Saffron brigade dividing Hindus, Muslims in Jammu and Kashmir

By Amulya Ganguli, IANS,

The Amarnath land transfer row has come as a godsend to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which was looking for an emotive issue after the Ayodhya temple movement fizzled out. The party now hopes to recapture the mood of the "awakening" of Hindus, which was associated with Ayodhya, to consolidate its position in the run-up to the next round of assembly elections.

IPhone: The super brand of the decade

By Prasanto K. Roy, IANS,

It's the coolest design on the planet. It's the super brand of the decade. And it has come to India - at midnight. The iPhone, like so many things Mac, defies logic.

Apple products, pulled out of Steve Jobs' jeans at Macworld expos, tend to get fans screaming and queuing up, cash in hand, a day before launch. Experts point out missing features and flaws, but they don't care.

They must have one.

At over Rs.31,000, the iPhone will sell in India at over three times its US price of $199. If you list the features, you can get them at less than half the price.


A nation not interested in sports piggybacks the victors

By Chitra Padmanabhan, IANS,

Abhinav Bindra, the well-heeled shooter who became the first sportsperson from independent India to win an individual gold medal at the Beijing Olympics, remained sober - no doubt helped by a natural reserve. But the delirious orgy of official and officious cash award celebrations went on for long.

Bronze medallist, wrestler Sushil Kumar, with his experience of grappling with mind-numbing adversity and obscurity, remained humble. But his achievement triggered another frenzied moment under the sun for politicians, Delhi chief minister downwards.


Jammu and Kashmir: At Crossroads!

By Ram Puniyani,

In the aftermath of the Amarnath shrine board land transfer and then reversal of the same, the matters in the state are going from bad to worse. One was witnessing a gradual decline in acts of terror and increase in the democratic space, democratic patterns, despite the heavy presence of the army in the state. With the Shrine board issue being used by the separatist elements and communal elements, the things seem to be heading in the direction which will have far reaching adverse impact on the politics of the region.

Faces of Terrorism in India

By M. Burhanuddin Qasmi,

The media and and law inforcement agencies' onslaught with assumptions and deliberate repetitions of Muslim names after each terror attack in India made a penetration into common hearts and it ultimately implies that terrorism is a Muslim specialty in the country.

US to find foothold in Poland


Moscow : United States attempted to find a foothold in Poland in line with military strategy for future escalation with Russia.

With signing a deal with the US to deploy 10 interceptors, Poland is among the former Communist nations now integrated into NATO and the European Union.

Poland has grown into the role of outspoken advocate for those countries, like Ukraine and Georgia, still in Russia's orbit.

It is well-known US strategy to beat drums of war across the world in the name of supporting one nation vis-a-vis would-be threat from the other.

Kashmir's independence cannot be an option

By Rajiv Sikri, IANS,

After many years of relative peace, stability and economic progress, the situation in Jammu and Kashmir has been allowed to reach a dangerous point over the last two months. There have been mistakes, even serious ones, in the way the Amarnath land transfer issue has been handled. Despite these lapses, the answer to the problem cannot be to suggest that the Kashmir Valley be allowed to secede from India.

Amarnath land row: Towards a feasible solution

By Syed Ali Safvi

The crisis in Jammu and Kashmir are compounding with each passing day. The two regions of the state are up against each other over a stretch of land. The administration is undecided on how to deal with the present turmoil. Going by the present ground realities, there seems no light at the end of the tunnel.

Here are some remedial measures through which the crisis in Jammu and Kashmir could be mitigated.

Musharraf's exit: another blow to Bush foreign policy

By Mayank Chhaya, IANS,

Had George Bush's presidency not already entered its lame duck months, the less than flattering departure of Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf so close to the time when Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin took off his gloves would have dealt a staggering personal blow to the US president.

Why are Muslim zealots the media favourites?

By Firoz Bakht Ahmed,

It has been seen over the years that all political parties cash in on the Muslim mandate but later they ignore the issues that affect the community, using it like tissue paper.

However, even the media keeps in limelight those who are of nuisance value like the Shahi Imams, Owaisis and Shahabuddins, owing to their vitriolic remarks and rabble rousing as such things give colour to the reports and put the community and Islam to shame.