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Indian toll in Haj stampede rises to 74

New Delhi/Lucknow: The toll of Indian pilgrims killed in the stampede near Makkah in Saudi Arabia during Haj has risen to 74, the government said on Tuesday.

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj tweeted: "Haj stampede - Saudi Arabia has released a further list. The Indian toll is now 74."

The Haj Mission at the Indian Consulate in Jeddah posted on its Facebook page an updated list of Indians who died in the stampede.

The Indian toll till Sunday was 58. Over 700 people were killed in the September 24 stampede near Makkah.

Israel threatens 'harsh response' amid violent attacks

Jerusalem: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed on Sunday to deliver a harsh response on "Palestinian terrorism" amid a wave of violent attacks in Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Netanyahu met with Israeli security officials to discuss the escalating situation, after four Israelis died and three wounded in Palestinian attacks in the past several days, Xinhua news agency reported.

India will talk only if BJP goes: Pakistani daily

Islamabad: India-Pakistan peace talks will be possible only when the BJP is voted out in India, a Pakistani newspaper said on Saturday.

The Nation said in an editorial that despite Islamabad's attempts, New Delhi was not ready for reconciliation.

"The BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) might hopefully lose power soon, and maybe we can start (peace talks) again with a more level-headed government," it said.

Palestine blames Israel for deadlock in peace talks

Ramallah: Israel brought the peace talks to a deadlock by not halting settlements cosntruction, a Palestinian official has said.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's address at the UN General Assembly did not bring anything new, Nemer Hammad, an aide to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, said on Thursday.

"There will be no resumption of peace talks before the complete halt of Israeli settlement and without the release of the prisoners," Xinhua news agency quoted Hammad as saying.

India, Pakistan clash at UN over Kashmir

New York/New Delhi: India and Pakistan clashed at the UN General Assembly after Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif raked up Kashmir in his address, terming the issue "the most persistent failure" of the UN. India hit back, saying Kashmir was unresolved because Pakistan has continuously chosen to disregard its commitments, including the most recent one at Ufa in Russia.

India also gave a rebuttal to Sharif's proposal to de-militarise Kashmir, asking that Pakistan needs to first "de-terrorise" the state.

How did Mina Stampede happen - Who is Responsible for it - Saudi Arabia or Africans or Iranians or God or No One..?

By Dr.Ajmal

769 Haj piligrims died in the Mina Stampede, and the preceding week around 107 died in the Crane Crash in Mecca - tragedies which have marred the recent history of uneventful Haj. This year is considered to be one of the worst in the last 25 years of Haj history. The toll is to expected to raise as hundreds more are critically injured.

Migrant camp near Italy-France border dismantled

Rome: A migrant camp in Italy's coastal city of Ventimiglia close to the French border has been dismantled.

The camp was dismantled on Wednesday and police said a dozen migrants were arrested, including a Bosnian national wanted under an international arrest warrant. Migrants and activists were taken to the local police station for identification.

Some migrants evicted from the camp went to a nearby Red Cross centre.

The camp was cleared because its occupants were using electricity and water without paying for it, a police spokesman said.

Pakistan once again misusing UNGA, distorting reality: India

New York/New Delhi : In a strong rebuttal of Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's anti-India statement at the UN General Assembly, India on Thursday expressed regret that Pakistan has "once again chosen to misuse" the floor of the world body to "distort reality and portray a false picture of the challenges in our region".

Lessons from the Haj tragedy

By Dr Kouser Fathima,

Iran to sue Saudi Arabia over deaths of Iranian pilgrims

Tehran: Iran will file a complaint against Saudi Arabia for its "shortcomings" which led to the death of Iranian pilgrims during the Haj pilgrimage in the Arab state, Iran's government spokesman Mohammad Baqer Nobakht said here on Tuesday.

Iran will sue the Saudi government via legal actions and the mechanisms in the international arena, said Nobakht, also the vice president, according to Tasnim news agency.

Iran will spare no efforts to defend the rights of the Iranian pilgrims, the missing ones and those injured in the disaster, he added, Xinhua news agency reported.