This Ramzan, be a good husband: Say No to domestic abuse

By Asma -Nama

I know, it must sound odd to you.

A woman giving a piece of advice to men?

What’s more, asking them to be good husbands?

(Aren’t we already)

Charity, reading and pondering over the Creator’s words, visiting relations, etc. are few of the things we generally do in Ramzan.

What about being a Good Husband?


Yes, but. You work hard and bring home a salary. Yes, you pick up the children from school. But are you a good husband?

(What else can we do?)

#TCN10: Looking back at

By Kashif-ul-Huda,

“Are there enough news stories on Indian Muslims to do a daily news portal?” This was one of the first question that was asked when I was contemplating starting a daily news website for Indian Muslims. I must confess, the question startled me. I mean, how can a population of about 150 million people not have enough stories to be told?

What explains the Muslim debacle in Assam elections?

By Kaleem Kawaja for

Assam has the second-highest percent (34) of Muslim population in India. Forty nine of its 126 Assembly constituencies (about 40%) have very sizeable Muslim presence and that can be a determining factor in an election. The animosity of RSS Hindus and Bodos against Muslims and their strong desire to suppress Muslims is well-known for decades. BJP and AGP including PM Modi have falsely labelled a large number of Assamese Muslims as Bangladeshi infiltrators for many years now.

A Tale of Two Vehicles - Sadhvi’s Motorcycle and Rubina’s Car

By Ram Puniyani,

For Tawang, the incidents of May 2 will remain a scar forever

In the second of the three-part series, we look at how the Police completely botched up in handling the protests of May 2 and opened fire on protesters without any warning. Although following the incidents, heads have rolled and the administration has promised swift action, the shooting has reminded anti-dam protesters of what lies ahead in their struggles. Read part one here

By Amit Kumar,

नीतिश राज में मुसहरों को बिल्डरों का खौफ़

अफ़रोज़ आलम साहिल,

पटना:बिहार की राजधानी में मुसहर जाति के लोग इन दिनों भारी संकट में हैं. मुसहरों की जमीन पर एक बिल्डर की बुरी नज़र है. रोज़ी-रोटी को तरसते ये लोग पीढ़ियों से इस ज़मीन पर रहते आ रहे हैं. इनके पास जमीन के ज़रूरी दस्तावेज़ भी हैं और अपनी रिहाईश के पक्के सबूत भी. मगर इन लोगों का कहना है कि शहर का एक बड़ा बिल्डर रामप्रसाद यादव फर्जी दस्तावेज़ों के सहारे इन्हें इनकी ही ज़मीनों से बेदख़ल करने पर तुला हुआ है.

Why Tawang is protesting against Mega Dams

In the first of the three-part series, we look at why the citizens of Tawang, backed by a number of Lamas from the local monastery, are protesting against Mega Dams that threaten the livelihoods of the Monpa community along with potentially catastrophic ecological impact. Part Two will talk about the shooting on May 2 that killed two and injured many others, while Part Three will talk about what is at stake for the government and how they plan to fight the anti-dam sentiments.

By Amit Kumar,

It takes a village: Where religious harmony defies years of Kashmir strife

By Aadil Mir

Manzgam (Jammu and Kashmir) : A Hindu temple and a Muslim shrine in this lush green village of south Kashmir have stood close to each other for centuries as pillars of communal harmony, unshaken by the nearly three-decade-old Islamist conflict in the state.

About 100 km from Srinagar, Manzgam has largely been an area of peace despite the separatist insurgency that peaked in the 1990s in the rest of the valley and saw a mass exodus of Pandits.

Residents credit the calm in the area to the two 600-year-old shrines.

No fees for girls upto higher secondary level in state schools, says J&K government

By Raqib Hameed Naik,

Srinagar: In a significant move which will benefit thousands of girls studying in state run schools in Jammu and Kashmir, the state government while presenting the annual financial budget announced fee waiver for all girl students studying up to the higher secondary level.

The initiative was announced by state finance minister, Haseeb Drabu while presenting the annual budget in state legislature.

पातालकोट : जहां ज़मीन के अन्दर से पनपता है भारत का भविष्य

जावेद अनीस

छिंदवाड़ा जिले के तामिया ब्लॉक में स्थित पातालकोट मानो धरती के गर्भ में समाया है. तकरीबन 89 वर्ग किलोमीटर क्षेत्र में फैली यह एक घाटी है जो सदियों तक बाहरी दुनिया के लिए अनजान और अछूती बनी रही. पातालकोट में 12 गांव समाये हुए हैं ये गांव हैं - गैलडुब्बा, कारेआम, रातेड़, घटलिंगा-गुढ़ीछत्री, घाना कोड़िया, चिमटीपुर, जड़-मांदल, घर्राकछार, खमारपुर, शेरपंचगेल, सुखाभंड-हरमुहुभंजलाम और मालती-डोमिनी.