Team chemistry separated World Champions Germany from the rest

By Santosh Rao,

The last two editions of the FIFA World Cup (2010 and 2014) have clearly brought one key message to the fore -- team cohesion and chemistry.


Beaconing a misdirected community: A clarion call from a 23 year old Muslim youth

Mussadiq Ameen opens up his heart to the global Muslim Community.

Soon after my birth, I became too busy carrying the burdens that the world loaded on me. The first burden was my studies, which I relinquished in the middle of my college days. I did realize that the scholastic education cannot take me any where if I lacked perspiration and self-effort. I was not ready to carry empty bowls in the form of degrees to beg for alms from some employees. Hardly could I find any guidance to develop me – neither my parents were capable of guiding me nor the world could stop for a while to tell me how to proceed. Therefore, I wanted to make myself. Yes! Today, I do not put any academic qualifications beside my name, but I have learnt how to be loyal to my creator (Allah); I know what is good and bad; I know how to be kind and compassionate; I know I should never follow the ways of wrong doers; I have learnt how to be a self-employed and do successful business. Thus, I begin my journey all alone – but I know the ever compassionate Lord is with me all the time guiding me from within.

Make serving on bench mandatory for senior counsel

By Parmod Kumar,

Judicial vacancies will always be a headache in this country as long as senior lawyers are queasy about crossing over from the bar to the bench.

An Unlikely Presence: Humour in the Battlefield

By Vikas Datta,

War and humour - no two words can seem as divergent. But some incorrigibles, adept in uniting the most incongruous elements, have fashioned out quite a close relationship, manifested in some unforgettable depictions of armed conflict and combatants, bringing out the heroism, but also the futility, barbarity, and above all, the absurdity. Joseph Heller's celebrated black comedy "Catch 22" (also a successful film), TV series "M*A*S*H", film "Kelly's Heroes", and Mort Walker's "Beetle Bailey" comic strip are some of the most famous examples.


Government must save Homi Bhabha's home for posterity

By K.S. Parthasarathy,

Homi Bhabha, the architect of nuclear India, lived the most productive part of his life in Mehrangir, the house his father bought in 1937. Scientists regret the disinformation campaign on Bhabha's association with Mehrangir. They want the government to declare Mehrangir a national monument and save his last asset.

Muslim legislator's bill for ban on trade of cow bones and fat defeated by BJP in MP Assembly

By IndScribe,

It was a major embarassment for the BJP government in Madhya Pradesh Assembly. The lone Muslim legislator, Arif Aqueel of Congress came up with a private bill for ban on trade of bones and fat of the cows.

Ramabai Nagar: 17 Years, 11 deaths, 26 injured and Justice is still awaiting

By Yogesh Maitreya, Daisy Katta,

“That firing was something as if it was firing of India and Pakistan war” said Bhante Kashyap, reminiscently, one of the eye witnesses of Ramabai Nagar homicide of 1997, in the heartland locality of Mumbai, Ghatkopar East. Another narrator and also an eye witness of this arrogantly brutal massacre of Dalits in Ramabai Nagar, has depicted how thirteen years old boy had been shot dead by police’s bullet hitting his skull and splintered it in two pieces. Few more eye witnesses as well as victims, after seventeen years of the incidence have gathered courage to come up on the stage, provided by ‘Ramabai Nagar Hatyakand Sangharsh Samitee’ at their arranged conference at Ramabai Nagar, on the seventeenth anniversary of this incidence.

Communalising the countryside

By John Dayal,

Caliphate opposed to Shia apostasy and, eventually to Sunni monarchies

By Saeed Naqvi,

The expanding Shia-Sunni conflict in the Muslim world is exposing vast gaps in popular understanding of the schism.

For example when Zine El Abedine Ben Ali, the Tunisian strongman was ousted, people thought a Shia dictator had fallen. From this they extrapolated that the Arab Spring was an anti-Shia plot.

Indian-American lawmaker for dialogue with India on nuclear issues

Washington:Ami Bera, the lone Indian-American member of US House of Representatives, has called for an open dialogue with India on issues like liability concerns to open Indian energy market to US companies.

"As we move forward, it's important to continue to have an open dialogue with the Indian Government about issues like liability concerns so we can tackle India's energy needs and open their energy market to US companies," he said Thursday.