Lack of awareness about heamophilia still persists

(April 17 is World Haemophilia Day)

By Shweta Sharma,

New Delhi : Sageer Ahmad, a tailor by profession, got to know about haemophilia when his year-old son hurt himself and started bleeding profusely. But Ahmad still didn't learn his lesson. His second son born after a gap of three years was also detected with the blood disorder.

Similar is the story of Bimlesh Sharma. Despite knowing that she is a carrier of the lifelong disorder, she did not get a detection test done when she was pregnant. The result: her son has the same genetic disorder.

Strategy needed to control non-communicable diseases: Experts

New Delhi: There is a need for a coherent strategy to control non-communicable diseases in the country with a special focus on alcohol consumption, experts said Wednesday.

"It is important to think of a coherent strategy and put together overall policy framework for control of non-communicable diseases where alcohol and tobacco form the basis of a policy formulation," C.K. Mishra, additional secretary in the health ministry said at a consultation on alcohol control here.

Indian navigation satellite's orbit raised

Chennai:The Indian space agency Saturday raised further the orbit of its second navigation satellite by around 4,200 km by firing the space craft's onboard motor for around seven minutes, said a senior official.

"The satellite's motor was fired for around seven minutes today (Saturday) evening. Post raising the satellite's elliptical orbit is 292.7 x 24,830 km," an official of the space agency told IANS preferring anonymity.

Another orbit raising activity is slated for Sunday evening.

Indian doctors in Mozambique to strengthen health service

Maputo:Half a dozen Indian doctors arrived in Mozambique to help national health authorities increase health capacity, Maputo Central Hospital General Director Joao Fumane said Friday.

The Indian doctors are in Mozambique as part of a cooperation agreement signed between the government of Mozambique and the Apollo group from India, Xinhua cited the state news agency AIM as saying.

'Parties unwilling to include tobacco control in manifestos'

Thiruvananthapuram: Medico-legal experts here have cried foul over the absence of intent betrayed by political parties in their manifestos for the Lok Sabha polls, when it comes to tackling the perils of tobacco use.

The irony, experts say, is that while the manifestos make bombastic promises such as focus on preventive rather than curative measures, health security for all and health for all families/habitations, no party has come forward to address the critical issue.

India to open warehouse in Nigeria for medicine export

By Francis Kokutse,

Accra: In what is expected to give a major boost to the presence of Indian pharmaceutical companies in Africa, a new warehousing facility will be opened in Nigeria for exporting medicines from India to that West African country.

The Pharmaceutical Export Promotion Council of India (Pharmexcil), in accociation with with Sankil Pharmaceutical, a local pharmacutical business agency in Nigeria, will open the new warehouse, according to statement issued by Pharmexcil.

Indian scientist contests Big Bang `evidences'

By K.S. Jayaraman ,

Bangalore: Indian astrophysicist Abhas Mitra, at the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) in Mumbai, who had once challenged the Black Hole theory of Britain's famed Stephen Hawking is in the limelight again.

Mitra's earlier research had claimed that the so-called "Black Holes" must be grey-holes and not exact black holes, and the so-called "Dark Energy" -- a topic of Physics Nobel in 2011 -- must be an artifact rather than a real entity.

His views remain uncontested till now.

Include ban on tobacco in manifestos: NGO

Bangalore: Research facility Institute of Public Health has asked political parties to include in their manifestos a complete ban on tobacco products, including cigarettes, bidis and chewing tobacco.

"We have urged all political parties to include a ban on tobacco products in their manifestos for the Lok Sabha polls and fulfill the assurance when elected to power," the institute's assistant director Upendra Bhojani told IANS here Sunday.

President calls for united efforts against TB

New Delhi: President Pranab Mukherjee Sunday expressed confidence that with determined efforts, India can be free of tuberculosis within a short period of time.

In a message ahead of World Tuberculosis Day March 24, the president called upon people to unite their efforts to bring an end to the age-old scourge.

"It is a matter of deep concern that TB continues to kill one person every two minutes or almost 750 people daily in India," he said.

"Our endeavour should be quick diagnosis of TB patients and providing high-quality treatment for all diagnosed cases."

India still home to quarter of global TB cases

New Delhi: Despite having a strong public sector programme to contain the disease, tuberculosis still remains a cause of concern for India, which has nearly a quarter of the global burden of TB, health experts said.

Experts said measures which can help strengthen the fight against the disease include involvement of the private sector, more political commitment to create awareness and containing risk factors like malnutrition.