Afghan students march against attacks on Hazaras in Pak

By Staff Reporter,

New Delhi: Afghan students, many of them Hazaras themselves, studying in several universities in Delhi NCR today organized a peaceful and non violent protest against, what they regarded as, the “systematic and deliberate attempted killing or genocide against Hazara community” in Quetta, Pakistan before the UN Office in Lodi Estate.

Students from South Asian University (SAU), Jamia Millia Islamia, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), Sharda University and Hamdard University stood holding placards. Several Afghans residing in the city also participated in the march.One poster addressed to UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon read, “You would have been killed in Pakistan because you look like us,” referring to common Mongoloid origin.

They also sent a memorandum to the UN Secretary General urging him to take immediate steps and pressurize Pakistan government for the security and well being of Hazaras.

Protesters also urged the members of civil society, intellectuals, journalists, human rights organizations, and social and political activists of the world to “rise up against the genocide, persecution, and systematic discriminations of Hazaras in Pakistan.”

At the end of the protest they adopted resolutions urging Pakistan government to take adequate steps for the security of Hazara Shias in that country, provide them facilities enshrined in international charters for minorities.