Need to refrain from communal politics in India

By Bobby Ramakant,

Jihad? But what about other verses in Qur'an?

By Asghar Ali Engineer,

The terror attacks in India as well as abroad has created an impression as if jihad is central to Qur'anic teaching. First of all, as we have asserted repeatedly, jihad does not mean war in Qur'an as there are other words for it like qital and harb for war. Jihad has been used in Qur'an in its root meaning i.e. to strive and to strive for betterment of society, to spread goodness (ma'ruf) and contain evil (munkar).

Terrorism, police and minorities

By Asghar Ali Engineer,

India in peril: anti-minority campaign can undo economic gains

By Amulya Ganguli, IANS,

India's secularism has rarely been under a greater threat. The reasons, however, are mixed and complex.

One is that the continuing acts of terrorism by the Pakistan-based jehadis and also by their Indian recruits have strengthened the hands of the anti-Muslim political parties and outfits like the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and the Bajrang Dal.

They all function under the aegis of the Hindu supremacist Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS), which dreams of establishing a theocratic Hindu rashtra (nation) in India.

Kowtowing to the killers: Muslims for murderer Modi?

By Omar Khalidi

The venue was Harvard University’s famed Center for International Affairs, CFIA, which some call made for CIA! The occasion was the 2002 annual meeting of an Islamic Finance Project at Harvard in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

India embraces smoke-free policies on Gandhi’s birth anniversary

By Bobby Ramakant

India has boldly enforced the smoke-free policies banning smoking in public places and private areas with public access from 2 October 2008 – the birth anniversary of the father of nation Mahatma Gandhi.

Book review: Madrasa Reforms- Indian Muslim Voices

By Nasir Khan

What exactly needs to be reformed in the present system of madrasa education? Why? How? And, equally importantly, who should take on the responsibility for this? These are issues that are being hotly debated today in the media, in policy-making circles and also among Muslim scholars, including the ulema of the madrasas themselves.

‘Eichmanns’ with Z-class security propel repetitive terror

By NM Sampathkumar Iyangar

Adolf Eichmann, the genius scientist who invented the gas chamber for the Nazis as a ‘perfect solution’ to end the ‘Jew menace’, remained incognito for 15 years after Nazis fell. When he was captured in a covert act by the Mossad in Argentina, Argentina and even UN initially said it as “violation of the sovereign rights of the Argentine Republic.”

On being Muslim

By Shahrukh Alam

Nanavati Report on Godhra Tragedy: Erasing the obvious truths

By Ram Puniyani

Recently Justice Nanavati-Mehta (N-M) submitted their report to Govt. (Sept 2008). What it has done must be very close to the desire of the ruling establishment which reaped a rich harvest due to the Godhra train burning and the anti Muslim pogrom in the aftermath of the same.