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नोटबंदी मे महिला सिपाही के लिए फ़रिश्ते बन गए सीओ अब्दुल क़ादिर

आस मोहम्मद कैफ,

सहारनपुर: ये खबर इतनी सुखद है बस दुआ निकलती है. सहारनपुर के सीओ - 2 कार्यालय में तैनात महिला कांस्टेबल को शादी के लिए पैसे की कमी पड़ी तो सीओ अब्दुल क़ादिर की लगायी नायाब तरकीब पर सहारनपुर पुलिस गौरवान्वित है. दरअसल यह बात आम है कि नोटबंदी के चलते वे लोग बहुत परेशान हैं जिनके घरों में शादियां पड़ी हैं. अब इसी तरह यहां तैनात एक महिला सिपाही की शादी की तारीख आ गयी. तो सहारनपुर के सीओ - 2 कार्यालय के स्टाफ ने पूरे देशवासियों के लिए नजीर पेश कर दी. ऐसा उन्होंने अपने सीओ अब्दुल क़ादिर की प्रेरणा पर किया.

US flag burned in Bhopal to mark the 32 years of struggle for elusive justice

By Pervez Bari for,

Bhopal: The victims and survivors along with their progenies and their kin of Bhopal gas tragedy, world’s worst industrial catastrophe, continue to languish in utter neglect even after 32 years of the gory event as justice continues to elude them.

The victims’ demand of adequate compensation, clean up of environmental contamination and exemplary punishment of Union Carbide and Dow Chemical to the powers that be over three decades of the disaster goes on deaf years and they continue to live in shambles with pain and agony.

Radhika Vemula pays a visit to Faisal’s family in Malappuram

Radhika Vemula consoling Faisal's mother Meenakshi at her residence at Kodinchi in Malappuram.

By Shafeeq Hudawi,,

MIM seeks Maharashtra wide liquor ban on Milad-un-Nabi

MIM Writes to CM, Maharashtra to ban liquor on Eid Milad

By A Mirsab,,

राष्ट्रगान : क्या ये अनिवार्यता सिर्फ़ आमजन के लिए है?

नैय्यर इमाम सिद्दीक़ी

Inspired by Doyle and Christie, teenager from Bengal writes detective novels

By Shiba Aamir for

Kolkata: Now 18, Nitin Gupta decided to write a novel in 2014 when he was only 16 years old. Inspired by legends such as Agatha Christie and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, he has created an Anglo-Indian sleuth Henry Lyons in Aberration Murder Awaits (2015), the first book in the Vengeance is a Bliss trilogy, which sold more than a thousand copies on the Kindle Store.

A possible Congress-SP alliance aims to nullify the rise and power of BSP, not the BJP

By Faisal Fareed,

After Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav’s statements regarding forging an alliance with Congress in upcoming polls, politics has stepped up in Lucknow.

People are seeing it as an effort by Mulayam Singh Yadav to stop division of ‘secular’ votes and prevent the BJP from coming to power. On the contrary, it is now Mulayam’s strategy to prevent BSP from assuming power. A win for the BSP will push the Mulayam clan into oblivion, while a strong BJP will always benefit the Yadavs.

Assam madrassas break no laws by taking off on Friday, but for BJP it is an ‘issue’ that must be tackled

By Staff Reporter

No to use of pellets on animals; yes to pellets on Kashmiris

By Rouf Dar for

A story regarding the infamous pellets attracted my attention a month back. People For Animals (PFA), a non-governmental organisation involved in legal fight against the use of pellets on animals, yielded positive result when their use was restricted. The legal system of India accorded assent to the petition and finally accepted the plea to prohibit the use of pellets.


AMU students protest against ban on Zakir Naik

By Staff Reporter

Students of Aligarh Muslim University took out a march opposing the ban imposed on Zakir Naik on Friday.