the ph of madras darul alum deoband


am i wrong?

correct me if i am wrong, but arent the darul uloom deoband the spiritual masters of taliban in af-pak?