Yechury seeks Mukherjee's intervention in Hyderabad varsity issue

Hyderabad: CPI-M general secretary Sitaram Yechury on Wednesday sought President Pranab Mukherjee's intervention in the University of Hyderabad issue, where a Dalit research scholar committed suicide due to suspension and alleged 'social boycott'.

After addressing the students on the campus, Yechury told reporters that he will meet the president, who is visitor of the university, to seek his intervention.

IS releases 270 out of 400 kidnapped in Syria

Damascus: The Islamic State (IS) terrorist group released 270 out of the 400 people it had kidnapped when its militants stormed a town in Syria's eastern province of Deir al-Zour earlier this week, a monitor group reported on Wednesday.

The 270 released people were kids under 14, and men over 55 years old, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

It added that 130 men between the age 15 and 55 were still held by the IS militants, who will interrogate them on charges of cooperation with the Syrian government in the town of Bughailiyeh.

Need tolerance in India very badly, says Amartya Sen

Kolkata: Nobel laureate Amartya Sen on Wednesday asserted India needs tolerance "very badly" but also underscored the importance of skeptical tolerance.

Sen, an aluumni of erstwhile Presidency College which has now developed into the Presidency University, discussed the influence and contributions of early 19th century poet Henry Louis Vivian Derozio in education and society.

"The general idea was to accept any kind of belief that comes from any side. Tolerance is a very great virtue and right now in India we need it very badly," Sen said.

We are watching you and your sadist medieval-era psyche: Dalit diaspora fumes over continued caste discrimination

By Suraj Yengde for

Cambridge: Mid-January in the New England area is infamous for the unfriendly cold shivers. Stepping out on a weekend after a cold week in the central quarters of Cambridge area is unlikely. People passing through the Harvard Square witnessed an unusual form of social gathering by south Asians holding placards that read: ‘Down with the Casteism in Indian Universities,’ ‘#CasteMustFall,’ ‘#DalitLivesMatter,’ ‘Stop Caste Based Discrimination’

Seven pastors killed, 20% rise in attacks on Christians in 2015, says minority group

By Raqib Hameed Naik,

Mumbai: There was a 20 percent rise in attacks on Christians in India, Mumbai-based minority and human rights group Catholic Secular Forum (CSF) said in its annual report for 2015.

The report by CSF claimed that around seven pastors were killed while 8,000 Christians including women and children and 500 clergy and community leaders were targeted during 2015.

To cut Delhi's air pollution, pinpoint the source

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This winter, Delhi’s government and the judiciary have implemented several policies aimed at cutting the national capital’s air pollution. The just-concluded odd-even scheme in the city required motorists to find alternative means of transportation every other day.

Modi blames Congress for Assam's problems

Guwahati: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday blamed the Congress for the problems of Assam, saying that the party hasn't done any work in 15 years despite the fact that his predecesor Manmohan Singh represented the state in the Rajya Sabha.

“They (Congress) didn't work for 15 years and expect me to do all the work in 15 months,” Modi said while addressing a rally here.

No progress in bringing back Kashmiri Pandits to state: Omar

Srinagar: Former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah on Tuesday said one more year had passed but no progress had been made in bringing back displaced Kashmiri Pandits to the state.

"Another year passes with no further progress in bringing back the displaced Kashmiri Pandits. Words sound even more hollow," he said in a tweet.

"Much was expected of the current government where all others were accused of paying only lip service but nothing changed.

Nature and our greed

World Enviorenment Day in Kashmir

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A letter to Rohith Vemula from a young Muslim

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Dear Rohith,