Land acquisition bill: misgivings justified

By Syed Ali Mujtaba,

There is the fundamental question as to whether taking away the agricultural land for setting up industry or housing projects is appropriate for the country. India is predominantly an agriculture oriented economy. In a densely populated country like ours agriculture provides jobs to millions of people at unskilled and semi-skilled level.

Frederick Forsyth's 'novel' career in international intrigue

By Vikas Datta,

If you want to know how to attempt the assassination of a statesman, track a Nazi war criminal, organise a coup in Africa (or avert one in Russia), get a false passport, blow up a safe or assemble a bomb (conventional or nuclear), then this author will be to your taste. But Frederick Forsyth isn't the writer of a terrorist training manual but of thrillers whose suspense-laden plots seem ripped from the headlines but had an uncanny resonance in the real world.


AAP's self-annihilation: Is fate on Modi's side

By Amulya Ganguli,

The Aam Admi Party's (AAP's) suicidal tendencies are bound to help the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) more than any other party because the saffron outfit is politically better placed to exploit them.

If the AAP hadn't been driven by competitive egos, it might have been able to build on its success in the Delhi elections to spread its wings to, say, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Haryana for a start.

Yemen action to inflate Saudi esteem but at what cost?

By Saeed Naqvi,

A week ago, the Houthi rebels, backed by Iran, had a free run of Yemen. In Tikrit, Iraq, the Shia militia, led by Iranian officers, and helped by the largely Shia Iraq army, had cornered the ISIS in Saddam Hussain’s palaces. The fall of Tikrit would add to the halo on the Iranian-led Shia fraternity.

Sania and Saina symbols of woman power

By Veturi Srivatsa,

Saina Nehwal has officially been anointed the No.1 woman player in world badminton. Sania Mirza is on the cusp of becoming the top-most in tennis doubles - she is No.3 right now. The two Hyderabadis are the best role models for young Indian women trying to make a mark in today's highly competitive world of sport.

Hashimpura: Crying Shame !!

Since the Hashimpura killings, governments of Mulayam Singh Yadav and Mayawati have come in and gone out. Despite their tall claims of sympathy for Muslims, they did everything to thwart justice.

By Dr Mohammad Manzoor Alam,

How do we judge the justice delivery system in India? Is it good, shoddy, or great? In fact, it is all the three at different times and levels. To be fair to it, its shoddiness does not always come from within it, but mostly from outside: the political culture, the police and the state itself.

Cricket spat shouldn't hold India-Bangladesh ties to ransom

By Subir Bhaumik,

A huge spat between two cricket officials is threatening to adversely impact India-Bangladesh bilateral relations at a time when these are at their best. Bangladesh Planning Minister A.H.M. Mustafa Kamal has resigned as the International Cricket Council (ICC) president to protest against the country's “humiliation” when he was denied the opportunity to present the World Cup 2015 to winners Australia at Melbourne.


Misguided empowerment camouflaged as choices

By Zoya Khan for,

A lot has been said about the recent Vogue campaign which claims to empower women by having to make their own choices. Well I have something to say, and I will say it not because I have the choice to but because I have the option to. To exercise that option could be my choice. Most certainly it is not the case. Our choices are driven by the current market situation and are dependent on the dynamics and functioning of the markets. It is amidst this that the choices we make are heavily market-oriented.

Singapore's Lee led the charge against ozone-depleting substances

By Rajendra Shende,

When I landed in Singapore for the first time as a UN diplomat, I quickly realized why the late Lee Kwan Yew, its first prime Minister, made that famous statement about air-conditioning. Asked which invention of the 20th century he considered the most important, he instantly replied: "Air-conditioning!"


Amjadi Begum: "A brave woman"

By Rizwan Lateef Khan,

One name, Amjadi Begum, associated with the Indian Freedom Struggle needs no introduction. Principled, patriotic, self-respecting, honest, dignified, truthful, courageous, determined and committed to the cause are all the attributes which direct us to that great personality whom we all know as Amjadi Begum.