Pakistan rejects report on fastest growing nuclear arsenal

Islamabad: Pakistan on Friday strongly rejected a report published by a US think tank, which claimed that Pakistan has the fastest growing nuclear arsenal in the world.

“The report is utterly baseless,” said Qazi Khalilullah, the foreign office spokesperson, Dawn reported.

“Such reports have the effect of diverting attention from the exponential increase in India’s fissile material stockpiles,” added the spokesperson.

The spokesman stated that as a nuclear state, Pakistan’s policy is characterised by utmost restraint and responsibility.

Go for second baby for a super married life

New York: If marital satisfaction is what you miss the most after the first child, plan the second baby now to get the mojo back in your love life.

According to researchers from the University of Michigan, several married couples get stressed after the first child birth with the new and challenging duties staring at them.

But with the arrival of the second baby, the quality of married life slowly returns to where it was before the first birth.

Blood test may predict hypertension risk

New York : A more sensitive version of a blood test long used to verify heart muscle damage from heart attacks could also identify people on their way to developing hypertension well before the so-called silent killer shows up on a blood pressure machine, research has found.

People with higher levels of the cardiac regulatory protein troponin T are more likely to be diagnosed with hypertension within a few years, showed the findings.


IAEA receives information from Tehran on n-plan

Vienna: The UN nuclear agency on Tuesday said it received substantive amount of information from Iran about its nuclear programme and the agency is still verifying the data.

Under the comprehensive deal agreed by Iran and six world powers on July 14, Iran would improve the transparency of its nuclear plan while freezing some of its nuclear activities in exchange for sanctions relief, Xinhua reported.

Yukiya Amano, head of IAEA, said the agency has got a "substantive volume" of information from Tehran.

No facility to test oxytocin in food articles, Delhi HC told

New Delhi: The Delhi High Court was on Thursday told by an advocate, who filed PIL for steps to prevent pesticides in fruits and vegetable available in markets, that there was no facility available to test presence of oxytocin, which could cause cancer, in food articles.

WCD committee recommends banning sale of junk food in schools

New Delhi : A committee set up by the women and child development (WCD) ministry has recommended banning sale of junk food in and around schools.

The committee constituted to look into the issues related to growing problems of obesity among children and its relationship with consumption of junk food submitted its report to the ministry this week.

The ministry is examining the report.

Smartphones can help improve kids numeracy skills

New Delhi: Smartphone and tablet-based games can help improve literacy and numeracy skills of children, a study done in India has found.

The study was conducted by Qualcomm Wireless Reach and Sesame Workshop in India (SWI) among school children of 5-8 years of age and covered over 4,500 children in 57 schools of Delhi and Bihar.

It also found that the use of games not only improved learning outcomes, but also altered teachers' attitudes toward using new technology for teaching, reported.

Working overtime increases stroke risk

London : People who work longer than the standard 35 to 40 hour week run significantly higher risk of stroke, says the largest study conducted on this issue.

The study involving over 600,000 individuals found that longer people work, the higher their chances of a stroke.

Working 55 hours or more per week is linked to a 33 percent greater risk of stroke and a more modest 13 percent increased risk of developing coronary heart disease compared with working for standard seven to eight hours in a five-days a week, the findings showed.

Islamic Declaration on Climate Change calls Muslims to support Paris meet in December 2015

By A Mirsab,,

Istanbul/New Delhi: An ‘Islamic Climate Change Declaration’ has called on the world's Muslims to play an active role in combating climate change and has urged governments to conclude an effective universal climate change agreement in Paris at the end of the year.

Health ministry examining Ramdev's AIDS cure: Shripad Naik

Panaji: The union health ministry could use Baba Ramdev's reported cure to HIV/AIDS if it is clinically cleared, Union Minister of State for Health and AYUSH Shripad Naik said on Tuesday.

Naik, a North Goa MP, was addressing a press conference in Panaji to announce the agenda for the International Youth Day on Wednesday.

"We have asked him for details about how he has done it and if it is clinically cleared then we will go ahead and use it," Naik said, when asked if the ministry had examined claims made by Ramdev in the past about allegedly possessing a cure for HIV/AIDS.