Will NaMo tea change fate of Assam tea?

    By TwoCircles.net Staff Reporter,

    Guwahati: The globally famous ‘Assam Tea’ now faces serious challenge from a new contender in its own territory. Rich for its exquisite liquor and aroma the tea of the land now would have a new taste in the form of ‘Modi Tea’. Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi’s brush with tea would be an advantage for the state BJP to paint the tea gardens of Assam ‘saffron’ as it believes to be so.

    The crimson orange liquor that rejuvenates millions across the globe, and gown in the lush green tea gardens of Assam, the Assam Tea has now found a new variant. The tea repositioned by the BJP as the ‘Modi Tea’ as a befitting reply to Congress’s remark on the Gujarat chief minister as ‘Chaiwala’ has surprisingly found a good response in Assam.

    BJP supporters and workers distribute ‘Modi Chai’ in the streets of Guwahati.

    Most on the streets of Guwahati took time out from their busy schedule to take a sip of the ‘Modi Tea’ which was being distributed by the state unit of the party on the eve of the high profile leader’s visit to Guwahati on February 8.

    According to the state BJP president Sarbananda Sonwal, Narendra Modi’s familiarity with tea would help him connect to the huge tea garden community of Assam and understand their woes. Here, it may be mentioned the buyers from Gujrat purchase the highest amount of Assam tea in the national market.

    “I think Narendra Modi will be able to understand the pain and worries of the people of the tea tribe who have always been neglected by the Congress for decades. The Congress has always used these people for the sake of their votes but when it comes to development, Congress has cheated them. I hope Narendra Modi is the right person to do the welfare for them,” Sonowal said.

    Over nine lakh voters in Assam originate from the 900 odd tea gardens of the state and have been a deciding factor in assembly and general election for decades. Since independence the tea gardens of Assam has been the strong hold of the congress and the national party in the current assembly has a formidable representation from the tea community.

    But, unfortunately poor wage structure, lack of healthcare facilities lack of implementation of the Labour Act and the failure of the ruling congress to revive the sick tea gardens are some serious concerns that has helped the BJP to make inroads in the Congress bastion.
    With Narendra Modi’s connection with tea, the BJP this time believes that it would not only be able to empathize with the tea community but make strong strides in the Congress strong hold.

    “It’s time we need a change and people of the tea community have well realized it,” said Kamakhya Prasad Tassa, BJP Leader and former Tea Tribe Students leader.