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RSS-ABVP disrupts BAMCEF’s Haryana convention

Yogesh Maitreya, for TwoCircles.net

Mumbai: A group of RSS and ABVP cadres disrupted the Haryana State Convetion of The All India Backward (SC, ST, OBC) And Minority Communities Employees Federation (BAMCEF) held on August 15, 2015.

Speaking to TwoCircles.net Sanjay Ingole, an office-bearer of BAMCEF informed that instead of stopping RSS cadres, police attacked BAMCEF and Mulnivasi Sangh members.


The convention was supposed to be held at Dr. Ambedkar hall at Swami Dayanand Saraswati University, Rohtak, Haryana. However BAMCEF convention continued to be held at the alternative venue after disruption. The objective of the 20th State convention was to address the problems of people, discuss them and spread awareness among people; also the Convention was aimed at discussing the genesis of what made Congress and BJP to celebrate the Anniversary of Dr. Ambedkar now?.

The BAMCEF and Mulnivasi Sangh latest staged the protest led by Mr. B.D. Borkar, the national general secretary of Mulnivasi Sangh.


The press note released by BAMCEF, states that ‘Police rather than taking any action against the ABVP worker and protecting BAMCEF people, they lathi-charged BAMCEF people and Mulnivasi Sangh people who came to attend the convention. We condemn such barbarous acts.’

Mr. Sanjay Ingole told TCN that they are determined to prepare a full report and discuss the issue with the concerned Ministry.