Misreading the messenger

By Lawrence Pintak, Jeremy Ginges and Nicholas Felton, CGNews,

"Arabic TV does not do our country justice," President George W. Bush complained in early 2006, calling it a purveyor of "propaganda" that "just isn't right, it isn't fair, and it doesn't give people the impression of what we're about."


Zionism and power

By Rabbi Michael Cohen, CGNews,

Within the rubric of national sovereignty come many challenges; the use of power is paramount to how a nation defines itself.


Taking steps forward: economic and political fronts

By Mara Rudman, CGNews,

Let a dozen NRI-PIO universities bloom

By By Kul Bhushan, IANS,

Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) and Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs) can cheer the good news that a special university for education of their children will open its doors next year in Bangalore. The bad news is that only half the seats will be given to NRIs and PIOs.

Indian Muslim media of 2007

A review of English publications

By Kashif-ul-Huda,

Last year, after much contemplation, I decided to publish a review of major Indian Muslim magazines in English. Some of the people associated with these magazines appreciated the review and a neutral assessment of their publication’s strengths and weaknesses. So I will continue the tradition and present my review for the year 2007.

Maulana Maududi's Terrifying Vision for Indian Muslims

By Mohammed Ayub Khan

Maulana Maududi's estranged disciple and Tanzeem-e-Islami chief Dr.Israr Ahmed appearing on the Jawabdeh program of GEO television in 2005 made some startling remarks about Indian Muslims. According to a published report of the program in the liberal Daily Times he reportedly said the following:

The photographer from Kabul

By Martin Gerner,

Photographers occasionally share the same lot as literary translators – people know their work, but not their names. Massoud Hossaini, for instance, has had his photos emblazoned across the front pages of international newspapers in Hong Kong, New York, and Germany. The 28-year-old Kabul native works in the Afghan capital as photographer for the AFP news agency.

~Youth Views~ Western students exceed Lebanese expectations

By Nathalie Nahas,

Despite the political and economic turmoil that Lebanon has endured for many years – which culminated in violence weeks before the recent Doha accord – I recently noticed that the number of international students around the American University of Beirut (AUB) campus has grown. One only has to attend a course on Middle Eastern studies to notice the diversity of nationalities, with students coming from the United States and throughout Europe.

Muslim youth feel the communication gap

By Kaleem Hussain,

There is a marked language gap between the discourse used by religious community leaders and that used by Muslim youth in western societies. This communication gap is why many Muslim youth are becoming increasingly divorced from the key tenets of the Islamic tradition – respect for teachers, elders, moral virtue, and high ethical values – and are following a path radically different from that of their parents.

Dignifying Lebanon's past

By César Chelala,

The settlement reached in Doha last week between warring factions in Lebanon puts an end to an 18-month national crisis and raises hopes for a stable future for that beleaguered country. It may also make real my father's dream for his country, and prompt a wider movement for peace in the region.