Vibrant, bubbling Detroit is now a ghost town

By Jaspal Singh

News reports have stated that there are wild dogs in Detroit that roam the streets and have at occasions attacked small children for food. It is said that the owners of the dogs abandoned them when they left the city and now these dogs roam among more than 40,000 abandoned properties, looking for food. Over the years they have bred and multiplied. Since city has cut back in all services, there are no dog wardens to catch stray dogs to take them to dog shelters.

UP to get five new hydro-power projects

Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh will get five new hydro-power projects over the next few years, officials said on Wednesday.

The decision was taken at the meeting of board of directors of the Hydro-Power Corporation on Tuesday. Principal Secretary (Energy) Sanjay Agarwal presided over the meeting wherein a status report on the existing hydro-power projects was presented.

Obama sees no 'factual argument' against Iran n-deal

Addis Ababa: US President Barack Obama on Monday defended the agreement reached with Iran over its controversial nuclear programme, saying he has not heard a single valid argument against the historic deal.

"I've not yet heard a factual argument on the other side that holds up to scrutiny," the president said.

In a joint press conference with Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn in Addis Ababa, Obama said the pact signed between Iran and the P5+1 to prevent Tehran from developing nuclear weapons was "a good deal".

Norway bans e-cigarette advertising

Oslo : Norway has notified vendors of electronic cigarettes that all pictures and positive reviews of the products must be removed from websites, media reported.

"E-cigarette is a tobacco surrogate and is therefore covered by the ban on advertising," Xinhua quoted Hilde Skyvulstad, a senior official of the Norwegian Directorate of Health, as saying.

Sellers of the products fear that an advertising ban will hurt their business even though many of their products are nicotine-free and do not look like cigarettes, said local business newspaper DN.

Delhi sees maximum diphtheria deaths in country

New Delhi: The national capital witnessed highest number of deaths in the past two years in the country due to diphtheria, a bacterial infection that affects membranes of the throat and nose, the Lok Sabha was informed on Friday.

Six more encephalitis deaths in north Bengal

Siliguri: At least six people died of encephalitis since Wednesday in northern West Bengal, to take the toll to 45, a health official said here Friday.

According to a senior state health department official, five deaths were reported from North Bengal Medical College and Hospital in Darjeeling district and the other death occurred in Alipurduar district.

"Since Wednesday, six deaths have occurred... so far at least 45 people have succumbed to encephalitis in the year," said the official.

Delhi hospital restores mobility to 130-kg Uzbek woman

New Delhi: An accident four years back left Kavlaynova Oygul, from Uzbekistan's capital Tashkent, with a broken thigh bone that refused to heal despite several medical interventions. Already 130 kg and unable to walk all these years, the 34-year-old woman developed more complications due to morbid obesity.

Thanks to a complicated four-hour long surgery successfully carried out by doctors at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals here, Oygul is today all set to stand on her feet and walk again, crucial to her survival as she needs to work out to reduce her weight.

App to help scientists study cancer genetics

New York: Scientists have developed an interactive tool to help researchers and clinicians explore the genetic underpinnings of cancer.

The tool - Mutation Annotation and Genome Interpretation (MAGI) - is an open-source web application that enables users to search, visualise, and annotate large public cancer genetic datasets, including data from The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) project.

"MAGI lets users explore these data in a regular web browser and with no computational expertise required," said Max Leiserson, led developer of the tool.

NASA probe discovers bigger, older cousin to Earth

Washington: NASA's Kepler mission has confirmed the first near-Earth-size planet in the "habitable zone" around a Sun-like star.

This discovery and the introduction of 11 other new small habitable zone candidate planets mark another milestone in the journey to finding another "Earth", the US space agency said in a statement.

The newly discovered Kepler-452b is the smallest planet to date discovered orbiting in the habitable zone -- the area around a star where liquid water could pool on the surface of an orbiting planet -- of a G2-type star, like our Sun.

Drink up Jaljeera for good health

New Delhi : Jaljeera, a refreshing and natural drink, can help to fight intestinal gas and poor digestion, says an expert.

Rahul Jain, partner at beverage company Jayanti Group, shares benefits of drinking Jaljeera:

* Good for digestion: Jaljeera contains black salt, which is good for digestion. It helps in heartburns, relieves from intestinal gas and rehydrates the body.

* Prevents anaemia: Cumin content helps in preventing and treating anaemia as it is the excellent source of iron. It even improves immunity and keeps your body cool.