Understanding the 'Burhan phenomenon'


By Arshi Javaid for,

As death toll rises in Kashmir, reports of security forces attacking hospitals, ambulances

By Amit Kumar and Raqib Hameed Naik,

Srinagar: Roll back to the summer of 2010. Six years ago, the Kashmir Valley witnessed the death of 120 innocents at the hands of security forces. At that time, Omar Abdullah was the Chief Minster of Jammu and Kashmir, and Mehbooba Mufti was in opposition. Like any other opposition leader, she did her best to gain maximum political mileage out of the situation and acted like if she came to power, no innocent's blood would ever be spilled on the streets of Kashmir.

Why you need to support Dr. Zakir Naik

By Dr Muhammad Ajmal for,

There is no need for an introduction on Zakir Naik, everyone knows him - he is a well-known Islamic public speaker who was recently awarded King Faisal award, the most prestigious award for Islamic activities globally. He is a very known personality in the world, being recognized and rewarded not as a terrorist or a terrorist supporter but as a Muslim intellectual.

Markandey Katju: A perilous manipulator or a doltish sympathizer?

By Sayed Abdullah Sadat for,

Book review: Jihadi Jane, the Women who ‘love’ ISIS

By Parvin Sultana for,

Author: Tabish Khair

The holy month of Ramadan was marked by frequent attacks by ISIS in different parts of the world. From Iraq to Bangladesh to the graveside of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), ISIS managed to unleash its brutality. Among many other things the incidents especially the Dhaka killings have again brought forth some problematic issues – a prominent one being why affluent young men would go and join ISIS.

Attack on Asoka’s legacy another attempt to distort history

By Ram Puniyani,

Past is used by communal politics for their present political agenda. In India on one hand we have the use of medieval history where the Muslim Kings are presented as ‘aggressors due to whom Hindu society had to suffer’, on the other now we are witnessing the distortion of ancient history being marshaled to undermine Buddhism vis a vis Brahmanism.

For Modi, its 'Focus Uttar Pradesh'

By Amulya Ganguli

A day before Ram Shankar Katheria was sacked the Minister of State for Human Resource Development (HRD), he had said that there was nothing wrong with the saffronization of education.

He was articulating the long-standing agenda of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), which the Hindu patriarchs have been peddling ever since Murli Manohar Joshi was the HRD minister in Atal Behari Vajpayee's government.

UP, Bihar, Rajasthan: Worst states for women, J&K catching up

By Devanik Saha

Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Bihar are the worst states for women, an IndiaSpend analysis of social indicators and demographic data of Indian states reveals.

Women in these states are among those who are most likely to be aborted as children, have the lowest literacy rates, marry earliest, die most frequently while pregnant, bear the most children, have the most crimes committed against them and are least likely to be employed.

Coming Storm and Divided House of Islam

If an attack on the very heart of Islam does not shake us out of our indifference and stupor, what will?

By Aijaz Zaka Syed for,

If there is a threshold of pain and tolerance, this must be it. If this does not wake us up, I do not know what will! The unimaginable and unthinkable affront to Madinah, the city of mercy and love where Islam’s beloved Prophet, peace be upon him, lies resting, is an open and audacious attack on Islam and its most sacred symbols. Who would have thought we would live to see this outrage?

A Ramadan Spent in America

By Bushra Alvi for

Shoulder to shoulder, heel to heel, we stood, we prayed, we bowed, we raised our hands, we begged for mercy, forgiveness and salvation. We cried. The entire night was spent in prayer and devotion.