Yakub’s death is a painful reminder for Indian Muslims

Yakub Memon Funeral

By AJ Quraishi for

Afghan president Ghani walks the tightrope on Taliban

By Amitava Mukherjee

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani's decision to send a delegation to Pakistan for prevailing over Islamabad so that its support to the Afghan Taliban stops clearly shows that with the death of Mullah Omar, Pakistan has acquired a new strategic depth in Afghanistan. In the same vein Ghani had accused Pakistan of actively supporting the Taliban, which has been creating havoc not only in Kabul but also in other parts of Afghanistan.

Islamic declaration on climate change on August 18

Islamic declaration calling Muslims to fulfill religious duty and taking action on climate change to be launched on August 18. "Islamic faith community represents a significant section of the global population and certainly, can be influential in the discourse on climate change”

By, Staff Correspondent,

The state must not organise religious festivals

By Ram Puniyani

After staging the Yoga spectacle on June 21, 2015 on Rajpath in Delhi, the Modi government now plans to celebrate Rakhi, Raksha Bandhan on a grand scale in late August. This plan has full approval of its parent organisation, the RSS. Now a Hindu religious festival will be given the status of a national festival. It surely is indicative of the deeper agenda of narrow nationalism this government has in mind.

Mulayam's U-turn: Shrewd strategy or political compulsions?

By Mohit Dubey ,

Lucknow: The wily Yadav from Uttar Pradesh has done it once again. Never known for his political loyalties and infamous for being a political grasshopper, Samajwadi Party (SP) chief Mulayam Singh Yadav's rebuke to the Congress has taken even his loyalists here by surprise.

Breaking ranks with the Congress, which was spearheading a face-off with the Narendra Modi government at the centre and stalling the functioning of parliament Mulayam, his close aides say, has done so both for political reasons and "uncomfortabe compulsions."

Holistic development of youth is need of the hour

By Rajat Arora

Youthhood is considered a crucial period for establishing a positive well-being in a lifetime of a human being but a vast number of our youth seem to be neglecting their health, unmindful of the dangers lurking.

Good health in youth sets the stage for a healthy ageing. When they begin the transition from childhood to adolescence and move on to adulthood, they undergo changes at both emotional and physical levels. An overview on health of youth has demonstrated the serious health challenges that this vulnerable group faces.

Violence in Muslim societies

So what kind of societies Muslims, its rulers and clergy class want to build in the world? What kind of messages they want to give to the world about the nature of Islamic teachings and Islamic societies?

By Anwar Hussain

Today when I took newspaper, Asian Age in my hand, I saw news of suicide attacks in Kabul. The bomb blasts and suicide attacks have become so common in Muslim countries that people have become numb and reaction-less to this kind of activities.

Iran for developing strategic partnership with India

By Sheikh Manzoor

New Delhi, Aug 11 (IANS) Iran hopes Prime Minister Narendra Modi will undertake his visit to Tehran very soon as this would help the two nations draw up a joint strategy against geo-political challenges and set up joint ventures worth billions of dollars in the petrochemicals, fertiliser and surface transport sectors.

Ganga rejuvenation: Many attempts over 30 years

By Manoj K,

New Delhi, Aug 10 (IANS/IndiaSpend) An analysis of the initiatives highlighted in the report card for Ganga rejuvenation by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government shows that larger ones have been previously launched to construct sewage treatment plants. Those plans failed.

The identification of 764 “grossly polluting industries”, which the government highlights as its achievement, was actually done during 2011-13.

Difficult questions

By Dr Kouser Fathima,

During a recent discussion someone wanted to know why the medical / engineering seats allotted to Muslims in minority colleges remain unfulfilled whereas the one's for Christians gets filled. In spite of all my efforts the answers were not satisfactory and in fact even I myself was not convinced by my answers.