India's upward trend in competitiveness

By Amit Kapoor,

Over the past few years, we have been particularly interested in studying India’s competitiveness. This is because understanding it can yield interesting insights about the country's future trajectory. The productivity with which India has and how it will utilize its resources will ultimately be a determinant of the prosperity level of its people.

Babri Masjid: No more an issue for English print media?

Or, to raise a more pertinent question, is the BJP-led government at the Centre a reason why the anniversary-related coverage was so meek?

By M Reyaz,,

I have always considered The Indian Express bolder than most in the country, not afraid to take stands on most issues, whether I agree with those views of not.

Delhi BJP's ticket hopefuls banking on 'personal surveys'

By Rahul Vaishanvi,

New Delhi: In a bid to stake claim to nominations for the upcoming Delhi assembly elections, many of the 67 BJP candidates who had fought the December 2013 poll are conducting surveys in their constituencies to sense the mood of the voters and the likelihood of their victory, party sources said.

MPs don't have enough funds for Modi's pet schemes

By Sreeparna Chakrabarty ,

New Delhi: Insistence on using MPLADS funds for Prime Minister Narendra Modi's pet schemes of Clean India and adopting a village is meeting with resistance from a section of Members of Parliament, who are demanding separate funds for executing these programmes.

Indian youth needs education, opportunity, bread and not blood

By Daud Arif for,

It is of immense sorrow that today in our country, the legacy and sacrifices of our freedom fighters is reduced to just some mean politics by few brutal politicians.

Smart villages may help keep cities smarter

By Soroor Ahmed,,

When there is a dire need to convert our 6.5 lakh-odd rural settlements in India into smart villages, we are planning to build 100 new smart cities, which in the process may end up uprooting a big population and gobble up thousands of acres of agriculture land.

Reviving Janata Parivar, target BJP

By Anjali Ojha,

New Delhi: Realising the old adage that divided we fall, old and ageing socialists have got together once again to revive the old Janata experiment of the 1970s under a new nomenclature -- however, this time their enemy is no more the Congress - which can even be a friend - but the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Let’s keep AMU free of political gamesmanship

The saffron party and its affiliates from the corridors of powers in Delhi intend to work towards dropping ‘Muslim’ from Aligarh Muslim University. The latest communal-secular controversy over a King’s land should alert us to that, writes an AMU student.

By Irfan Khan,

The recent controversy created by the local BJP unit in the name of Jat leader Raja Mahendra Pratap or Peter Peer Pratap is unfounded and baseless.

A critique to “Caste on my back”

(This is a rejoinder to an article published on November 30 on titled caste on my back, written by Aishik Chanda.)

By Yogesh Maitreya,

Gopal Guru described that “Indian social science represents a pernicious divides between theoretical Brahmins and empirical Shudras”. Now this divide does not only limit to the social-sciences texts when it discusses the dalits lives through Brahmin-imagination. This divide has an inculcation factor which transmits into other upper castes writers than Brahmins.

Has Modi changed caste politics or can caste pyramid return?

By Saeed Naqvi,

Eminent TV anchor, Rajdeep Sardesai, has in a recent article drawn attention to the fact that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has restored balance to his cabinet by inducting Manohar Parrikar and Suresh Prabhu, two Gaud Saraswat Brahmins, as full fledged ministers. Some writers took him to task for his Brahminical digression, strange in a country where caste drives so much of public life.