India Muslims demand ban on anti-Islam movie

By TCN Staff Reporters,

New Delhi/Ludhiana/Hyderabad: Muslim leaders and organizations in different parts of the country have demanded complete ban on the anti-Islam film Innocence of Muslims and its trailer on the YouTube saying the movie has insulted Prophet Muhammad. Soon after the Arabic version of the trailer uploaded on the video uploading web site YouTube, violent protests have erupted in the Muslim World and other countries. The first casualty was US ambassador to Libya who was killed along with his three colleagues when the protestors set the US consulate in Benghazi afire on Tuesday.

Addressing huge gathering after Friday Prayer today at Shahi Masjid in Ludhiana of Punjab, Maulana Habibur Rahman Sani Ludhianwi, Shahi Imam of Punjab and national president of Ahrar Party strongly condemned the blasphemous movie.

Addressing a press conference after the prayer, Maulana demanded the Government of India to ban screening of the film in the country. He also demanded the government to apprise the UN of the feelings and sentiments of crores of Muslims in India.

He also criticized US President Barack Obama. “Why a liberal president Obama could not know that a film was being made in his country which could hurt the sentiments of billions of Muslims across the globe and put the world peace in danger?” he said.

Maulana Sani appealed to the Muslims in India to maintain peace and communal harmony and brotherhood in the country. He said Islam is the religion of peace and has nothing to do with violence.

Andhra Pradesh
Many Muslim organizations in Hyderabad have condemned controversial movie Innocence of Muslims which has insulted Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w.) and which also led to series of violent protests across the Muslim world. Muslims in Hyderabad are demanding complete ban on the film, and its You Tube trailer which is the real cause of the problem.

Majlis-e-Ittehadul-Muslimeen (M.I.M) has demanded that govt. should initiate steps to ban the provocative film which is hurting the sentiments of Muslims. M.I.M general secretary and Charminar M.L.A. Ahmed Pasha Quadri met commissioner of police Anurag Sharma and submitted a memorandum demanding that police should initiate action under Indian penal code and information technology act against people who are distributing and sharing the provocative movie here in Hyderabad.

He submitted to the police that it is a deliberate attempt to hurt the feelings of Muslims and this blasphemous movie has the tendency to create an ill will among different communities. He also advised commissioner of police to increase the security at the US consulate office in the city.

Student Islamic Organization of India, Andhra Pradesh division president Atif Ismail has said in a press statement that movie is sinister plot to hurt the sentiments of Muslims and exploit their anger. He demanded that Govt. of India should immediately block that provocative movie especially its YouTube trailer, before protests start in India.

Jamait Ulema-I-Hind Andhra Pradesh president and Congress M.L.C. Hafiz peer shabbir Ahmed condemned the movie in most strong term and demanded that U.P.A. govt. should ban this movie as soon as possible. A protest demonstration is organized by Majlis Bachao Tehreek (MBT) near its party office against the anti-Islamic film; several MBT workers under the leadership of Amjedullah khan burned the effigy of the film producer, while shouting slogans against USA and Israel.

Some professional Muslim youths along with Congress leader Khaleequr Rehman went to the Google office in city and submitted a memorandum urging them to remove hate movie ‘Innocence of Islam’ from google search engine results and from You Tube.

It is being reported that Hyderabad police is working to get the clip blocked to check its sharing. Police commissioner Anurag Sharma has appealed to immediately complain to the police, if someone finds out the distribution of the clip.

Heavy police arrangements were made outside the mosques during the Friday prayers. Police has identified sensitive protest spots like Madina building circle, Sayeedabad area, Madanapet circle, and Mecca masjid, to keep a tight vigil. Friday prayers are passed off peacefully no untoward incident have occurred in the city.

Dr Tasleem Rahmani, president Muslim Political Council of India has condemned the killing of US ambassador and other staffer in Libya and violence in other West Asian countries. The violence has erupted in retaliation of the provocative movie produced by some Jews.

“Violence in any form by anyone has to be condemned and stopped,” said Dr Rahmani and termed the entire episode as a conspiracy to “cornor Iran after successful NAM summit creating an excuse to send troops to upcoming anti-zionist Islamic democracies in Arab World,” said Dr Rahmani.