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Abdul Azeem: A super cop turned politician

By Shaik Zakeer Hussain, TwoCircles.net,

Bengaluru: Abdul Azeem was once described as ` Sherlock Holmes of Bangalore’ by the decorated former Commissioner of Police of Bangalore city, H. T. Sangliana. An Assistant Commissioner of Police, when he voluntarily retired, Azeem solved numerous criminal cases in his 29 year old illustrious police career and literally brought terror in the hearts and minds of Bangalore’s notorious gangsters and murderers.

So when he “wanted to do more to serve people,” he decided to join politics. He says his job as policemen, confined him to do only a certain kind of work, so he decided to jump into politics.

Abdul Azeem is among a long list of former policemen, who decided to be a full-time politician in Karnataka. He joined the Janata Dal (Secular) party in 2004 and was elected as a Member of Legislative Council in 2006. Currently he is the JD (S) candidate from Hebbal assembly constituency, Bengaluru..

In this interview with TCN, this former super cop, who has also acted in a Kannada movie, talks about his party’s ‘interest’ with the minority community, its earlier alliance with BJP, present assembly elections and how people from other communities in his constituency view him.

Excerpts from the interview:

On Janatal Dal (Secular)’s increased emphasis on minority community:

This time our party has decided to field 18 candidates from the minority community. As far as Hebbal constituency is concerned, they were two other aspirants who had already started campaigning, so I asked our high command to clear my name, and along with me they also announced four other names. There is no intention behind, good or bad. As far as Bangalore is concerned, there was no confusion.

On JD (S)’s previous alliance with BJP

JD (S) is a 100% secular party and there is no doubt in it. As far as our constitution is concerned, when legislators are elected the next step is to form the government. In the year 2004, no party gained absolute majority, neither congress, nor BJP nor JD(S). In the beginning JD (S) had an alliance with Congress. Dharam Singh was the Chief Minister and we did well. In between the present opposition leader Siddaramaiah (now in Congress) started anti-party activities. Congress instigated him to go against JD (S). The intention of Congress was to demolish JD (S). And then BJP came forward to support us and there was no other alternative other than to form the government.

But one thing, I would like to ask you; during the 20 months regime of Kumaraswamy did you see any major communal clash, did you see anything against minorities? No. Kumaraswamy was the best Chief Minister.

But when Kumaraswamy and Deve Gowda sensed that BJP is very greedy they decided not to transfer the power to them.

Abdul Azeem

Would people from other communities vote a Muslim Candidate

My performance is known to the entire state, not only Bangalore city. I am a recipient of the President Belt, I have received a Communal Harmony Award, the Chief Minister Belt and no one has broken my record.

People from all communities like me. When I was a police officer and when I was promoted, 8000 people came to bid me farewell, of which only 150 were Muslims. People cannot forget my services.

Today people want good law and order, people want peace and tranquility to be prevailed. I am asking votes in the interest of nation, I will be of some use to society; I will be of some use to this nation.

One honest man can bring a revolution; you don’t need 10 or 20 people. So I am hopeful, I will win the election this time and I will rescue the people of Hebbal.

On the possibility of being fielded against former Railways Minister C. K. Jaffer Sharief’s grandson

This question is asked by all people. Whether it is Katta Subramanya Naidu or Jaffer Sharief’s grandson, I don’t care. They are not a match to me. Everybody know who Jaffer Sharief’s grandson is, his life history is a like an open book and our community is wise enough to take a decision. Our community will not accept him. I have told my voters right from the beginning to select leaders to please themselves and society and not to please someone else. Jaffer Sharief’s grandson is an inefficient man, he doesn’t has any experience, doesn’t has any concern, he doesn’t has any knowledge. How can he take leadership? In R.T Nagar (Hebbal constituency) 75% of the people are educated, are they going to vote for him? No. People won’t accept. Neither will people accept Mr. Katta Subramanya Naidu, who has looted Karnataka nor Jaffer Sharief’s grandson. My past record says that Azeem is of some use to society and I am maintaining a clean image too, so people will definitely elect me, they will be with me and I will work round the clock for their welfare.