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Minorities Commission report on Kishanbagh communal violence agitates human rights group

By TwoCircles.net Staff Reporter,

Hyderabad: Report of Andhra Pradesh State Minorities Commission on Kishanbagh communal violence has not gone down well with Human rights groups whom felt recommendations of the commission is “like a report of a subordinate officer submitting to its higher officials.”

Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee (CLMC) wrote a letter to its chairman Abid Rasool Khan describing Commission report as “A complete bureaucratic report lacking on Human rights concept.”

Minorities Commission chairman Mr. Abid Rasool Khan on 8th July submitted the report to Governor E.S.L. Narsimham and Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao on May 14th communal violence between Sikhs and Muslims in Kishanbagh where three Muslims were killed in para military firing.

Although the report has not yet been made public, according to media reports, Minorities Commission in its report recommended establishing of new police station in the communally sensitive area of Arsh Mahal as a preventive measure hinting at a possible resurrection of similar violence.

Describing land dispute as main reason for the violence Commission also recommended Wakf and revenue officials to take up survey of Arsh Mahal with proper fencing.

Commission, in other recommendations, asked the Government in incidents of communal violence, forces trained to handle such incidents like Rapid Action Force, should be deployed initially. And only if the situation demands, then paramilitary forces can be deployed under strict supervision of a senior competent officer. It also recommended allotment of Govt. houses to the families of the deceased.

But State Minorities Commission report was seen silent over the issue of targeted para military firing over Muslim protestors which led to more casualties and injuries than the communal violence itself.

CLMC in its letter condemning Minorities Commission report stated that recommendation of installation of additional police stations will increase the cycle of corruption in those localities and will help in no way to deter the violence unless action is to be taken against the attackers.

CLMC wrote to the chairman, “Instead of taking action against the police and BSF you have recommended to open a new police station, and deploying of paramilitary forces, whereas in this incident the police and the BSF itself have opened fire on innocent people, why are you mum on this issue? Why is it that you have not mentioned anything in the report on action against the police personnel? You have also not mentioned that the Sikh religious flag was not burnt by the Muslims. Police knew very well that few days earlier to this incident, some miscreants were trying to create disturbance in that locality, but they did not take any precautionary measures, and you have failed to find out the facts.”

It further stated, “The main issues on which the commission should have given importance were the police firing on innocent people and attack on unarmed Muslims by Sikh mob by daggers and swords. You have completely failed to address these main issues. You should have stressed and sought report from the police on the issues such as who ordered police firing on 14th May 2014 in Arsh Mahal of Kishan Bagh area of Hyderabad in which three people were killed belonging to Muslim community.

Who deployed the BSF force in Kishan Bagh area, and who was the incharge of BSF at that time. What kind of weapons did those police personnel had who were deployed at Kishan Bagh. How many numbers of rounds of firing was opened by the BSF as well as Hyderabad police during that day. Were all the methods applied by the police personnel before opening fire on the people? Why were the bullets fired directly on the upper part, why not on the lower part of the body, if at all it was so necessary? What action has been taken by the authorities on the police personnel and BSF personnel who opened fire on people in which three were killed and many injured? Why did the police and BSF did not stop the Sikh mob who were attacking the houses of Muslims with swords and daggers?”

CLMC writes that Commission report does not have any value nor serve any purpose, “Presenting facts and recommendations and issue the directions to the government serves the purpose of a Minorities Commission and shows the commitment towards human rights. Unfortunately the present commission lacks all the above.”


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