Best way to stop terrorism?

Better intelligence
37% (231 votes)
More policing
5% (30 votes)
Seal international borders
6% (36 votes)
Strict anti-terror laws
27% (170 votes)
25% (152 votes)
Total votes: 619


The reason for terrorism is

The reason for terrorism is injustice, A Govt can stop it by right justice to all citizens and prevent it by accepting a policy which will not heart any humans.

To be very specific the most

To be very specific the most important reason for any terrorism is partiality, doing unfairness to minorities and favoritism for majorities.


Is totally nuts!

Israel ...

Quite Israil and America From India is the best way to stop the Terrorism......

One of the best ways to stop

One of the best ways to stop terrorism is to stop teaching hate. It is necessary to Stop teaching that other people's culture, race and beliefs are wrong. mole removal at home

Equal rights to Minorities in India

The best way to stop "terrorism" is to give Muslims equal rights and opportunities in India. If Indian state fails to provide this, i think it will inevitably lead to a civil war in parts or all of India. Due to inherent corruption and apparent bias against minorities, Muslims in Particular, India is failing as a secular state and 200 million Muslims cannot co-exist in a Hindu state. While i am against the first partition of India but if India is to become a Hindu state , i think the best option will be to form a separate state for Muslims of India and give Hindus a Hindu Rastra.