Why does China keep seeking reassurances on Tibet?

By Mayank Chhaya, IANS,

It would have been amusing were it not gratuitous for Beijing to raise the Tibet issue with India's visiting President Pratibha Patil. China has ingrained Tibet so much into its global diplomatic discourse that there is almost no escape for anyone of consequence from taking a position on the dispute, preferably to Beijing's liking.

From mini-skirts to burqas: Iran, Turkey clad as scientific powers

By Soroor Ahmed,

Iran took the wind out of the sail of the so-called US-sponsored move to impose sanctions when on May 17 it brokered a historic deal with Turkey and Brazil, the two emerging powers in different parts of the world. Surprisingly, the deal was signed under the patronage of Russia and had the moral backing of another permanent member of the Security Council, China.

Fertiliser sector reforms will attract fresh investments

By Satish Chander, IANS,

The fertiliser sector in India has been through difficult times in recent years. Stagnant production, no fresh investment and poor financial health of the units were accompanied by high level of import, imbalanced use of nutrients and deteriorating soil health. Mounting subsidy bill posed a serious fiscal management problem to the government.

Are you game for the Games? The Delhiite is not

By Sanjiv Kataria, IANS,

In just about four months, the Indian capital will host one of the biggest sporting events -- the Commonwealth Games, 2010 -- spending thousands of millions. But the selection trials for the games to finalize the athletes are yet to begin. Countries like New Zealand and Australia have already readied their squads and begun practising.

Caste in Indian census will set clock back

By Amulya Ganguli, IANS,

The renewed emphasis on caste via census operations does not bode well for India's social and political stability.

That caste has been one of the most divisive forces for centuries has never been in doubt. Its segmentation of Indian society into various mutually exclusive groups, who in many places do not marry or break bread with each other, has enabled politicians in recent years to garner support by pitting one caste against another.

New ICCR website inaugurated


New Delhi : The Indian Centre for Cultural Relations (ICCR) took India's soft power a step ahead by launching a new web portal listing the centre's activities both in the country and abroad.

The portal was inaugurated by ICCR president Karan Singh at Azad Bhavan in the capital Friday.

The ICCR helps formulate and implement policies pertaining to the country's external cultural relations and fosters multi-lateral understanding through creative dialogues and people-to-people cultural contact.

Dilemmas of Muslims Living in the New Age

By Maulana Wahiduddin Khan,

The Biggest Problem of Muslims Today

Hypocrisy in the guise of freedom of expression

By M. Zajam,

The success saga of Rahmani-30: Insights from an insider

By Majaz Hoda,

“Incredible Institution”— Bill Gates (MS Corp.)

“One of the best systems in the world” – John Chamber (CISCO).

“World Treasure” – Jeff Bezos (

“IIT=Harvard+MIT+Princeton” – Leslie Stahl (Co-host of CBS'60 minutes).

What has happened to my beloved Mangalore?

By Maxwell Pereira, IANS,

Is it a curse that's hit Mangalore? Why is it so much in the news in just the last two years for all the wrong reasons?...for vandalism, desecration of religious places, molestation and moral policing over young girls, for rent-a-riot shockers, and now for the deaths of 158 in a colossal tragedy caused by the ill-fated Air India Express crash at its Bajpe airport?