Board of Directors

TwoCircles, Inc. is a non-profit organization incorporated in the state of Massachusetts, USA. It has been designated as 501(c)(3) organization so all donations for US tax-payers are eligible for tax exemption.

Organization is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of five members. Directors are elected for a term of three years and eligible for re-election.

Kashif-ul-Huda: President. Elected in December 2013.

Originally from Bihar, now based in Boston. Founder and editor of

Rizwan Manzer: Treasurer. Elected in September 2015.

Rizwan Manzer, is a physician scientist involved in drug development from over a decade. He has completed his post-doctoral training at School of Pharmacy, University of Colorado, Denver and have also earned his MBA from Denver University, CO. Currently, he lives in Boston metro area and works to accelerate drug development. He also has deep interest in the media industry, particularly in print media and has been a strong proponent of democratization of this space.

Paul Malachi: Secretary. Elected in September 2015.

Paul Malachi is from the Telangana region of India and is currently a resident of Massachusetts. He is interested in public health and works as an analyst in a Boston area hospital. He volunteers with South Asian community organizations in the area including the Association for India’s Development.

Valli Karunakaran: Treasurer. Elected in January 2016.
Imteyaz Ahmad: Director. Elected in January 2016.

Former Directors
Vinay Bhat: Served 2010-1013
Saman Wilcox: Served 2010-2013