Fighting communalism through social service

By Faisal Khan,

We strongly believe that we can’t fight with communalism only through seminars, symposiums and long discussions in the groups specially those holding the same ideology as us. For the social service in the truest sense, the society at large must be faced in the field itself.

Beef, Pink Revolution in Elections

By Ram Puniyani,

This time around (2014) the practitioners of sectarian politics had projected as if they will harp only on the issues related to development and Governance. But that surely is for sayings sake. While propaganda of development of Gujarat, strong leader, good governance is on the forefront, there is a lurking doubt that many a people may be by now realizing that the story of so called development cannot be defended beyond a point as so many studies and reports have shown the contrary facts. Authoritarian and dictatorial leader is not a strong leader, one is clear about that as strong leader is one who is inclusive and takes others along. So back to the fundamentals of communal politics, the issues related to ‘identity and faith’ are being subtly propped up.

Admitting Delhi 'mistake', Kejriwal in dialogue with voters

By Nachiketa Desai ,

Varanasi: AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal, who admitted he should have consulted the people before deciding to quit as Delhi chief minister, has launched a dialogue with voters here as he takes on his formidable BJP rival, prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi.

Shortly after arriving here after an overnight train ride from Delhi Tuesdaynight, Kejriwal held a two-hour question-answer meeting with voters.

Big business and election: Time to decouple the two

By Saroj Mohanty,

Politics has been integral to the Indian business milieu as building political connections is part of doing business in the country. But it is for the first time some of India's corporate tycoons are being named openly in a charged election campaign and their close links have become part of the popular conversation, stuff of the national political discourse.

Some thoughts on Campaign 2014

By Dr Mohammad Manzoor Alam,

Campaign 2014 was like no other in India’s election history in its scale, intensity, deployment of technology, human resource and staggering amount of money. This is particularly true of BJP, as no other party came up to five percent of it.

AAP’s Bhopal candidate Rachna Dhingra finds support at MIT

By TCN News,

Boston, USA. Supporters of the Aam Aadmi Party(AAP) from the Greater Boston area gathered to screen award winning documentary (on the Bhopal disaster) Bhopali on Sunday April 6th at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The event was organized by the Boston chapter of University Students for Aam Admi Party (us4AAP), an organization with chapters in more than 100 campuses, and AAP - New England who have been actively working on supporting AAP candidates in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections in India.

Shivaraj Singh Chouhan: An acceptable PM candidate?

By Srinivas Sajja,

Shivaraj Singh Chouhan is the 3rd term Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh from Bharatiya Janata Party, a soft spoken humble farmer turned politician with a Master’s degree in Philosophy. Mr. Chouhan has also been elected five times to Lok Sabha and three times to state legislature.

Money and the elections

By Syed Khaled Shahbaaz,

The way to my office is a 30-minute drive from home. All the way across the roads, the smiling face of Rahul Gandhi in grey imprints on white backgrounds and Narendar Modi’s saffron-tinted advertisements are hard to overlook. There are life-size banners, sky-high hoardings and colourful wall posters serving their purpose of advertisement to thousands of passer-bys, every day.

Will anything change in India with new prime minister?

By Amit Kapoor,

The mood for change in the country is strong, and it is imminent that we would have a new prime minister and quite likely with a significant majority. We are all under the veil of the audacity of hope thinking in assuming that the office of the new prime minister will sway a magic wand and things will immediately start remarkably improving.

A Pakistan where people want Modi as PM

By Imran Khan ,

Purnea (Bihar): It's true. People of this Pakistan want Narendra Modi to become prime minister of India.

More than 250 residents, including over 100 voters of a village called "Pakistan" in Bihar's Purnea district, are set to vote for the BJP to help Modi to fulfil his dream.

"We want Narendra Modi to become PM," said Hira Hembrum, a middle aged villager. Hembrum's view was supported by most of the villagers who are living in abject poverty and without basic amenities.