Zaheer Khan: Indian cricketer's march towards greatness

By Adnan Alavi,

Speedster Zaheer Khan went past a major milestone during the Durban test match in South Africa. Though India won the test, the record didn't get due attention.

Closer Look: Liberal Muslims

By Kashif-ul-Huda,,

Jangpura Masjid: Factual Position

By Dr Zafar Mahmood,

India must resist European pressure to trade away health

By Bobby Ramakant, CNS,

Why US wants to deploy its teachers in Indian madrasas?

By Sohail Arshad,

The writer takes an analytical look at the US proposal for appointing American teachers in Indian madrasas and smells a conspiracy in the proposal --Editor.

Telangana Statehood: A recipe for disaster?

By Soroor Ahmed,

Nawab of Chhatari (1888-1981)

By Naved Masood for,

Nawab Hafiz Sir Ahmad Said[[i]]Khan

Twists and turns of a love story

By Zohra Javed,

Al-Khair Co-operative Credit Society: An Experiment of Interest Free Microfinance

By Tameemuddin Humble,

Abul Hussain – A different story of a differently able person

By Diganta Sharma and Anjuman Ara Begum,