ZFI's boat & team in Kashmir


Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood,

Kashmir has once again been vitiated - now by the Nature. There has already been recent history of adversities of different hues. The poor Kashmiris somehow continue to be at the receiving end: from the times of the Maharaja's self-centered rule to the couldn't care less attitude of the successive chief ministers to the demoralizing militancy since 1988 to the hurting earthquake of 2008 to the drowning floods of 2014. For centuries the societal actors have only been enjoying Kashmir's cool and panoramic beauty but have hardly invested into the infrastructure, basic amenities of life, educational facilities, connectivity. There has always been a feeling of an unfortunate inherent bias at the other end.

Scottish referendum opens Pandora's box in Britain

By Anasudhin Azeez,

Things are very strange in Britain nowadays. People are talking politics. Pubs, supermarkets, hospitals, offices, everywhere people are more engaged in political debate than gossiping, thanks to the Scottish referendum. A record 85 percent of the electorate participated in the referendum to determine Scotland's independence.

Will the real Marxists and Fascists in Hyderabad Central University please stand up?

There are many lower orders in the Hindu society whose economic, political and social needs are the same as those of majority of Muslims and they would be far more ready to make a common cause with the Muslims for achieving common ends than they would with the high caste hindus who have denied and deprived them of ordinary human rights for centuries.
— Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar - Writings and Speeches Vol 8. P. 359

Milking the Stereotype

By Dr Mohammad Manzoor Alam,

It has been a long open session on Muslims. For weeks together we have heard and read a concentrated demonising propaganda against Muslims. According to it, the Muslims are running a well-funded “love jihad” campaign to trap Hindu women and covert them to Islam.

An open letter to Australian PM on ‘clean chit’ to his Indian counterpart in 2002 pogrom

By Abdul Majid Zargar,


While on a two day state visit to India, you have stated that Narendra Modi, as Gujarat Chief Minister should not be blamed for the 2002 riots in the state as he was just a "presiding officer" who has been cleared in "endless inquiries". We understand your compulsions in promoting trade & commerce with India, particularly the sale of vast stocks of unsold uranium left with your country following US led sanctions on Russia but disprove your award of a clean chit to Mr. Modi based on vague understanding of facts without any hard evaluation of evidence, direct or circumstantial.

IPR and India's competitiveness

By Amit Kapoor,

Intellectual Property Rights are important from the standpoint of maintaining present as well as ensuring future competitiveness. They also have an impact on the FDI inflows in a developing country, which helps not just in terms of capital inflows, but also in terms of technology and expertise. Strengthening IPR thus becomes imperative from the viewpoint of economic development. According to the most recent IP Index by GIPC (Global Intellectual Property Center) of the US Chamber of Commerce, IndiaÂ’s rank is the last among 25 countries for which the Center prepares the Index. It is alarming, and steps need to be taken to ensure we do better on various aspects covered under the specific index.

A love-marriage, not love-jihad, which changed India’s history

By Soroor Ahmed,,

A single love-marriage between Prithviraj Chauhan and Samyogita, daughter of his cousin and king of Kannauj, Jai Chand, perhaps played a more significant role in changing the history of India than several other factors. Though the mothers of both were sisters, Prithviraj eloped with Jai Chand’s daughter. In return Jai Chand––unlike other Rajput kings and chieftains, who supported Prithviraj––allied with Muhammad Ghori, who succeeded in capturing Delhi in his second attempt in 1192. Ghori did not spare Jai Chand either and in 1193-94 defeated him in the Battle of Chandawar. He was killed and his son Harish Chandra ruled Kannauj as a sub-ordinate of Ghori and his successors until 1225, when Iltutmish ended his reign.

Tools for Divisive Politics: Hate Speech and Patriarchy

Love Jihad propaganda spurs hate, not dialogue

By Ram Puniyani,

After the last general elections where Narendra Modi and his party won a majority overwhelmingly, the BJP has not been doing so well in subsequent by-elections. The Lalu-Nitish experiment is one model, but whether it will be replicated in different parts of the country is a million-vote question. The BJP appears to resort to the basic tools of divisive politics. On one hand Yogi Adityanath, with his venomous ‘hate speeches’ has come up as BJP’s major player; on the other the word of mouth propaganda of ‘love jihad’ is being spread like wildfire.

An index to measure development and diversity at the district level

By Kashif-ul-Huda,,

Detroit: “It’s a logical extension of Sachar Report’s methodology to highlight differentials in human development for indices for each socio-religious communities at the district level,” Dr. Abusaleh Shariff told me while explaining DDDIx, a new index that he is going to launch later this month to measure development and diversity at the district level in India.

Why BJP lost? No anti Gandhi anger to harvest

By Saeed Naqvi ,

Recent by-election reverses for the BJP are early intimations of mortality for the Narendra Modi-Amit Shah duet. As a senior BJP leader whispered: "They must come down to earth." In other words, a degree of realism may now be introduced into the proceedings.

The May parliamentary elections were peculiar in some ways. The outcome was expected and yet the scale of the BJP victory was something of a shock.