A Timely Reminder to the PM

By Dr Mohammad Manzoor Alam,

The Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi has said recently on the 13th anniversary of 9/11 that if the United States had heeded Swami Vivekananda’s call for universal brotherhood, America would not have to see that day. We have a point to ponder here.

Asma Nama: I Can Marry Four. What about you?

By Asma Anjum Khan, teaches English, talks a lot, read her at your own risk.

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Saturdays usually signal the end of a hectic week. A soothing sensation after doing time for the last six days begins to engulf me. After my talk, a sister comes and hugs, nothing unusual; but a continuous stream of tears, from her eyes was. Her visage with droplets smearing it appeared a bit white. My little talk about H.Aaishah RA and other Ummahatul Momineen had touched her, she said. When probed about the weepy act; her reply not just stunned but kept haunting me for the next few weeks.

Kipling's poetry: Of soldiers, monarchs and revenue-raising

By Vikas Datta,

Gifted novelists have never been confined to a specific genre, or even to a form of literature - for they are adroit in weaving magic with words, using them in sentences of matchless prose or evoking their aesthetic and rhythmic aspects in verse. But somehow their poetic contribution is always overshadowed by their prose corpus. Sir Walter Scott, Hans Christian Andersen, Thomas Hardy, right down to Michael Ondaatje, Alice Walker, Russell Banks, John Updike, Vladimir Nabokov, Erica Jong and their ilk are not exactly more famous as poets. But there was one who strode both spheres with aplomb - and Rudyard Kipling's art was recognised by conferment of the Nobel Prize for Literature - the first ever to an English writer.

Muslims should respond to the divisive ‘love jihad’ campaign with friendship towards secular Hindus

By Kaleem Kawaja,

"Abhee sub kuch nahin mita shaayad
Hindu-Muslim main pyaar baaqi hai
Ek Bhaayee kaa ek Bhaayee pur
Pyar ka kuch udhaar baaqi hai "

- Jawaid Badauni

No compulsory retirement for public figures, they can only opt for VRS

By Soroor Ahmed,,

When Mahatma Gandhi can successfully lead India to freedom at the age of 78 and would have continued to serve the country for several more years had he not fallen to Nathuram Godse’s bullets, when fit as fiddle Morarji Desai can become the prime minister at the age of 81, when Jaya Prakash Narayan can launch his Total Revolution in his mid-70s and when septuagenarian Anna Hazare can undertake a 12-day long fast for Jan Lokpal the BJP is busy shunting out senior party leaders in the name of old age. A few recent examples of the leaders of the US, UK and a couple of western countries––Obama, Cameron, Merkel etc––are being cited to buttress the argument in favour of young team not knowing that in beleaguered Israel there is no dearth of generals entering politics after retiring from the defence forces only to become minister or prime minister at the fairly ripe age.

Obama's coalition: Willing to wound and yet afraid to strike

By Saeed Naqvi,

As soon as President Barack Obama Wednesday announced his intention to lead a Coalition of the Willing to “degrade and destroy” the ISIS, his core coalition partners began to fidget and reach out for the exit door.

Is Secular Junta Dal playing communal card in JNU?

By Mahmood Asim,,

In recent by polls Nitish Kumar’s Janta Dal (U) toil hard and did what was totally unpredictable to go into alliance with RJD in order to foster democracy and prevent communal forces coming into power in Bihar. And they really did it well in winning over BJP. But Janta Dal student organization named Chatra Janta Dal seems hand in glove with communal forces in recent election of JNUSU scheduled to be held on 12 September.

साम्प्रदायिक गठजोड़ के साये में उत्तर प्रदेश

By राजीव यादव,

उत्तर प्रदेश के सहारनपुर जिले में जुलाई 2014 में हुई सांप्रदायिक हिंसा पर आई रिपोर्ट ने भाजपा सांसद राघव लखनपाल व प्रशासनिक अमले को जिम्मेदार ठहराया तो भाजपा ने इसे राजनीति से प्रेरित रिपोर्ट करार दे दिया. इस रिपोर्ट के आने के बाद लाल किले की प्राचीर से सांप्रदायिकता पर ‘ज़ीरो टॉलरेंस’ की बात करने वाले प्रधानमंत्री से अपनी पार्टी की स्थिति स्पष्ट करने की मांग की जा रही है. वहीं अमित शाह जब खुद कहते हैं कि यूपी में भाजपा सरकार बनाने तक उनका काम खत्म नहीं होगा और अब वह ‘मिशन यूपी पार्ट-टू’ की रणनीति पर चल रहे हैं तो ऐसे में इस रणनीति के मायने समझने होंगे कि अब वे किस नए मॉडल के निर्माण की जुगत में लगे हैं. साथ ही इसकी जाँच भी ज़रूरी है कि सत्ता प्राप्ति तक ‘संघर्ष’ जारी रखने का आह्वान करने वालों ने मिशन पार्ट वन में क्या-क्या संघर्ष किया?

Al Qaeda is trying to create wedge in Indian society

By Syed Ali Mujtaba,

The statement by Al Qaeda chief Ayman Al Zawahiri that his terror organization is trying to establish an Indian branch to recruit Indian Muslim youth to carry out terror act has stirred a hornet’s nest in the country.

यौन हिंसा और धर्मसंगत न्याय

By गुफ़रान सिद्दीक़ी,

कथित तौर पर अमेठी के तांत्रिक की हवस की शिकार एक नाबालिग बच्ची से जब पुलिश अधीक्षक द्वारा बलात्कार के आरोपी का नाम पूछा जाता है, तो बच्ची मौनी बाबा का नाम लेती है. यह सुनकर लड़की को डांटकर भगा दिया जाता है और यह धमकी भी दी जाती है कि अगर वह फ़िर से मौनी बाबा का नाम लेगी तो उसके पूरे परिवार को झूठे मामले में फंसा दिया जाएगा. पीड़िता को यही बातें उसकी मेडिकल जांच करने वाले डॉक्टर से भी सुनने को मिलती है और आखिर में न्यायिक मजिस्ट्रेट से भी. अंत में थक-हारकर पीड़िता और उसके पूरे परिवार को अपना घर छोड़ कर लखनऊ में अपने किसी परिचित के घर शरण लेनी पड़ती है. यह घटना निर्भया कांड के बाद की है, यानी उस समय की जब पूरे प्रशासनिक तंत्र को बलात्कार के मामलों में पहले से ज्यादा मुस्तैद और संवेदनशील बनाने की वचनबद्ध घोषणाएं हमारी सरकार करती रही है.