Chinese Puzzles: Qiu Xialong's Inspector Chen and his cases

By Vikas Datta,

"When I am satisfied questions of state security are not involved, then you begin," a secret police operative tells homicide investigator Arkady Renko in Martin Cruz Smith's "Gorky Park", stressing order, not justice - the basic objective of policing not only in authoritarian polities, but frequently in free, democratic societies too. It is especially prevalent in a country where economic liberalisation has led to prosperity, and even affluence, but also crime and corruption as governance remains opaque and autocratic. It is in such a setting that Shanghai's Inspector Chen Cao has to work.


Can women take smart decisions?

By Amit Dasgupta,

If you were asked to respond "Yes/No" to the above question, there is every likelihood that, apart from some good humoured jokes about women and decision making, your response would emphatically be in the affirmative. The uncomfortable fact is that you probably believe that women are incapable of making smart decisions.


Clarity needed on resuming India-Pakistan cricket ties

By Veturi Srivatsa,

There has never been or never will be a right time in the foreseeable future for India and Pakistan to play cricket bilaterally. It has always been a political gambit and it is once again, the cacophonic discussions on television channels notwithstanding.


Why the Communists remain a peripheral force in India

By Amulya Ganguli,

Seven years after the deed was done, the new Communist Party of India-Marxist general secretary, Sitaram Yechury, has confessed that his party made a mistake by withdrawing support from the Manmohan Singh government on the India-US nuclear deal in 2008.

One Year of Modi Sarkar: Hate Speech Galore

By Ram Puniyani,

The coming to power of Narendra Modi in a way gave an open license to all the affiliates of RSS combine to indulge in open hate speech against the religious minorities. The current agenda behind the hate speech is to consolidate the communal polarisation of the society along lines of religion. The well-known case of MIM’s Akarbar-uddudin Owaisis’ hate speech has been despicable and very rightly Akbarudin Owaisi had to be in jail for some time. The case against him should be pursued and the legal course of action must be followed. At the same time, what about the hate speeches indulged in by the likes of Pravin Togadia, Subramaniam Swami, Giriraj Singh, Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti, Sadhvi Prachi, Sakshi Mahraraj, Yogi Adityanth, Sanjay Raut and company?

Centrality of Lucknow in world's Shia culture

By Saeed Naqvi,

Last year, addressing a group of foreign policy analysts in New Delhi, the ambassador of Iran to India, Gholamreza Ansari, made an important admission. He admitted that Ayatullah Ruhollah Khomeini, leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolution, came from an important family of divines from Kuntoor, in the Awadh region of Uttar Pradesh, not far from Lucknow.

Looking at the world through the eyes of diplomats and other stories

The thoughts and ideas of Indian diplomats who have collectively put in more than 1,150 years in the Indian Foreign Service, understanding the ins and out of wealth creation, a story of a Parsi man and an exciting tale about the battle between man and nature: this is what IANS has to offer to its readers this weekend. Take a look.

1. Book: India and the World: Through the Eyes of Indian Diplomats; Edited by Surendra Kumar; Publisher: Wisdom Tree; Pages: 460; Price: Rs.1,095.

How to conquer those sugar cravings

By Amar Chandel,

What can be almost as strong, if not even stronger than hunger pangs, is sugar craving. One goes almost berserk when it strikes and one is willing to throw all dietary discipline out of the window for the sake of those sweet treats. Take heart. There are a few simple little techniques which can help you tide over those vulnerable moments.


Modi in China: Turning conflict into complementarity

By Tarun Vijay,

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's China visit has come at a time when his government is completing his first year in power and global strategic equations are fast rearranging. At a time when India's economy is gaining strength and global economists are hailing Modi's one year in power as the best India has had economically, Modi walks in China as the most confident and powerful prime minister to have ever visited. And with President Xi Jinping, considered to be a strong leader moulded in Deng Xiaoping's school of thought, a courageous march of togetherness seems more possible than ever.

Beyond borders: India, China must show climate stewardship

By Rajendra Shende,

Hsüan-tsang, a scholarly Chinese monk in Vedic and Buddhism studies, crossed the formidable borders and travelled to India in search of original Buddhist scriptures. Hailing from central China's Henan province, his well-known 7th century travelogue describes India as a 'knowledge country'.