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Two Dalits thrashed for refusing to clear carcass

Rajkot : A group of self-styled cow vigilantes thrashed two Dalits in a village in Gujarat's Saurashtra region for allegedly refusing to dispose the carcass of a calf.

Police said seven people roughed up Nagji Rathod and Mayabhai Rathod of Mandal village when they said they had stopped doing this work in response to a state-wide call by Dalit activists not to clear dead animals.

Nagji and Mayabhai were taken to a private hospital in Mahuva town.


Kashmir like volcano about to erupt: Antony

Thiruvananthapuram : Senior Congress leader A.K. Antony on Tuesday said the Kashmir situation was like a volcano about to erupt and favoured sending an all-party delegation there to find a political solution to the violence in the valley.

"The Kashmir Valley is like a volcano about to erupt. If a political solution is not found immediately, the country may regret it later," the former Defence Minister said at a book launch function here.

The senior Congress leader said that Pakistan is hell bent on creating trouble in Kashmir.

J&K Policemen resign in front of public; shout pro-freedom slogans

By, Staff Reporter

Srinagar: In the wake of continuing Kashmir turmoil, two Jammu and Kashmir policemen publically announced their resignation while addressing a huge gathering.

Islamic banking set to get a boost in Kerala

By Shafeeq Hudawi,

बीएचयू रेप केस: देर से हुई मेडिकल जांच, नहीं मिले बलात्कार के सबूत

सिद्धांत मोहन,

वाराणसी: 13 अगस्त को काशी हिन्दू विश्वविद्यालय में हुए एक छात्र के कथित सामूहिक बलात्कार के बाद मामले की पेचीदगियां बढ़ती जा रही हैं. घटना के दस दिनों बाद आज जाकर हुए पीड़ित छात्र अंकित तिवारी(बदला हुआ नाम) के मेडिकल परीक्षण में बलात्कार की पुष्टि नहीं हो सकी है. हालांकि इस रिपोर्ट में यह बात ज़रूर स्वीकारी गयी है कि शरीर के अन्दर मौजूद मांस नाज़ुक अवस्था में हैं.

Manipur tribals to observe unity day on Aug 31

Imphal : A Manipur activist group will observe "Tribal Unity Day" on August 31 to remember nine people who were killed in early September last year -- and have not been buried as yet -- in violent protests against three controversial lawws that allegedly deprived tribals of the right to their land.

The Manipur assembly passed the bills on August 31 last year. But the legislations have not been converted into law because "the president has withheld one bill and sent back two others", according to Deputy Chief Minister Gaikhangam Gangmei.

Congress MLAs suspended after Gujarat assembly ruckus over Dalits

Gandhinagar : Gujarat assembly Speaker Ramanlal Vora on Tuesday suspended all Congress MLAs -- barring Leader of Opposition Shankersinh Vaghela and Balwantsinh Rajput -- for the day after they created a ruckus over the alleged atrocities committed on Dalits in Una town last month.

Congress lawmakers were demanding an inquiry by a sitting high court judge in the incident where four Dalits were beaten by self-styled cow vigilantes in Mota Samadhiyala village of Una in Gir-Somnath distric on July 11.

Opposition legislators evicted from Uttar Pradesh assembly

Lucknow : Opposition legislators belonging to the BSP, the Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party were forcibly evicted from Uttar Pradesh assembly on Tuesday as they trooped into the well of the House and disrupted the proceedings.

On the second day of the special session of the House, the opposition legislators waved anti-government banners, raised slogans regarding the recent gang rape in Bulandshahr, growing crimes, poor law and order, non-payment of cane dues and atrocities on Dalits in the state.


'दलित चेतना' आंदोलन को अब उत्तर प्रदेश लेकर जाएंगे जिग्नेश मेवाणी

अफ़रोज़ आलम साहिल,

दिल्ली: गुजरात के उना कांड की चिंगारियां अभी भी सुलग रही हैं. उना में दलितों को इंसाफ़ दिलाने की लड़ाई लड़ रहे जिग्नेश मेवाणी इन दिनों दिल्ली में हैं और चाहते हैं कि प्रधानमंत्री नरेन्द्र मोदी उन्हें मुलाक़ात का समय दें ताकि उनसे दलितों के वैकल्पिक रोज़गार के बारे में बात की जा सके. ऐसा इसलिए क्योंकि गुजरात के दलितों ने मृत पशु न उठाने, मैला न ढ़ोने और सफ़ाई का काम छोड़ने की शपथ ले ली है.

मेवाणी बताते हैं कि इसके लिए उन्होंने प्रधानमंत्री कार्यालय को पत्र भी लिखा है, लेकिन उन्हें अब तक मिलने का वक़्त नहीं मिला है.

Telagana to have 17 new districts

Hyderabad : Telangana will have 17 more districts as the government on Monday took the first step for reorganisation of districts.

The state, which came into being in 2014, currently has 10 districts, including state capital Hyderabad.

The government issued a draft notification for formation of new districts.

Deputy Chief Minister Mohammed Mahmood Ali told the media that 15 new revenue divisions and 46 new 'mandals' were also proposed to be created.