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Frustrated with torture, we may commit suicide: Terror under-trial writes from Lucknow Jail

By TCN News,

Lucknow: A forum advocating the release of innocents arrested in the name of terror, has released a letter on October 1, written by Tariq Qasmi who is languishing in the Lucknow Jail. The forum spokesperson has said that the Samajwadi Party Government in Uttar Pradesh would be held responsible if any unwanted incident happens in the jails, as those arrested in terror charges are undergoing untold torture in the name of high security.

MohamamdShoaib, Qasmi’s advocate,noted that he had little hopes from the SP Government, which had promised the release of innocent under-trials arrested in the name of terror, and the same government is now subjecting them to inhuman conditions.

L-R: Hakeem Tarique Qasmi and Khalid Mujahid

Shoaib informed the media that Qasmi was arrested December 12, 2007 from Azamgarh and Khalid Mujahidwas arrested four days later from Mariahu in Jaunpur. But their arrests were shown to be on December 22, 2007 in the police record from Barabanki. Further, based on their confessions made in the police custody, Sajjad and Akhtar were arrested from Kashmir. The Enquiry Commission (SD Nimesh Commission) formed to investigate into the matter too has submitted its report on August 31, 2012 but the government has not yet made it public.

The forum has further accused the SP government of trying to evade the report as not only ‘innocence’ of Tariq and Khalid would be proved, but questions would also be raised on the ownership of arms and ammunitions, they claimed were falsely shown to be in their possession. They claim that if the arrests were staged, then there might be links to illegal arms cartel, secret agencies and the special task force (STF).

The forum further questioned the hands behind the arrest of 2007Lucknow and Faizabad court blasts, since one of the accused SajjadurRehman has already been released. They claimed that while the STF has not been able to bring to justice the actual culprits, innocent persons have been languishing in jail for five years.

They also reminded that after the blasts in December, 2007, then ADG of Uttar Pradesh (law and order) Brijlal had pointed out that same module was used in court blasts and Hyderabad Mecca Masjid blasts. It is now known that Mecca Masjid blasts were carried out by right wing Hindu extremists.


Excerpts from the letter from Tariq Qasmi, dated September 22, 2012. The letter was originally written in Urdu

22 September, 2012


I am also a human and an innocent patriotic citizen, who has been falsely accused of terrorism under some nefarious conspiracies. Frustrated with uncountable torture, at times we even mull committing suicides. After inhuman atrocities that we have been subjected to by jail officials, suicide appears as the only way out.

All of us were illegally kidnapped from our homes, fields, market-places, etc. and were illegally tortured, and days later our arrests were shown from Barabanki, Unnao, Lucknow or other places. Based on cooked up stories and falsely claimed illegal arms were sent on longer police-custody for forcibly planting evidences.

In the name of security, we have been put confined to small, suffocating cellsand subjected to extreme torture. On June 13, 2008 we were beaten with leather hunters and sticks. Police actions appear communal on the face of it. Pages of the Holy Quran were torn and thrown in toilets.

We were only allowed to have two pairs of clothes, two pairs of under-wears, a lungi and a towel and rest all were confiscated. After our long protects and hunger strikes, finally we are allowed to come out in the corridor for half an hour since January 27, 2009. After persistent appeals the duration has been increased to an hour each day since December, 2011. It must be mentioned here that although we are confined to a small cell, in jail records we are shown as living in open.

Due to long confinements, many of us remain sick, are under depression, losing memories, and eye-sight. Higher officials rarely visit us, or our appeals are not forwarded to appropriate authorities, lest they may order basic human rights we deserve.

Despite Supreme Court orders that under-trials must not be put in solitary confinements, we are devoid of our basic rights. Having no hope, many consider committing suicides under depression. When they fall sick and plead of better treatment lest they die, jail staffs mock at us, saying who cares for you even if you die! They even mock us asking us to commit suicides or file complains that they will latter answer (assured they will get away).

Seeing all under-trials hapless and callous attitude of the administration one is petrified, if we are still under British rule or in free India. Are we in a secular state or communal?

Our only hope is the people in this country (to whom the letter is addressed) that by appealing to higher authorities, and higher judiciary we may get justice and humanity can still be saved.

Tariq Qasmi
Under-trial, High Security Prison,
C-Block District Jail
Lucknow, UP