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Madras High Court cancels local body polls in Tamil Nadu

Chennai : The Madras High Court on Tuesday cancelled the local body elections in Tamil Nadu over irregularities in the poll notification.

Elections to the local bodies were slated for October 17 and 19, 2016, and a total of 497,840 nominations were filed.

The DMK had moved to the Madras High Court alleging inadequate reservation of seats for the Scheduled Tribes and had raised objection to the hurried manner in which the polls were called.

Never questioned PM or the army's valour: AAP

New Delhi : AAP leader Sanjay Singh on Tuesday urged the Prime Minister to reveal the truth about the surgical strikes and put to rest all conjectures being circulated in the international, especially the Pakistani, media. He reiterated "there is no question on the PM or the valour of the Indian Army".

Singh's remarks came after Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on Tuesday criticised Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for seeking "proof about the surgical strikes" carried out by the Indian Army across the Line of Control on September 29.

Congress leader Nirupam terms surgical strikes 'fake'

New Delhi : Congress leader Sanjay Nirupam on Tuesday termed the surgical strikes carried out by the Indian Army across the LoC in Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir (PoK)as "fake" and accused the BJP of making political capital out of it.

"Every Indian wants Surgical Strikes Against Pakistan but not a fake one to extract just political benefit by BJP. Politics over national interest," Nirupam tweeted.

Three injured as Jhelum Express derails in Punjab

Ludhiana : At least three people were injured after 10 coaches of the Jhelum Express passenger train derailed in Punjab's Ludhiana district, police said on Tuesday.

Injured people, travelling on the train, have been sent to Civil hospital Ludhiana, the Ministry of Railways tweeted.

The accident took place around 3.10 am. Near Phillaur town, 125 km from Chandigarh.

A major tragedy was averted as the train derailed before a bridge of Sutlej river.


Human trafficking gang busted in Delhi, 4 arrested

New Delhi : The Delhi Police arrested four persons, including a woman, for running an interstate human trafficking gang on the pretext of sending young girls to foreign countries on work visas, police said on Monday.

The arrested four -- Purnima, 27, Harish, 30, Nira, 39, and John Khadka, 46 -- are natives of Nepal and Uttrakhand, police said. Ten passports and a laptop have been recovered from their possession.

RJD workers protest against own government in Bihar

Patna : Hundreds of RJD workers in Bihar's Siwan district took to the streets on Monday to protest against their own government -- led by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar -- for the arrest of former party MP Mohammad Shahabuddin.

Shahabuddin had to surrender in court and was sent back to jail after the Supreme Court cancelled his bail on Friday.

The Rashtriya Janata Dal protestors shouted slogans, carried placards and banners and even blocked the busy JP Chowk in Siwan town disrupting traffic for hours.

ताकि बेगुनाह मुस्लिम नौजवानों की फ़र्ज़ी गिरफ़्तारी का घिनौना खेल आगे न चल पाए...

अफ़रोज़ आलम साहिल,

नई दिल्ली : ‘दोस्त बदल गए, चेहरे बदल गए, मंज़िलें बदल गईं, दुनिया बदल गई, मेरे ज़िन्दगी का सब कुछ बदल गया. वालिद का ईद के दिन इंतक़ाल हो गया. मेरी पूरी दुनिया ही ख़त्म हो चुकी है...’

एक मंच पर मौलाना मदनी व तौक़ीर रज़ा, कहा –तमाम मसलक भूलकर हो जाओ एक Staff Reporter

लखनऊ : ‘देश के हर मुसलमान को अपने अक़ीदे और मसलक पर क़ायम रहते हुए मिल्ली मसायल पर एकजुटता का परिचय देना आज वक़्त की ज़रूरत है. मौलाना तौक़ीर रज़ा साहब ने जो क़दम उठाया है, उसके लिए मैं उनका शुक्रिया अदा करता हूं और अपील करता हूं कि उनकी इस कोशिश को कामयाब करने के लिये आप भी उनका साथ दें.’

ये बातें जमीअत उलमा-ए-हिंद के राष्ट्रीय महासचिव मौलाना महमूद असद मदनी ने लखनऊ के रिफाह-ए-आम क्लब के ऐतिहासिक मैदान में ‘तहरीक-ए-उमर सोसाइटी’ की ओर से ‘हालात-ए-हाज़िरा और मुसलमान’ विषय पर आयोजित एक कार्यक्रम के दौरान कहा.

‘न्यायपालिका में अपने लोगों को लाकर समाज विरोधी नीतियों को छुपाना चाहती है मोदी सरकार’ Staff Reporter

पटना : ‘भाजपा की केंद्र सरकार किसी प्रकार न्यायपालिका में अपने लोगों को लाकर अपने समाज विरोधी नीतियों को दबाना या छुपाना चाहती है. हालांकि साम्प्रदयिक सदभाव को बनाये रखने के लिए न्यायपालिका ने कई क़दम उठाये हैं, लेकिन जितना काम होना चाहिए था, उतना नहीं हो पाया है.’

A different protest by girl students for construction of toilets

By Imran Khan

Buxar (Bihar) : Several Class 10 students of a school in Bihar have forsworn gold jewellery until their parents build toilets in their homes to save them the shame of having to go out into the open to defecate.

In a bid to put pressure on parents to construct toilets to safeguard their hygiene, security and saving themselves from constant shame -- Richa, Joyti, Ranju, Rabina, Khushbu and Puja Kumari decided to wear their gold lockets only when they will not be forced to defecate in the open anymore.