After arrests, Kerala Police take to threatening students for protesting

By Shafeeq Alingal

Kozhikode: Wafa, a first year Sociology student here at Farook College, hardly expected that she would be under constant threats from police when she left her house last week to attend a protest march. The march was organised under the aegis of Students Islamic Organisation (SIO) Kozhikode district committee in a protest against the ongoing police assault against students of University of Hyderabad.

There are only 70,000 of us Parsis left in India: Penaz Masani

By Biswajit Choudhury

New Delhi : There is something highly moving when a woman, whose people face extinction, sings of unrequited love. Love, not just for a mortal beloved but also of the mystic kind as in ghazal singing, that is a male dominated art. Take a bow, Penaz Masani, the Parsi queen of ghazal.

A year after Aler encounter: Families ask questions that no one can answer

On April 7 2015, five people accused in the murder of two policemen were killed in an encounter in Aler, Nalgonda after the police allegedly shot all of them in ‘self-defence’. Like most cases of police encounters, this too remain shrouded in mystery and a year later, the families’ questions remain unanswered; their pleas unheard. In the first part of the series, Raqib Hameed Naik speaks to the family of one of the deceased, Syed Amjad Ali.

I lived on but many women can't; so help me stop this: Acid attack survivor

By Vivek Singh Chauhan

New Delhi : On a hot summer day 11 years ago, 16-year-old Laxmi was passing by the Khan Market bus stand in central Delhi when a spurned lover threw acid on her - leaving her in excruciating pain. After seven surgeries - last one being the most critical - she is a self-reliant woman who took on the pain and social enigma with much grit in all those years.

Politicans playing dirty over displaced Bodos in BTAD: Promising Land Patta inside Forest

By Abdul Kalam Azad

Assam: This is election time in Assam and political parties are not leaving any stone unturned to get as much vote as possible. If someone is promising to create 2.5 million jobs in next five years, other one is promising to protect civil and human rights of the persecuted minorities. In reality, all these hollow promises will be going to the cold storage of politicians’ conscience without a second thought.

Improper implementation of RTE Act a cause of concern: Former Member of Planning Commission

By TCN News,

New Delhi: Caritas India in a joint collaboration of Peoples’ Vigilance Committee on Human Rights (PVCHR) organized a National level interface on “Reality of Implementation of Right to Education Act” here at Deputy Speaker hall, Constitution club, New Delhi.

A Right Based Project on “Right to Education (RTE)” is being run by Caritas India in Districts of Bihar supporting Girls Child Education and strengthening entitlement of RTE.

Will Congress' faith in dynastic politics save it in Dima Hasao?

By Amit Kumar,

Haflong: Dima Hasao, the least populated district of Assam, goes to polls on April 4 and like most of the state, this is turning out to be a straight fight between the ruling party Congress and the BJP. Or so it seems.

NHRC notice to Jharkhand over Muslim cattle traders' death

New Delhi : The NHRC has issued notice to the Jharkhand government over the death of two Muslim cattle traders, whose bodies were found hanging from a tree in Latehar district earlier this month.

The National Human Rights Commission, on a complaint received on March 29, has also issued notice to the state government over lack of action in the case. It stated that the Jharkhand government is not taking action in cases of targeted attacks on Muslim cattle traders.

Assam a Muslim populous state with under-representation of Muslims

By Wahidul Islam for,

Amidst the paranoia and degrading level of politics, Muslims have always been most vulnerable and politically exploited section of the society. Assam is no difference from other parts of India which has largest proportion of Muslim population after Jammu and Kashmir and Lakshadeep. However, most of the Muslims are economically and educationally lagging behind the majority with under-representation in public and private sector. Political representation of Muslims is also very negligible.

UP Govt. forms committee for ensuring participation of minorities in government services

By Staff Reporter

Lucknow: In a significant move, the Uttar Pradesh government has formed a three member committee for ensuring participation of minorities in government services.

Professor Mohamd Kalim, Chairman, Agricultural Deemed University, Allahabad has been appointed as Chairman of the committee. The committee has been formed to give boost to education among the members of the minority community and give suggestions to promote education among them.