Can Zawahiri add to communal cauldron already full?

By Saeed Naqvi,

How dangerous are Ayman al Zawahiri’s exhortations to Muslims on the sub continent?

There is an expression in Hindi, “Soney pey suhaga”, suhaga being the powder which makes gold shine. In a volatile social situation, where communal polarization is an electoral requirement until key state elections are out of the way, the Zawahiri slogan may have some short term advantages for the ruling party. It is perverse to say so but that is the way it is.

ECB has gone all out to fight Europe's economic woes

By Vatsal Srivastava,

It's official - the zero-interest rate policy (ZIRP) era is here to stay. After the US Federal Reserve, Bank of England and the Bank of Japan, ECB president Mario Draghi made it clear that it too would undertake unconventional monetary policy measures. Further, the ECB also surprised the market by reducing all three of its main interest rates by 10 basis points. The benchmark rate was lowered to 0.05 percent, marginal lending facility to 0.3 percent and the deposit rate is now minus 0.2 percent. As expected, the EUR/USD broke the 1.3 quite convincingly and hit lows of around 1.2920 in the US session. The fact that the ECB has moved its deposit rate further into the negative zone is proof of the fact that they will remain ultra accommodative until a sustainable uptick in inflation expectations and economic activity is seen. The weaker euro should also provide support to the economic powerhouse Germany by aiding exports. Note that there has been a major downward revision in the EUR/USD forecasts across major banks. The consensus is now that by year end we will be around 1.25 for the EUR/USD and at 1.2 by 2015 end.


ISIS, Oil Politics and Peaking of Islamophobia

By Ram Puniyani,

Just a month ago (August 2014) a group of Muslim activists-scholars organized press meets in various cities. They issued a statement condemning the brutal violence being committed by ISIS. There statement carried a visual saying Islam Means Peace. The statement said “Indian Muslims Condemn the Brutal Atrocities by ISIS against Minorities in Iraq and Syria; denounce religious intolerance, persecution and violence in the name of Islam” I circulated the statement to many lists. One of the members on the list wrote back that “‘Islam means Peace’ is the biggest joke of the century”. Simultaneously in India, the propaganda about love Jihad is being spread like wild fire by communal elements. Irrespective of the fact that in such a propaganda few cases of marriage-conversion, the girls changing their version the boundary line between love and imposition being regularly breached, have been picked up as an example of Muslim men on a path to Jihad for conversion to Islam, by marrying Hindu girls by deceit. A friend demanded whether I can cite even 100 cases where Muslim girls have married Hindu men. To my good fortune I could locate a list longer than that of 100 and also a Google search of Hindu Men Muslim wife gave good many beautiful stories ( ) of such ‘love jihad’ in reverse! To add to the already existing atmosphere Al Jawahiri of Al Qaeda issued a Video declaring its plan to expand the activities in India.

Goa should look east, emulate Bali's success

By Francisco de Braganca,

Goa should look east and learn from the transformation of Indonesia's Bali province from a backward region with poor infrastructure in 2001 to a beautiful, thriving beach tourism paradise.

As things stand now, Bali, as a tourism destination, is far ahead of Goa. We have the advantage of emulating its successes and keeping its negatives at bay.

A Response to Hindu Rashtra and Idea of India

By Saif Ahmad Khan,

In an article published for The Millennium Post titled “Hindu Rashtra and the idea of India” (25th August, 2014), Delhi University Associate Professor Dr Sangit Ragi argued, “A river is always identified with and known after the dominant stream. So is the culture. When RSS talks of Hindu Rashtra it signifies the majoritarian makeup of this nation, which defines both its character and distinctiveness.” If we try and reconcile this analogy of Dr Ragi with the idea of India then we would but obviously conclude that India as a nation represents a culture which is Brahminic in nature, masculine in terms of gender and heavily tilted in favour of Hindi-speaking and comparatively fair skinned North Indians.

The first 100 days

By Dr Mohammad Manzoor Alam,

The NDA has crossed the 100-day mark in office and it is rightly in for evaluation. So, let us see what we (or the government) have got to show for it. In short, nothing much!

All these 100 days slogans and big promises have been dinned into our ears, day in and day out. We had been told at the beginning of the regime that it would bring back the huge amounts of black money stashed away in foreign banks within 100 days.

Modi’s choice for Kerala Governor

By Faraz Ahmad,

After removing governors who could cause any discomfort to Narendra Modi and his authoritarian regime, Modi in collusion with his saffron fellow travellers is now set to reward those who did him and his comrades a good turn in the hour of their need.

शैतान की खाला : आईएसआईएस के तरीकों से ब्रेनवाश

[हमारे युवाओं के दिमाग को भावनात्मक तौर पर बरगलाने और हमारे धार्मिक संवादों के लैंगिक मिजाज़ पर बहस]

By अस्मा अंजुम खान,

[अरे लड़कों, मुझे मत समझाओ. लेकिन क्या हम इस ‘कोसने’ के खेल को अपना संयुक्त और सार्वजनिक खेल नहीं बना सकते? चलो...कोसो, कोसो और ख़ूब कोसो. रुको मत. और आखिर में थोड़ा और कोसो. शुक्रिया.]

यह कुछ साल पहले की घटना है.

What next after calling off talks with Pakistan?

By Z.G. Muhammad,

India and Pakistan relations are once again on rocks. It is not a new phenomenon. Sixty seven years’ graph of relations between the two even at a cursory look shows that there are only a few crests and rest all troughs- some very deep. From ab initio dispute over future of Jammu and Kashmir has been at the centre of relations between the two countries.

Talking to Caesar: Church and Modi government

By Jonhn Dayal,

The popular idiom in international human rights discourse is that there can never be a “boycott” of any one, be it governments, non-state actors, political parties, institutions or individuals. There must be a constant engagement. There must always be scope to explore channels of communication, leading possibly to dialogue. And dialogue can be an end in itself in the short and medium term, even if there is little hope of success, or even understanding in the beginning.