On third day of protest, Rihai Manch poses 16 questions to Muslim MLAs & ministers

By TwoCircles.net Staff Reporter,

Lucknow: Today was the third day of protest by Rihai Manch (Forum for the Release of Innocent Muslims imprisoned in the name of Terrorism), outside the UP Assembly on the demand for the persecution of police officers involved in the custodial death of Khalid Mujahid, tabling of the Nimesh Commission Report and release of Muslim youths languishing in jails in fabricated terror cases.

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Throughout the state, protesters wore black band in solidarity and the day was declared as black Friday. After spate of 27 communal riots, now custodial death of Khalid is the last nail in the coffin of SP government said a spokesperson of the Rihai Manch.

Secretary of National Democratic Party, Chawdhry Chandrpal Singh, who was present at the protest, accused the Samajwadi Party of cozying up to the Sangh Parivar.
Protesters also shouted slogans against those Muslim clergies who generally side with SP and are still silent on the issue.

On the fourth day of protest former MP and Communist Party leader Subhasini Ali, NDP president Asad Khan, Secretary of Indian National League Mohamamd Suleman amongst others are expected to be present.

Expressing their shock on the demeaning silence of Muslim leadership, on the third day of protest, Rihai Manch also posed 16 questions to Muslim legislatures and ministers. Protesters have warned the Muslim legislatures to gherao them if their questions are not heeded to. Most of the questions are related to the witch-hunting of Muslim youths in the name of terror, and the response of these Muslim elected representatives.

1. Even after filing of FIRs into conspiracy and murder of Khalid Mujahid against 42 cops, police has not taken any action yet. Muslim MLAs and ministers have particularly been copious by their silence. Rihai Manch would want to know their opinion on the issue and would request them to speak. Should not they resign if they have failed to voice the concerns of the community, on whose vote they reached the Assembly?

2. Have you ever raised the issue of detention of Muslim youths inside Assembly? If yes, what was the outcome? If no, why have you been silent?

3. Have you raised the issue in the Assembly or in any committee? If you did, what did you say? If you did not, can we know the reason?

4. Did you ever raise the issue of arrest of Muslim youths even as the SP government came to power?

5. Did you demand the tabling of RD Nimesh Commission report in the Assembly?

6. If the state government does not still release the innocent Muslim youths languishing in jails for years, are you prepared to resign from your constituencies?

7. Are you satisfied with your party’s response in the Parliament on the Batla House encounter?

8. Do you think that ATS and intelligence agencies have been biased towards Muslims in their working?

9. Do you consider it right for state police and intelligence personnel to get training in Israel?

10. SP leader and Minister Shivpal Yadav visited Israel sometimes back. Do you think it was right on his part to visit Israel?

11. Several rights activists have demanded from the central government to bring out white paper on Indian Mujahedeen and Muslim youths arrested. What is your take on it?

12. Attack on CRPF camp in Rampur on 31 December 2007 and 2008 is believed to part of an ‘internal brawl’ by many and there is demand to have a fresh enquiry. Have you ever raised the issue in the Assembly?

13. In Kanpur two Bajrang Dal leaders died while allegedly making bombs in 2008 and huge amount of explosives were recovered from them. There is long held demand of CBI enquiry into it. Have you ever pressed for same in the Assembly or in any committee at party or government level?

14. On the alleged biased role of then SP of Kanpur in 1992, IS Mathur Committee submitted its report in 1998. Have you ever raised the issue for tabling that report?

15. In the spate of communal riots under current SP government questions have been raised on the dubious role of SP leaders and ministers. Have you ever raised the issue at party or government level? If so what was the response?

16. News of ill-treatment and torture of Muslim youths languishing in jails in the name of terror often surface. Have you ever taken up the issue at the government level or raised it on the floor of the house?