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Maharashtra Police notice to mosque asking to refrain from speaking against beef ban in sermons

By TwoCircles.net Staff reporter,

Nanded (Maharashtra): Muslims in the city here are worried due to the issuance of notice to the Masjid-e-Sumayya in B and C colony asking to refrain from allowing sermons and appealing people to participate in any protest rallies against recently enacted beef ban law.

The notice that was issued few days back by Tirangah police station situated near city airport to the secretary of the Mosque has irked the community people who are viewing this as an attempt to polarize the social environment and to curtail fundamental rights of the people by the BJP led state government.

Muslim leaders in Nanded demand action against PI issuing notice aganist a Mosque.
Muslim leaders in Nanded demand action against PI issuing notice aganist a Mosque. (Photo Courtesy : Aurangabadtimes)

However, so far there is no report of any other mosque in the city to have received similar notice.

Leaders and representatives from different political parties including MIM and Congress on Friday met city SP Premjit Singh Dahiya and demanded strict action against PI Subhash Rathod who has issued the said notice.

Dahiya assured delegation of proper investigation in the matter and of legal action if the officer is found guilty.

Rathod told reporters on the issuance of notice, “There is a strong possibility that some political organizations might use mosque to ignite people’s feelings against beef ban law and thereby the peace and harmony in the city can be disturbed. As a precaution such notice is issued to the mosque authority”.

When asked if in past mosque was used as a platform to infuriate minority peoples’ feelings and the peace and tranquillity prevailing in the city was hampered, Rathod replied that never such incidence ever happened in the city but this time there is strong likelihood of such occurrence.

As per Section 149 of Code of Criminal Procedure in order to prevent a cognizable offence any police officer is entitled to interpose, to the best of his ability, the commission of cognizable offence.

Advocate Arshad from the city feels that even though police are entitled to issue notice under section 149, but added, “Such notice issued specifically against mosque implies that mosques are used to disturb peace and harmony of the society whereas the police have no evidence that such events ever happened. This is a clear attempt to terrorize Muslims and to restrict their freedom of speech”.

Another Advocate N. Khan from Vidarbh While speaking with TwoCircles.net termed this notice as ‘Unwanted indulgence in religious and social affairs of minority community’. He said, “The constitution of India grants every citizen to endorse his views even if it is against government’s enactment. This is what is called as freedom of speech. The person will be guilty if he uses any unlawful means to fulfill his views but speaking on the matters like beef ban that has left many jobless should never be viewed as unconstitutional”.

Maharashtra Congress unit too on Friday accused BJP-led state government of “indulging in religious and social polarization” due to issuance of such notice.

Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) chief Ashok Chavan while addressing a press conference here displayed a notice sent by a police inspector to the Mosque and said, “Does this mean you clamp down on opposing views?”

MIM city president Anwar Javed condemned the issuance of notice in strong word and said, “We have constitutional rights to raise our voice against government’s decision. Today you ask us not to voice against beef ban tomorrow you might ask as not to speak about many more minority related issues. This is an attack on the ‘freedom of speech’ of Muslims and we shall never tolerate this.

[With inputs from Aurangabadtimes]