TRS aims to emerge as sole vanguard of Telangana

By Mohammed Shafeeq

Hyderabad: In Seemandhra the poll campaign is all about who is responsible for division of Andhra Pradesh, while it is the reverse in Telangana, where all contenders for power are seeking votes by claiming credit for carving out the separate state.

After refusing to merge or even have an alliance with the Congress, the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) is trying to emerge as the sole regional party representing the interests of Telangana, which will come into being as a separate state June 2.

Muslim Brotherhood is not terrorist

This change of Saudi and Gulf policy is not only anti-Islam and anti-democracy, it is also a worst example of ingratitude.

By Zafarul-Islam Khan,

Muslim Brotherhood (MB) won Egyptian parliamentary and presidential elections in 2012. This alarmed Israel and western countries. Egyptian army and the liberal class too was scared because the MB government in Egypt meant an end to the loot and plunder the army was indulging in since 1952 and with the army the fate of the lackey liberal class too was going to be sealed. These liberals, in return for some favours and insignificant posts, had allowed the army people to play with Egypt's honour and to plunder its resources.

The Congress is Congress: Ravi Kishan

By Subhash K. Jha

Mumbai: The Congress party "is out of shape right now", but "the Congress is Congress," said party candidate and Bhojpuri superstar Ravi Kishan, who wants to be part of "the movement to bring the Congress back to its days of glory".

The actor will contest Lok Sabha election from his Jaunpur hometown in Uttar Pradesh.

"One day out of the blue I got a call from Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi. When they said they need me in the party, I was deeply touched. At heart, I've always been a Congress man," said Ravi.

We will fight them and beat them: Amarinder Singh

By Jaideep Sarin

Chandigarh: Amarinder Singh has set the political temperature soaring after the Congress announced he would take on BJP heavyweight Arun Jaitley in Amritsar and the confident former Punjab chief minister who belongs to an erstwhile royal family says "we will fight them and beat them".

Amarinder, a former army officer, after his initial reluctance to contest the Lok Sabha elections this time, has come out all guns blazing against Jaitley and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

BJP forced to rearrange around new power centre

By T.R. Ramachandran,

The country is once again at the crossroads. All eyes are on the BJP's bid to regain power at the centre. Its controversial and autocratic prime ministerial nominee Narendra Modi is in the eye of a storm, unfazed by senior leaders like Jaswant Singh defying the party leadership's desire of quietly fading away.

Scripting a musical campaign in support of AAP

By Alok Singh

New Delhi: A group of young professionals, who are hobby singers and supporters of the Aam Admi Party (AAP), are scripting a musical campaign for the party in this election.

They have formed a band and plan to campaign in cities big and small, including Bangalore, Kolkata and Mumbai, with their songs in a bid to woo young voters. They also plan to rope in local musicians in their campaign.

The group of four-five artistes will carry musical instruments, visiting cards of the party and a banner inscribed with a social message.

Tamil Nadu and Lok Sabha Election 2014

By Syed Ali Mujtaba,

There are some significant developments taking place in Tamil Nadu in the run up to the Lok Sabha elections 2014. The BJP has stitched a six-party alliance in the state and has opened the floodgates for the smaller parties to test the electoral waters, thus challenging the supremacy of the DMK and the AIADMK, the dominant political parties in the state.

PM may spoil Rahul party in Northeast

By Jayanta Kumar Goswami,

As the 16th Lok Sabha elections approach, people in the Northeast gear up to exercise their democratic franchise in a peaceful manner. Looking at the voters’ enthusiasm and importance of the 25 seats available in the region, stalwarts of almost all political parties, especially Congress and BJP have thronged the state capitals here to woo the voters.

Modi, media and terror threats

By TCN News,

New Delhi: The reporting in the media following the arrest of four youths in Rajasthan, alleged to be Indian Mujahideen operatives, by the Delhi Police Special Cell fell even below the low standards the media has set for itself on terror reporting. Forget about the use of the mandatory ‘alleged’ before calling those arrested as terrorists – one would think it is no longer even on the curricula of media ethics. A large section of the media seemed convinced that it was Modi who was the target of these alleged terrorists. Indeed, there seemed to be an almost pathological desire to link these arrests to Modi. It is another matter that these claims were based on nothing.

Varanasi set for epic battle as Kejriwal comes calling

By Mohit Dubey

Varanasi: AAP star Arvind Kejriwal arrives here Tuesday to kickstart an epic Lok Sabha battle that his supporters say will surely "humble" BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi.

As a morning train brings Kejriwal into this ancient city on the banks of the Ganges, around 350 young men and women spread out in Varanasi are planning a "phaadu debut" (rocking debut) for their leader.