The toilet test

By Dr Mohammad Manzoor Alam,

On the 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, on October 2, 2019, nobody will defecate in the open anywhere in India. By then every one of us will have a toilet to go to. This is the target of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan that the Prime Minister launched earlier this month to mark the mahatma’s 145th birth anniversary.

Tolerance and India's plurality

By Amit Kapoor,

The world is becoming increasingly connected, both physically and digitally. It has raised the fundamental ‘death of distance’ debate. According to the debate, the pro-side believes that the world is becoming increasingly flat while the opponents point to the relative non-availability of data about internationalization to conclusively say that distance is dead. While we believe that, 'distance' still matters, we do feel that increasingly there is a movement towards distance becoming irrelevant over a longer time frame.

Indian hockey back in feel good zone

By Anand Philar,

Indian hockey could not have asked for a better Diwali gift than two gold medals in the space of three weeks to set the mood for the Festival of Lights.

While the 17th Asian Games gold medal at Incheon, South Korea, from the men's team was to be expected given the average opposition, the title triumph in the Sultan of Johor Cup junior tournament in Malaysia Sunday was more creditable with the Indian colts displaying exemplary character and aggression.


Falling oil prices may spur Modi for more reforms

By Saroj Mohanty,

One single international development that has not received the kind of play it deserves in the Indian media but is keenly watched in policy-making and strategic circles is the falling prices of oil - despite the geopolitical uncertainties in the Middle East and Nigeria - whose impact could be felt in government finances, business, trade and consumer spending, if the trend continues.

Asma Nama- Sensitivity Quotient: A Simple Note on Simplicity and Sensitivity

By Asma Anjum Khan for,

A Face book post said.

An Afghani child falls asleep after hard work at a brick kiln. Children as young as three year olds do hard labour, as seen here.

Indian scholar debunks ISIS claims about slavery in Islam

Islam does not allow enslavement of civilian population

By The Milli Gazette Online,

Zafarul-Islam Khan, senior Indian Muslim scholar, who is an alumnus of Al-Azhar and Cairo universities and holds a PhD in Islamic Studies from the University of Manchester, said it is a lie to claim that Islam allows enslavement of ordinary men and women of conquered lands.

North East Racial Attack, Can It Be STOPPED?

By Madhu Chandra,

Utterly socked and indeed panic at the unprecedented hate crimes against the people from North East India in Delhi and now in other mega cities of India. A man from Manipur brutally attacked for not able to speak Kannada in Bangalore on 16 October, two other men from Nagaland attacked in Gurgaon on 17 October – threatening the entire North East people to leave Gurgaon and a young from Mizoram murdered in South Delhi on 17 October. These attacks are the unprecedented hate crimes against North East people for last almost a decade in Delhi and National Capital Region (NCR).

“Why Muslims do not have good leaders?”, asks MIM's Imtiaz Jalil

By TCN News,

All India Majlis-E-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) candidate former journalist Imtiaz Jalil won the Aurangabad (Central) seat by defeating nearest rival Shiv Sena’s Pradeep Jaiswal by 20,000 votes to mark a debut for the MIM in Maharashtra assembly.

Convent educated, media professional Jalil, known for his powerful oratory and an unblemished record during the past decades of journalism, had written the following letter two months ago to his electorate when he decided to make a career shift from journalism to politics.

Love Jihad and targeting of religious minorities

By John Dayal,

The recent outpouring of support for the “development” agenda of the Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi, by several leaders of the Catholic and Protestant churches may possibly stave off the immediate attention of the Intelligence Bureau and the Ministry of Home affairs, but it is not likely to reduce the deep and seemingly abiding distrust the Indian political and social system has of what is popularly called the “Missionaries”. Nor will it mitigate the hate that is now erupting in India against religious minorities.

Blind dancers of Articulate Ability perform in Boston

From Darkness Unto Light, they lead us all ...

By Umang Kumar,

Boston: They ended their performance by dancing to a piece which took its title from a Sanskrit sloka, “Tamaso Ma Jyotirgamaya,” - “Lead me from Darkness unto Light,” - urging the powers Almighty to lead them towards light - and yet it seemed that it was they who were leading us in the audience to ever-increasing light and vision.