How to conduct a simple and dignified marriage

By V M Khaleelur Rahman,

I have all praise and respect for Ms A Ameerunnisa of Melvisharam for her excellent article in Urdu (titled "Hamaari shadiyon ka Mas’ala") published in the October 2008 issue of Omeiat Journal) about the importance of conducting simple and austere marriages as per Islamic norms.

A challenge for the Indian left

By Balraj Puri,

Election to the fifteenth Lok Sabha is a landmark in the politics of India in more than one sense. Each of its aspects are being discussed or will be discussed by political analysts. In particular, contribution of Dr. Manmohan Singh's personality and policies of his government, Rahul Gandhi's role, specially in the UP, weaknesses of the main opposition, the BJP, and confusion in the third and fourth fronts are being held responsible for the spectacular victory of the Congress.

A political safari

By M.J. Akbar,

Victory and defeat in an election are a judgement call between options, not an epic choice between good and evil. It takes a couple of days at most for the celebrations to peter out and the tantrums to ease; then it is back to the difficult business of delivering governance against the background of raised expectations.

Kamala Suraiya: The literary star of Kerala is no more

By Najiya O.,,

The epitome of love, the dear writer of Kerala Dr. Kamala Suraiya has bid farewell to this world. Malayalis’ own Madhavikkutty who secured an unforgettable place in the world of literature will now live in the hearts of millions through the works that eternalize her. The great writer who had been ailing for some months passed away at 1.55 am on 31st May in the Jahangir Hospital in Pune. She will be interred at the Palayam Juma Masjid in Thiruvananthapuram with State honours tomorrow. She was 75 and is survived by three sons.

Urdu poet Hanif Akhgar Malihabadi is no more

By Afzal Usmani,

“Jo hai Taazgi meri zaat mein, wahi zikr-o-fikr chaman mein hai

Ke wajood mera kaheen bhi ho, meri rooh mere watan mein hai “

(Hanif Akhgar Malihabadi)

Elections 2009 verdict: Whither communalism?

By Ram Puniyani,

The results of 2009 general elections have thrown up a verdict where by BJP has lost lots of ground on electoral arena, its voting percentage has declined and number of seats have come down. Its calculations of coming to power as the head of NDA withered away. In 2004 elections despite the predictions by pollsters, its power declined and it gave way to Congress led UPA alliance. While BJP is ruling in many states and in couple of them it seems to have entrenched itself firmly for the time being, an overall atmosphere that BJP is on the decline is very much there.

Media frenzy must end: Australia not an unsafe place for Indians

By Rajni Luthra, IANS,

Most Indian homes in Australia have had this phone call from concerned family in India by now. "Are you alright? What are they doing to you guys over there?" It's almost as if Australian gangs are roaming the trains seeking out Indians to bash up, or roaming the streets seeking out Indian homes to throw petrol bombs into.

"Stay safe," the relatives are saying over the phone from across hundreds of miles. "Don't go out alone at night; don't take 'pangas' with others on the trains ..."

Bahadur Yar Jung and Hindu-Muslim relations

By Mohammed Ayub Ali Khan

The political route for Muslims

Team Manmohan has a settled look, despite faltering start

By Amulya Ganguli, IANS,

If the Manmohan Singh government appears to have made a faltering start, the blame falls on the unavoidable exigencies of coalition politics. However, of all its partners, it is the regional ally from Tamil Nadu, Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK), which must be held responsible for creating most of the problems.

Its antics started with its ailing leader, M. Karunanidhi, leaving Delhi in a huff and returning to Chennai with his band of relatives and party members because he was unhappy with the ministerial berths being offered to the party.