Fund delay for AMU Kishanganj Centre

By Md Mudassir Alam,

Like many projects meant for educational upliftment of country’s backward region, in the recent time the much-talked about AMU Kishanganj Centre project is still in uncertainty over lack of appropriate fund.

In 2015, Modi must resolve inner contradictions

By Amulya Ganguli,

The year ended by confirming the BJP's upward mobility when the alliance led by it secured a majority in the Jharkhand assembly and the party put up its best ever show in Jammu and Kashmir. But there is a hint in both the elections that the party's ascent may not continue to be as smooth and effortless in 2015 as it has been in 2014.

2014: A Year of Disappointments

Can we hope better sense will prevail in 2015?

By Dr Mohammad Manzoor Alam,

It has been a year of disappointments and worries. The first half of 2014 was last six months of the UPA II government, in which the corporate media did not see any merit. They spent those months ignoring the considerable achievements of the UPA government and building a crescendo of hope and hype about the next government, which they were sure would be the one led by Modi.

Resurgence of Godse Worship

By Ram Puniyani,

Times are a changing; and changing fast. During last many decades most Hindu nationalists have kept the appreciation of their hero, Nathuram Godse under wraps. The programs appreciating his politics did use to make small news here and there some time; but as such it was a muted act not much publicized and generally kept as a low key affair. During last few years Pradeep Dalvi’s play in Marathi, Mee Nathuram Boltoy (I, Nathuram speaking), attacking Gandhi and upholding Godse, drew packed houses in various places in Maharashtra. Many people had also protested against staging of this play off and on.

Reflections on the year without Tendulkar in the field

By Biswajit Choudhury,

The year that the Indian cricket team played without Sachin Tendulkar and lost successive Test series abroad gives enough food for thought on the nature of the sport, also at a time when other team sports in the country are beginning to organise commercially on the lines of the Indian Premier League (IPL).


Greek crisis will prove bullish for Europe

By Vatsal Srivastava,

Greece is in the headlines for all the wrong reasons yet again. Until further political certainty is achieved, it is best to remain cautious and not rule out further volatility in Greek yields and European equities. However, unlike at the peak of the European debt crisis, wider contagion is a low probability event risk.


Dhoni's abrupt good-bye stunning, mystifying

By Kishen Datta,

The suddenness with which Mahendra Singh Dhoni announced his retirement from Test cricket “with immediate effect” is as stunning as it is mystifying. Cricket captains who have led their country for as long as Dhoni has – 60 Tests, to be exact – don’t bid good-bye as unceremoniously and as instantly as he did at Melbourne on Tuesday. The words “immediate effect” say it all. After missing the first Test, did he have to go all the way to Melbourne to announce his decision? What if under him India had not lost the Test and, with it, the series against Australia. There is one more match to go before the four-match series ends.


GST and India's Competitiveness

By Amit Kapoor,

Over the past few weeks, there has been a growing interest among media in Inddia's indirect tax regime.

On the one side are those who believe that the proposed changes in the regime will lead to greater centralization and this will limit the ability of states to impose a tax that they deem fit. This according to them is not a very welcome step (since it goes against the idea of greater competition and competitiveness at state level).


Indian-American Muslims mourn Saiyid Hamid’s death

Kaleem Kawaja from Washington DC remembers ‘Second Sir Syed’ who spent his life for spreading education amongst India’s Muslims

It is with profound sadness that Indian Muslims in North-America have learned of the passing away of Saiyid Hamid, renowned educationist, reformer and a top leader of Muslims in India.

Bleak outlook for women's empowerment in Uttar Pradesh

By Bhoomika Joshi and Sanober Umar,

Gender equity and the status of women remain the hand-maiden of callous politics in India's largest state by population and 2014 has been deplorably stark. The 'Bahu lao, Beti Bachao' campaign in Uttar Pradesh is the latest feather in the BJP's cap of regressive and communal politics.