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Goa’s Laadli Laxmi scheme stoking dowry system: Study


Panaji : A leading women’s group Friday said the Goa government’s flagship scheme for women’s emancipation was reinforcing the dowry system.

Women’s group Bailancho Saad said that its findings were based on the study ‘Rough justice for women: Factfile’ conducted by the organisation.

The study said the state’s Laadli Laxmi scheme, which gives Rs.1 lakh to a bride’s family for expenses for the wedding, reinforces the concept of dowry by giving money.

The Laadli Laxmi scheme is one of the flagship schemes of the BJP-led coalition government.

“One of the main reasons for female foeticide is that parents have to spend money during marriages. The Laadli Laxmi scheme aims to break that mindset by empowering women with Rs.1 lakh at the time of marriage,” said Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, who has already allotted Rs.150 crore for the scheme.

The study based on statistics and case studies during 2010-12 by the Bailancho Saad also points out at a general decline in moral societal standards, which resulted in exploitation of the vulnerable.

“Case after case shows how the people of Goa – whether natives, settlers or tourists – have degenerated into becoming more and more criminal, violent and greedy to amass wealth by foul means, using their power to abuse cheat torture abet and even kill the vulnerable,” the study stated.