Movie: The Suspect’s first movie: The Suspect



The suspect is story of 26 year old Abdul Rahim Ansari, who has arrived in Mumbai from Darbhanga (Bihar) to work as Production Assistant trainee in one of the film Units of Mumbai. Sanjay, one the village natives has done good for himself in film line, he has got this job for Abdul. As part of the job, Mumbai has to hunt down location. As the luck would have, Mumbai is under terrorist attack on very first day Abdul started his job and out of the blue, every news channel is flashing Abdul as the main culprit. IMDBS



May 17th: at Wednesday Discussion Group, Boston.
May 14th: at Asian American Writers’ Workshop, New York City
May 13th: at Darul Islah, Teaneck, New Jersey.
May 5th: Mumbai
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