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Darfur talks open without rebels

By NNN-Zanis

Tripoli : Major Darfur rebel groups have decided not to take part in talks aimed at ending the four-year war in Sudan's Darfur region.

The talks, however, proceeded even though key rebel groups said they would not attend.

Two of Darfur's main rebel groups have decided to boycott the talks in a row over invited factions, despite a threat of UN Security Council sanctions.

The African Union envoy for Darfur opened proceedings by saying the talks were a new opportunity for the region.

Pro-Taliban cleric's supporters behind Pakistan four security personnel


Islamabad : Militant supporters of a pro- Taliban radical cleric kidnapped and beheaded four security personnel in public hours after troops attacked his seminary in the Swat region of Pakistan's North West Frontier Province.
"It was gruesome," recounted a resident of Shakkardarra village who witnessed the execution of the security personnel, all in their mid-20s, by masked militants yesterday.

Second phase of Jamrat Bridge to be ready for Hajj


Jeddah : The second phase of the SR4 billion high-tech Jamrat Bridge project will be completed on November 25, well before the start of this year’s Hajj, said Dr. Habeeb Zainul Abideen, Deputy Minister of municipal and rural affairs.

Speaking to Al-Madinah Arabic daily, Zainul Abideen said three one-way roads from the bridge would reduce congestion in the area and ensure a smooth flow of pilgrims when they leave Jamrat after performing the stoning ritual.

President Al-Assad affirms Syria's stance to stability and security of Iraq


Damascus : President Bashar al-Assad affirmed on Thursday Syria's firm stance to preserve the security, stability and territorial integrity of Iraq.

That came when al-Assad received Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament Mahmoud al-Mashhadani and reviewed with him the situations on the Iraqi arena.

There was an assertion on rejection of any partition proposals that harm Iraq's unity.

Iran supports consensus in Lebanon to resolve political crisis


Beirut : Iranian Ambassador to Lebanon Mohammad Reza Sheibani said on Friday that the Islamic Republic of Iran supports consensus among Lebanese people to solve their political crisis.

Sheibani made the comment after a meeting with the head of Lebanon's Kataeb (Phalangist Party) Amin Gemayel, who is also a leading Lebanese politician within the March 14th ruling alliance.

Arab Parliamentarians to meet in Bahrain - Kuwaiti MP


Beirut : Head of the Arab Region Parliamentarians Against Corruption (ARPAC), Kuwaiti MP Nasser Al-Sanae, announced Saturday that the third Arab parliamentarians' conference on combating corruption would be held in Bahrain on November 3-4.

In a release issued by the Beirut-headquartered ARPAC, Al-Sanae said participants in the conference would include MPs from all member states: Kuwait, Jordan, Palestine, Yemen, Egypt, Morocco, Bahrain, Algeria, and Lebanon, as well as representatives of Arab and international bodies like the World Bank.

Jordan forms centre for issuing visas for Iraqis


Amman : Jordanian Interior Minister Eid Al-Fayez formed a committee to place regulations for the issuance of visas to Iraqis, sources in the ministry said Saturday.

The sources told KUNA the committee aimed to find the easiest and fastest way to organize the entrance of Iraqis to Jordan.

There is no Jordanian embassy or any other Arab embassy in Baghdad due to the unstable security situation there, the sources noted.

Moussa, Abul Gheit meet Ryan Crocker on situation in Iraq


Cairo : Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa and Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul-Gheit met separately with United State Ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker here Friday.

The talks, held at Cairo International Airport, focused on the Arab and US views on the crisis in Iraq, Moussa told reporters after his meeting with the US diplomat.

The Arab League chief asserted that it was not only the United States and Iran, which had interest in Iraq but the Arab countries as well.

Deposed Palestinian PM denies holding meetings with Israel


Gaza : Deposed Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniya denied Friday holding any meetings between Hamas and Israel.

At a press conference in Gaza, Haniya questioned the validity of news reports claiming confidential meetings between Hamas and Israel, adding that the two sides have no connection whatsoever.

He did not mind holding meetings between Palestinian ministers and their Israeli counterparts to alleviate suffering of Palestinian citizens.

Abul Gheit's visit to Lebanon achieved its aims - Egypt's FM


Cairo : Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul-Gheit's visit to Lebanon Thursday has achieved its aims fully, spokesman of the ministry Husam Zaki told reporters here Friday.

The minister has tendered a report on the results of the visit to President Hosni Mubarak, according to the spokesman During the one-day visit, the minister made extensive contacts with Lebanese political and religious leaders who showed interest in Egypt's effort help Lebanon get out of the current crisis, he noted.