‘Shoulder to Shoulder Movement’ for joint Shia-Sunni Eid prayers

By Raqib Hameed Naik,

New Delhi: For the first time, on the occasion of Eid Ul Fitar, devout from Shia and Sunni sects are set to offer Eid prayers together at the congregation at Jamia Millia Islamia here on Saturday, the Eid day.

The All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat has extended its support for the event.

Conflict to peace via women: Helping distressed women in J&K

Peace and conflict in Kashmir are linked to patriarchal interventions in Kashmir. “The women don’t have a slightest idea about it. They feel it as a man’s job. I went to the women and made them conscious regarding their stake in peace building,” says Ezabir Ali.

By Raqib Hameed Naik,

 India, US have stake in each other's economic future: Indian envoy  India, US have stake in each other's economic future: Indian envoy

By Arun Kumar  

Washington : India's lowering of barriers to investment and encouraging business expansion will help US and Indian companies to further increase their presence in each other's country, according to Indian ambassador Arun K. Singh.

"The exchange is good for both nations and should be encouraged," he said in a blog post in The Hill, a top US political website, noting the two are "economic powerhouses that are helping each other grow in a dynamic global marketplace."

After Modi-Sharif bonhomie, India, Pakistan trade fire

New Delhi/Islamabad : India and Pakistan on Thursday lodged protests against each other after cross-border firing in Jammu and Kashmir left one dead and seven injured, days after bonhomie between the prime ministers of both countries in Russia.

Stating that Pakistan was trying to shift blame of ceasefire violations, India cautioned it about "effective and forceful response" to an unprovoked firing.

India, however, also reaffirmed its willingness to take forward the process for improving ties decided at the bilateral meeting at Ufa, in Russia.

Mamata's district review meeting: Of langcha, communal amity and development

By Avishek Rakshit,

Burdwan: “Tell me, are you facing any problem? Please don’t hesitate. Please feel free (to tell me). Are there any hindrances in implanting the policies?” The series of questions left the otherwise smart and well-dressed young man somewhat fumbling for words. For the questioner was none other than West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.

"Islamist Terrorism": The Underlying Politics

By Ram Puniyani

In the name of Islam?

Sudarshan Shetty to curate 'more democratic' Kochi Biennale

New Delhi/Thiruvananthapuram : Sudarshan Shetty, one of the most innovative contemporary artists in India, was on Wednesday named the curator of the third edition of the Kochi Muziris Biennale (KMB) 2016. Shetty said the biennale will be "more democratic and innovative" this time.

"KMB has contributed to Kerala's culture, tourism and hospitality industries and renewed India's cultural position in the world. We will extend full support to the programme in the coming years," said state Culture Minister K.C. Joseph while announcing Shetty's name as curator.

90 percent of toilet target ahead, 4 years to go

By Prachi Salve

New Delhi : Of more than 110 million rural households without toilets across India in 2012, the government has been able to assist 11 million households in building toilets. That means, nearly 99 million households need toilets over the next four years, if the government is to meet the target set by the Swacch Bharat Abhiyan (Clean India Campaign) by October 2, 2019.

PDP-BJP coalition is rocking, slowly but surely

By Sheikh Qayoom,

Srinagar: There seems to be no end to the troubles plaguing the uneasy BJP-PDP coalition that governs Jammu and Kashmir.

No one had expected a smooth marriage when the Kashmir Valley-based Peoples Democratic Party and the Jammu-centric Bharatiya Janata Party came together after a hung verdict in India's only Muslim-majority state.

But on issue after issue, the two parties remain clearly poles apart, the BJP more assertive than its senior partner when it comes to the interests of the Hindu-majority Jammu region.

1984 riots: When silence spoke so unmistakably

By Sanjay Suri

President Zail Singh could not get through to then prime minister Rajiv Gandhi when he needed most to, when thousands upon thousands of Sikhs needed him to, urgently. It was after all a matter of life and death for them.