Shivaraj Singh Chouhan: An acceptable PM candidate?

By Srinivas Sajja,

Shivaraj Singh Chouhan is the 3rd term Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh from Bharatiya Janata Party, a soft spoken humble farmer turned politician with a Master’s degree in Philosophy. Mr. Chouhan has also been elected five times to Lok Sabha and three times to state legislature.

Money and the elections

By Syed Khaled Shahbaaz,

The way to my office is a 30-minute drive from home. All the way across the roads, the smiling face of Rahul Gandhi in grey imprints on white backgrounds and Narendar Modi’s saffron-tinted advertisements are hard to overlook. There are life-size banners, sky-high hoardings and colourful wall posters serving their purpose of advertisement to thousands of passer-bys, every day.

Will anything change in India with new prime minister?

By Amit Kapoor,

The mood for change in the country is strong, and it is imminent that we would have a new prime minister and quite likely with a significant majority. We are all under the veil of the audacity of hope thinking in assuming that the office of the new prime minister will sway a magic wand and things will immediately start remarkably improving.

A Pakistan where people want Modi as PM

By Imran Khan ,

Purnea (Bihar): It's true. People of this Pakistan want Narendra Modi to become prime minister of India.

More than 250 residents, including over 100 voters of a village called "Pakistan" in Bihar's Purnea district, are set to vote for the BJP to help Modi to fulfil his dream.

"We want Narendra Modi to become PM," said Hira Hembrum, a middle aged villager. Hembrum's view was supported by most of the villagers who are living in abject poverty and without basic amenities.

Modi, Rahul, Kejriwal have different idioms, varied styles

By Prashant Sood ,

New Delhi: They are the lead campaigners of parties contesting over 400 Lok Sabha seats and are slugging it out in the heat and dust of elections. Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal have campaign styles driven by their different persona and vision for the country and seek to connect in their own way with the masses.

Modi (63) and Gandhi (43) also represent a generationtional change in their parties. Kejriwal, 45, is the new and spirited challenger, keen to change the established political order.

Who will inherit Sharad Pawar's legacy?

By Quaid Najmi,

Mumbai: This Lok Sabha election may well be an opportunity for Sharad Pawar, who once harboured prime ministerial ambitions, to bequeath his political legacy on either his soft-spoken daughter Supriya Sule or his brash nephew Ajit Pawar.

Pawar, 73, is considered the proverbial 'Old Fox' of Maharashtra politics whose views matter under any given political scenario.

Two brothers battle each other in Rajasthan polls

By Anil Sharma,

Dausa (Rajasthan): Two brothers, both former Indian Police Service officers, are pitted against each other in Rajasthan's Dausa parliamentary constituency where the electorate has to be make do with this "peculiar situation".

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has fielded Harish Chandra Meena who took voluntary retirement to contest the Lok Sabha election. And against him is Namo Narain Meena who is the Congress candidate.

Alan Furst's other heroes of World War II

By Vikas Datta,

Decades after it ended, the Second World War continues to inspire fiction, and there are thousands of works dealing with some of its significant events or weaving them into their own narratives. But only a few aspects have tended to predominate and innumerable others have remained not so well known or not much dwelt on.


Afghan drawdown: New conflict or back-door occupation?

By Vishnu Makhijani,

When, in mid-1945, the allied armies advancing across Western Europe were ordered to halt to enable the marauding Soviet forces perform the final denouement of the Second World War by capturing Berlin, it sowed the seeds of the Cold War that lasted almost half-a-century and whose present-day ramifications are there for all to see.

For Chatan Bhagat, bigotry appears to be new Cool

By Mahmad Sidat,

Chetan Bhagat once famously said that "To be good is new cool", but reading his article published in Times of India on 22nd March 2014, it seems like "Bigotry is new cool”. The way he justifies the post Godhra violence in the name of retribution, one is reminded of the propaganda Hitler’s Minister Goebbels run in 1938 Germany.