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​Ban RSS, VHP, demand Maharashtra orgs

By TwoCircles.net Staff Reporter,

Aurangabad (Maharashtra): Amidst growing religious intolerance in the country and violence directed towards minorities, two lesser known organisations have demanded a ban on communal outfits, including the RSS and the VHP.

Members of Lok Vikas Party and Christian Kruti Samiti (Christian Action Committee) staged a protest shouting slogans against radical outfits that “are suppressing minorities and vandalizing churches in the country” on Tuesday.

Lok Vikas Party and Christian Kruti Samiti staging protest to ban RSS

Minority communities across the country have been unanimously condemning the hate speeches given by communal leaders belonging to right wing organisations and urging the government to contain the violence aimed at minorities.

Several churches have been vandalized in Delhi and Karnataka over last few months. Christian bodies in the country too have expressed their concern to the government due to such violence on their places of worship.

The protest was headed by presidents of both the parties – Abdul Rauf (Lok Vikas Party) and Vijay Nikalje (Christian Action Committee). The demonstration – held at the Collector’s office here – was attended by many people belonging to different communities – Muslims, Christians and Dalits.

Alleging that radical outfits are spreading hatred in the society and creating communal environment, the protesters demanded a ban on the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and Bajarang Dal, whose leaders are out rightly using hate languages against minority communities.

Calling for ban over RSS and its sister wings, Rauf said, “These organisations did not participate in country’s freedom struggle and were rather found supporting the British. Ever since Independence, these organisations are working to divide the society and trying to disturb the communal harmony.”

“The central government is not listening to minority voices against such communal forces,” he alleged and added, “Rather acts as if it is working under these communal organisations”.

“To protect the interest of minorities and to provide security to minorities in the country, these communal outfits must be banned immediately,” he demanded.

The protest was also attended by ex-corporator Jimmi Ambal Dhage, who also raised issues similar to Rauf’s and in the end, demanded a ban on all communal organisations.

(With inputs from Aurangabad Times)