Burqa-clad Sumaiya makes history by securing 12 MBBS medals at AMU

By Rahat Abrar,

Two sparking eyes popping out of traditional Muslim attire burqa (veil) got the attention of the former first citizen of India, Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Wipro Chief Azim Premji and the audience as Sumaiya, a girl student with hijab, got as many as 12 medals in the prestigious MBBS course at the 58th annual convocation at the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU). Her magnificent feat indicates that Muslim girls are also advancing in the field of education. A female can pursue the studies of MBBS by wearing traditional Hijab (Burqa).

Chopra fuels dreams of an Indian touch at the Ryder Cup Golf

By V. Krishnaswamy, IANS,

A fair number of Indian sports fans these days are tuned to Wimbledon, Euro 2008 or the Asia Cup cricket, but there is also a band of fans, who stay up late in the night to catch up on the Indian connection on the US PGA Golf Tour and one who could give us that unimaginable dream of seeing an Indian touch in Ryder Cup golf.


What statistics wont tell - all that is wrong with India's police

By Maja Daruwala and Navaz Kotwal, IANS,

It looks like India's policing is in pretty good shape. The annual report of the National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) 2006 is just out. It lists just 29 human rights violations for the year. Looks like it is time to shut down the human rights commission. Its work is done.


Selectors never win - only this time they were not forgotten

By K. Datta, IANS,

It was time to celebrate. At least for one evening at New Delhi's Taj Palace Hotel where the Board of Control for Cricket in India was felicitating Kapil Dev's team for winning the World Cup 25 years ago it was improper to talk of anything else. The board had opened its heart in honour of Kapil's champion cricketers. And, in rewarding each one of them Rs. 25 lakhs, also its now swollen coffers.


Investigations of terror attacks lack fairness

By Md. Ali,,

In a revealing statement, the Union Home Minister of state Prakash Jaisawal admitted to media that there has not been any progress in the investigation of terror blasts in the country including that of the recent Jaipur bombings.

An apology

By Uri Avnery, CGNews,

This week, the Prime Minister of Canada made a dramatic statement in Parliament: he apologised to the indigenous peoples of his country for the injustices done to them for generations by successive Canadian governments.

This way, White Canada tries to make peace with the native nations, whose country their forefathers conquered and whose culture their rulers have tried to wipe out.


Exile, exclusion and isolation

By Karen Koning AbuZayd, CGNews,

The horrors of World War II gave impetus to a quest for universal peace, justice and human dignity, with the United Nations at the fore.

It is a disturbing commentary on our quest that as we commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Palestinians mark six decades of what they refer to as the Nakba, or catastrophe, with many languishing in conditions of exile, exclusion and isolation.

Strengthening extremists

By Nicholas D. Kristof, CGNews,

The yearlong siege of Gaza may soon end with the new ceasefire there, marking the eclipse of one more American-backed Israeli policy that backfired by strengthening extremists.

A ceasefire is no small thing

By MJ Rosenberg, CGNews,

The ceasefire is still in effect, which is something of a surprise. After all, this is a ceasefire few like—especially in Israel. Some of the same government officials who secured it, wasted little time in saying that they did not expect it to last and that, when it did collapse, Israel would launch its long-deferred invasion of Gaza.

Israel's peace offensive

By Alon Ben-Meir , CGNews,