Articles to celebrate its 10 year anniversary with community awards

By Kashif-ul-Huda,, the news website of the marginalized has achieved a major milestone this month by completing ten years of continuous operation. TCN will be celebrating this occasion with its supporters at an event in the Greater Boston area on May 22, 2016.

A community is made up of individuals and as a community we need to recognize these individuals and organizations that are doing work that makes an impact in the community.

ख़त्म होती मौलाना मज़हरूल हक़ की विरासत

अफ़रोज़ आलम साहिल,

पटना:मौलाना मज़हरूल हक़ की निशानियां अब मिटने की कगार पर हैं. हक़ साहब बिहार का गौरव थे लेकिन समय ने मूल्यों को ऐसा बर्बाद किया कि अब बिहार में ही उन्हें कोई नहीं जानता है. उनकी अपनी ही ज़मीन पर उन्हें अजनबी क़रार दिया जा रहा है. यह ज़मीन बिहार विद्यापीठ की है, जिसकी नींव खुद मौलाना मज़हरूल हक़ ने डाली थी. उनकी कोशिशों के बदौलत एक ज़माने में यह विद्यापीठ तालीम का मशहूर केन्द्र बनकर उभरा था, मगर प्रशासन की लापरवाही और उपेक्षा ने यहां की तस्वीर ही बदल डाली है.

Death Penalty India Report is a severe indictment of the Judiciary System

By Aqeel Ahmad for

Since the mere mention of death penalty leads to a heated debate, it must be stated at the outset that the “Death Penalty India Report” is not about the arguments for the abolition (or retention) of the death penalty. The only stand that the authors of the report take is that the death penalty is a qualitatively unique punishment, incomparable to any other punishment, and this is not merely due to its irreversibility.

The connection between self-immolation & domestic violence

By Tanay Sukumar

Indian men are twice as likely as women to kill themselves, but of all the methods of suicide, self-immolation is the only one that claims more women than men, according to national crime data.

In 2014 - the latest data available - the likelihood of a suicide victim being a woman (61 percent) was significantly more in the case of self-immolation than for all other methods combined (28 percent), said a report on accidental deaths and suicides by the National Crime Records Bureau, echoing past trends.

S Chandra Mohan: The poet of an enlightened Ambedkarite era

By Vidya Bhushan Rawat for

S. Chandra Mohan’s poetry reflects the brilliance of his thought process and the rebel inside him. The sheer diversity and variety of issues that he took up shows his concern for human values which transcends the boundaries of nation state, caste, class, gender and religion. In true sense only a humanist could do so.

Hakim Ajmal Khans last resting place: in a forgotten corner of Delhi

By Rana Safvi

Hakim Ajmal Khan a philanthropist, freedom fighter, famous hakeem and nationalist is a well known personality.

So I was very surprised when I was told that his grave was I one corner of The Hazrat Rasool numa compound in Panchkuian Road of Delhi

 this is the entrance to what once once a cultural and religious hub of Mughal India.

Now it’s a slum

Bengal polls a tale of development vs graft

By Anurag Dey & Sirshendu Panth

Kolkata : The two-month-long bitter, no-holds-barred campaign for the West Bengal assembly elections turned into a slugfest between development and corruption, with the ruling Trinamool Congress tom-tomming its infrastructural projects and welfare schemes and the opposition hitting back with missiles like the Narada and Saradha scams and the flyover collapse in the city.

Umar, My Namesake

By Umar, a JNU student,

'तेजस्वी यादव में सीएम बनने की क़ाबलियत' : वित्तमंत्री अब्दुल बारी सिद्दिक़ी

अफ़रोज़ आलम साहिल,

पटना: बिहार के वित्तमंत्री अब्दुल बारी सिद्दीक़ी ने एक ख़ास बातचीत में लालूप्रसाद यादव के बेटे तेजस्वी यादव को मुख्यमंत्री पद के लिए क़ाबिल ठहराते हुए कहा कि जब जीतन राम मांझी मुख्यमंत्री बन सकते हैं, तो दूसरा क्यों नहीं बन सकता. हालांकि इस बातचीत में उन्होंने यह भी स्पष्ट किया कि भविष्य के गर्भ में झांककर नहीं देखा जा सकता है.

Bombay HC judgment on beef ban is a ‘win-win’ for state and beef eaters

By A Mirsab,,

Friday’s Bombay High Court decision in regards with the ban on slaughter of bulls/bullocks in Maharashtra is neither completely against the government’s amendment to Maharashtra Animal Preservation (Amendment) Act nor does it restrict beef eaters from consuming beef in Maharashtra.

The high court tried to keep balance between the interests of both by allowing ban on slaughter of beef in the state while also allowing people to consume beef imported from other states. Thus the decision is in fact a ‘win-win’ situation for both.