Progress with Nitish but Bihar still on lowest rungs-I

By Prachi Salve & Saumya Tewari ,

New Delhi: Bihar has the second-highest economic growth among poor states.

It has India’s third-highest level of poverty.

Unemployment in Bihar is the highest among the poorest states.

Ninety-eight percent families in rural Bihar do not have access to toilets in their homes, the highest rate among poor states.

“बिहारी बहुत बुरे होते हैं”

Bihar Map [courtesy : Bihar Tourism]

बिहार (पर्यटन विभाग से साभार)

Madhya Pradesh CM spent Rs 3 crore on five-day US trip: RTI reply

By Sidhartha Dutta

New Delhi: An eight-member delegation led by Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan spent close to Rs.3 crore ($465,000/$58,000 per head) on a five-day US trip in February, which included giving expensive gifts to investors, the reply to an RTI querry has revealed.

The reply, received from the Madhya Pradesh Trade and Investment Facilitation Corporation Limited by whistle blower Ajay Dubey in July, revealed that on its visit to the US to meet American business leaders and potential investors, the delegation spent Rs.198,421 on gifts.

Netaji plane crash: An enigma that continues to haunt

Aug 18 is the 70th anniversary of the "disappearance" of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose

By Anurag Dey

Kolkata: Did Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose die of third-degree burns on August 18, 1945, after his plane crashed in Formosa (now Taiwan) or did he survive and escape to Siberia? Or was the "'crash"'a mere hoax to help him flee to safety? The questions have been haunting, agitating and engaging Indians, in particular Bengalis, for 70 years, but the mystery endures even today.

The Owaisi factor in the coming Bihar Assembly Elections

The “Unity of Muslims” can never defeat the BJP but Owaisi’s sudden landing in Bihar with exclusionary rhetoric will communalise the electioneering rather than keeping the election discourses confined to the concrete economic issues.

Dr Mohammad Sajjad,

Modi’s leap of vision: Is India ready for a larger role?

I-Day speech: Sartorially subdued Modi softens fiery rhetoric

By Ranjana Narayan

New Delhi : There was no eye-catching bright colourful flowing turban this year, that had made as much an impact as Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Independence Day speech last year.

Modi, whose sartorial preferences have been much written about, chose a subdued creamish-yellow turban this year, matching with his simple cream coloured churidaar-kurta and jacket.

Matching his dress sense, the fiery rhetoric which had galvanised his supporters through elections and governance in the first year has undergone a change.

Saluting Courage: Memorial for Vasant Rajab

By Ram Puniyani,

30 years later, Assam Accord back in focus

By Aroonim Bhuyan

New Delhi : As the country celebrated Independence Day on Saturday, the historic Assam Accord, signed on this very day 30 years ago to detect and deport illegal immigrants in the northeastern state, has returned into focus.

Though the accord was signed to end a six-year-long mass movement demanding detection and deportation of illegal immigrants, mostly from Bangladesh, who threatened the culture, identity and economic future of the indigenous people of Assam, successive central and state governments have failed to implement key clauses of the agreement.

Patriotism beyond communalism, religion sans sectarianism

By M. Rajaque Rahman,

With the Indian tricolour fluttering everywhere from the Red Fort to the neighbourhood school to the bonnet of a swanky Mercedes to a hand-pulled rickshaw, patriotism seems to know no barrier.

However, with vested interests trying to pit patriotism against religion and vice versa, the innate feeling of national pride will be under siege of manipulation as the nation celebrates its 69th Independence Day.