A new low in Indian politics (and journalism)

The newspapers from Mumbai, DNA has pulled this opinion piece from its website without giving any explanation. This is not the first time they have done it but marks a new low in journalism where newspapers are ready to remove articles based on political pressure. Here is a copy of the article in full because truth should not be silenced. - TCN

By Rana Ayyub

Investment-friendly budget to spur real estate growth

By Vinod Behl,

The 2014-15 budget is both positive and promising that focuses on reviving the sentiment of property buyers and investors and promoting investment with a view to give fillip to construction and housing sector, a significant contributor to GDP.

Post-budget, Right-Left divide will become wider

By Amulya Ganguli,

Those who had expected the budget proposals to signal a flying start to the currently stalled economic reforms in keeping with Narendra Modi's reputation for decisiveness would be disappointed.

Nothing for appeasement of Muslims in the Union Budget 2014-15

By Syed Zahid Ahmad,

There is nothing for appeasement of Muslims in the Union Budget 2014-15. Significantly there are just following two small para in 35 pages budget speech.

Ramadan thoughts: Food

RAMADAN 1435 : Phulwarishareef

By Kashif-ul-Huda,

Jaitley sporting enough to think of Indian sport

By Veturi Srivatsa,

Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley is, perhaps, the first finance minister who paused during his "Super" budget speech to talk of the needs of Indian sport and also doled out fat sums to the youth affairs and sports ministry in his budget allocation.

Fatwas and Muslim Women

By Irfan Engineer,

The Supreme Court on 7th July 2014 ruled that fatwas had no legal sanctity and the defiance of fatwas would not have civil or criminal consequences as it had no place in independent India under our constitutional scheme. Though the Apex Court did not injunct Islamic religious authorities like the Dar-ul-Uloom Deoband, Dar-ul-Qaza or Nizam-e-Qaza from issuing fatwa as issuance of fatwas per se were not illegal in its opinion, it clarified that “it is not a decree, not binding on the court or the state or the individual. It is not sanctioned under our constitutional scheme”.

Amit Shah as BJP chief: Modi sidestepping RSS?

By Amulya Ganguli,

When L.K. Advani was dragged kicking and screaming from the post of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president in 2005 under orders from the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), a diplomatic cable from the US embassy in Delhi to Washington stated that the event "demonstrated the power of the RSS ... and will likely increase the party's (the BJP's) political decline".

Whatever the budget be, equities set for short-term breather

By Vatsal Srivastava,

As one would expect, Indian equities have decided to take a breather before the big budget announcement day (July 10). It is a clear case of profit booking as the sharp sell-off in the small-cap and mid-cap space came on the back of no major disappointments post the railway budget on Tuesday (July 8). This is the most anticipated budget in recent years and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley must manage the market’s expectations - which in this column’s view have become quite overstretched. Markets hate uncertainty and although Jaitley may not be able to implement key reforms in his first budget, a clear road map will cheer the markets further to lifetime highs.

India's budget to set context for vigorous foreign policy

By Saroj Mohanty,

More than just a list of taxes and spending, the first budget of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government is expected to unveil policies that will signal how the new Indian government wants to shape the economy in the years to come and engage with the world.