Attack on Sarath has hidden agenda of breaking Dalit – Muslim unity

By Kaneez Fathima,

Ethnic cultures and their manifestations in the public sphere has become target for authoritarianism. BJP government under the leadership of Narendra Modi has been trying to efface the multiculturalism and secularism from the society. Fascist authoritarianism never tolerates the democratic and secular nature of the people’s constitution.

Indian Americans call for an end to growing repression of minorities and erosion of civil liberties in India

Prime Minister Modi's visit should be an occasion to discuss the current state of human rights and religious freedom in India, Coalition Against Genocide (CAG) argued.

By TCN News,

Can US motivate Modi government to restore equitable polity in India?

By Kaleem Kawaja,

The visit of a Prime Minister of India to the United States on the invitation of the US President is a significant event for the people of India. It raises hopes that with help from US things will change for the better for the billion plus Indians. India has been a burgeoning democracy since it became a free and sovereign nation sixty-seven years ago in 1947. Twenty-three years ago in 1991 India began a tryst with the western style system of free enterprise and global economy.

Saudi nightmare: What if ISIS plans for Eid in Mecca?

By Saeed Naqvi,

In President Barack Obama's initial list of the coalition against the Islamist State (ISIS) are Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the UAE, Bahrain and Jordan. Others are being cajoled, tempted, lured but are not quite there.

India too was sounded. Mercifully, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is embarked on a mission of economic diplomacy. He will tiptoe out of this one.

The catastrophe finally arrived in Kashmir

By Abdul MajidZargar,

Kashmir has been devastated by raging floods. While the human toll is yet to be ascertained, the over-all loss to property, infrastructure & business is estimated to be one lakh crores of rupees. Our ruling class has lost no time in urging New-Delhi to declare the tragedy a national calamity, but their tribe andadministration cannot escape the blame of inviting this fury and in that respect it can legitimately be called a man-made calamity.Two MLAs are fast emerging as facilitators, if not architects, of the whole tragedy.

Madness of Development

By Jaspal Singh,

Much has happened in last few days that has possibilities for opening new path for humanity.More than 400 thousand people marched in New York City, to bring to the center stage,the danger posed to the planet by the devastation and destruction by the global capital in pursuit of maximum profits .People from all walks of life experts,scientists,social scientists and simply concerned folks gathered together to bring to the attention the necessity of finding a new path,a new mode of being,that is not destructive of humanity and society.

Al-Qaeda’s video and Media

By Pramod Kumar for,

The NDTV, on 7th September 2014, in its weekly programme, We The People, held a discussion on the “Global Jihad Comes to India” and the participants included a “secular fundamentalist”, two “ultra cultural nationalists”, two Muslims, three representatives from intelligence and law enforcing agencies and an outsider who happened to be a Muslim. The trigger was the release of a video on 3rd September, 2014, by al-Qaeda announcing the formation of a new Branch of “al-Qaeda in the South Asian Continent”. The release of video revealed al-Qaeda`s own concern about having ceded space to its splinter group ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria).

ZFI's boat & team in Kashmir


Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood,

Kashmir has once again been vitiated - now by the Nature. There has already been recent history of adversities of different hues. The poor Kashmiris somehow continue to be at the receiving end: from the times of the Maharaja's self-centered rule to the couldn't care less attitude of the successive chief ministers to the demoralizing militancy since 1988 to the hurting earthquake of 2008 to the drowning floods of 2014. For centuries the societal actors have only been enjoying Kashmir's cool and panoramic beauty but have hardly invested into the infrastructure, basic amenities of life, educational facilities, connectivity. There has always been a feeling of an unfortunate inherent bias at the other end.

Scottish referendum opens Pandora's box in Britain

By Anasudhin Azeez,

Things are very strange in Britain nowadays. People are talking politics. Pubs, supermarkets, hospitals, offices, everywhere people are more engaged in political debate than gossiping, thanks to the Scottish referendum. A record 85 percent of the electorate participated in the referendum to determine Scotland's independence.

Will the real Marxists and Fascists in Hyderabad Central University please stand up?

There are many lower orders in the Hindu society whose economic, political and social needs are the same as those of majority of Muslims and they would be far more ready to make a common cause with the Muslims for achieving common ends than they would with the high caste hindus who have denied and deprived them of ordinary human rights for centuries.
— Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar - Writings and Speeches Vol 8. P. 359