Incredible life of Rubina Patel

By Nivedita Khandekar,,

Nagpur: Incredible! That is how Rubina Patel’s life story is.

She came from a well to do, educated, business family, married to a teacher, blessed with two children. She wanted to study and help the community through her social work. But her life went on an unexpected trajectory.

Modi, Jaitley, BJP and black money

By Faraz Ahmad for,

Way back in 1987 V P Singh launched his campaign against Rajiv Gandhi describing the Rajiv regime as most corrupt and charged Rajiv with having compromised the security of the nation by buying inferior quality Bofors guns from Sweden in return for kickbacks worth millions of dollars.

The feverish politics of Ahmad Bukhari

By Soroor Ahmed,,

Without holding any brief for Prime Minister Narendra Modi one can say that the action of Maulana Ahmad Bukhari is not only absurd and illogical but totally against the basic tenets of Islam. The question is not just why he is inviting Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, and not his Indian counterpart.

Chattargam killings: Questions to ponder upon

By Abdul Majid Zargar,

Kashmir’s tryst with peace has proved short lived yet again, thanks to the vacuous & barbaric killing of two young men Meraj-ud-Din Dar and Faisal Yusuf. As if the recent floods were not sufficient to devastate Kashmiris physically, emotionally & economically, the killing was thought necessary to notify them that besides God there is also a demon on earth to batter them.

UN Human Rights head criticises Sri Lanka's attacks on probe of violations

By Arul Louis ,

United Nations:UN Human Rights High Commissioner Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein has condemned Sri Lanka for attacking his organisation's investigations into human rights violations there and "creating a wall of fear" to prevent people from providing evidence.

Journalism in India: In all seriousness

By Sameera,

The nation watched in horror as the son-in-law of a political party, high on arrogance and drunk on power, brutally attacked a reporter with words so vicious they made the hair on virtuous necks stand up - "Are you serious? Are you nuts?"

किस पर बरसेंगे ये बाण?

By उमंग कुमार,

८००० मिसाइलों का कोई क्या कर सकता है​ ​? कहाँ-कहाँ तैनात होंगे इतने मिसाइल​ ​? किन-किन दुश्मनों के सिरों, ज़मीनों, घरों, अस्पतालों​ इत्यादि ​पर गिरेंगे यह अस्त्र? ​कितने बड़े या व्यापक युद्ध की आकांशा की जा रही है​ ​? ​यह पूछना वा​जिब ​​​ है ​क्योंकि अभी हाल ही में, अक्टूबर की खबर के मुताबिक़, भारत ने इस्रायल से ३२,००० करोड रुपयों की लागत से ८,००० से अधिक "स्पाइक" नामक मिसाइलों की खरीद पक्की की है | वैसे, यह ८,००० मिसाइल तो पूर्ती मात्र हैं - भारत के सेना की ज़रूरत ४०, ००० मिसाइलों की बताई गयी है | आप ही अंदाजा लगाइए की कितना भारी इंतज़ाम है यह |

Nuclear deal with Iran to be concluded in Oman next week?

By Saeed Naqvi,

The picturesque Sultanate of Oman was set to make history. It was to be the venue where the West would conclude its nuclear deal with Iran. But control of both the Houses of Congress by Republicans has swelled the ranks of anxious busy bodies darting around the world's chanceries to sow doubts about the deal.

Lessons from Guru Nanak’s teachings on Guru Nanak birth anniversary

By Jaspal Singh,

Today is the birth anniversary of Guru Nanak. A popular saying states Baba Nanak Shah Faqir, Hinduan Da Guru, Mussalmanan Da Peer (Baba Nanak is Supreme Faqir, He is Guru of the Hindus and Peer of Muslims).

Better Back to Bukhara? A Take on: No Invite for PM Modi?

By Asma Anjum Khan for,

The phone was ringing. Absorbed in my daily dose of ,’noisy news of Indian TV channels’ I chirped, Hello, Shivani! Long time?

What do you think of this shahi Imam… everyone is talking about.