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Day Modi won, SC acquitted six Akshardham terror convicts away from media glare

By Abdullah Umar,

I never had this strange feeling of mixed emotions, there were tears in my eyes, yet I was smiling, there I had goose bumps, yet I was so happy. Such was the feeling, when, on 16th of May, 2014 the Supreme Court in a historic judgment acquitted all the 6 unfortunate convicts, who were alleged to have participated in the terror strike on Akshardham Temple in Gandhinagar on 24th Sept, 2002.

As the word ‘Acquitted’ reached one of the ears, the other could sense some silent weeping’s from the visitor’s gallery of the Supreme Court. After the pronouncement, as I stepped out of Court No.2, I could witness those silent weeping’s had turned into unstoppable tears, which were reflecting the pain, agony and the anguish they had gone through for the past 11 years and 7 months and these crying faces were none other than but, the parents/relatives of those 6 unfortunate convicts.

Being a human and that too an emotional one, couldn’t hold back the tears for long and just to avoid them from rolling down my cheeks and making a sketchy mark, I immediately held my neck up high and for what I saw made me smile there was the National Emblem Of India just above the Chief’s Court which was inscribed with the words “SATYAMEV JAYATE” (Truth Alone Triumphs).

It makes me feel happy that Supreme Court is one of the few institutions, which to a greater extent is not affected by any ‘Wave’ or ‘Tsunami’. It still make us believe in “Secular, Socialist, Republic and Democratic” features of this Country.

The only areas of concern are, firstly: whenever such alleged terrorists are acquitted, why they are not duly compensated for the loss of their ‘Honour, Dignity and Integrity’.

Secondly: why there is no inquiry, disciplinary action or a penal action against such police and government officials, why there is no F.I.R lodged against such officials for falsely implicating innocent persons.

Thirdly: the concern is over the role played by the media whether be it print, electronic or social media. Whenever any person is apprehended for any such terror linked activities and if he happens to be a Muslim then it is “sone pe suhaga” he is immediately show-cased as a terrorist without any F.I.R, investigation, charge-sheet, witnesses, cross-examination, trial and judgment, he is labeled as a terrorist. On the contrary whenever any such alleged terrorist is acquitted with all due respect from all the charges there is hardly a whisper either in electronic, print or social media.

I hope before our politicians make irresponsible statements, they realize that every Muslim carrying a tasbeeh (mala) or wearing a skull cap or beard is not a “Terrorist”.

(Abdullah Umar is a Delhi based lawyer.)