Bobby Jindal to comply with same-sex marriage ruling

By Arun Kumar

Washington: Louisiana's Indian-American Governor Bobby Jindal is still not reconciled with the US Supreme Court's ruling to recognize same-sex marriage, but for now his state agencies will comply with its decree.

Even though the apex court ruled Friday in a 5-4 decision in support of same-sex marriage, the Republican presidential candidate said on Fox News Monday, he will "continue fighting" over his belief that marriage is between a man and a woman.

Few people understand Sufi music: Piyarelal of Wadali Brothers

By Ankit Sinha

New Delhi : The spiritual and devotional path of Sufi music has enchanted humankind for centuries but nowadays the genre is hogged by people who don't know or understand Sufism at all, says Piyarelal Wadali of the famed Wadali Brothers.

"The songs performed in films are not Sufi. Nobody sings Sufi music in films," the veteran singer told IANS over phone from Mumbai to a query on what he thought of the Sufi music trend in Bollywood.

The untold story behind ‘political Iftaar parties’

By Tanvir Salim

Ramadan is here, and there will be a mad rush to organize Iftaar parties in New Delhi. Most likely Prime Minister Narendra Modi will also organize one along with Sonia Gandhi and the rest.

The practice of political Iftaar parties started in early 1970s by Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna, who was a junior minister at that time in New Delhi. And where did he conceive the idea? No other than my grandfather Istafa Husain was the one who inspired him.

82 percent of roads along China border unfinished

By Abheet Singh Sethi

New Delhi: In 2006-07, India approved the construction of 73 strategic roads along the Sino-Indian border, but 82 percent of these - scheduled to be ready by 2012 - are unfinished. The new deadline: 2018.

Despite ambitious plans, India cannot seem to catch up with China in building infrastructure and militarising the 3,488 km border between the two countries.

Dilemma of giving: Charity enablers guide social responsibility in India

New Delhi : A fashion designer in an export house, Neelam Taragi, was one day reading an article about the plight of the girl child and was so moved that she wanted to contribute to her cause. But, as a busy designer, she had no idea which NGO to trust with her money.

Rebuttal to NIA’s counter claim over PP Salian’s allegations of going ‘soft’ in Malegaon case

By Staff Reporter,

Mumbai: The genuineness of National Investigation Agency (NIA) in probing and prosecuting Hindu extremists in various blasts is now under public scanner after the explosive revelation by public prosecutor Rohini Salian that she was asked by NIA officer to go ‘soft’ in the proceedings of Malegaon 2008 blasts that is blamed on Hindu extremists.

Indo-Pak designers to share stage at 'Shaan-e-Pakistan'

By Ruwa Shah

New Delhi: Huma Nassr, widely known as the first Pakistani entrepreneur in India, is set to launch a Shaan-e-Pakistan event at the country's high commission where fashion designers from the two countries will share the stage in a cross-border cultural exchange rising above starchy political and official ties between the two countries.

A day's rain and Kashmiris raise their hands heavenward

By Sheikh Qayoom

Srinagar: If a single day's rain can trigger floods in Kashmir, it carries only one message - that the state government has not learnt any lessons from last year's unprecedented floods.

On Wednesday, it took just 24 hours of moderate to heavy rain to flood over two dozen villages in south Kashmir's Kulgam district, destroy bridges, wash away diversions and school buildings and shut highways, including the strategic Jammu-Srinagar national highway.

The mountain road to south Kashmir's Pahalgam health resort was snapped by flash floods.

A year of intimidations of minorities and their defenders

By Vidya Bhushan Rawat,

Madras HC asking rapists to settle matter 'unethical': Legal experts

By Amiya Kumar Kushwaha

New Delhi: Terming the recently delivered order of the Madras High Court that directed the rapist to mediate with the victim as "illegal" and "unwarranted", legal eagles pitched for delivering justice instead of referring it for "settlement".

Expressing that such verdict will increase rape cases in the country, legal experts said the high court had no power to overwrite expressed provisions of law and "rape survivors needs justice instead of sympathy".