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रमज़ान का साथी रूह अफ़ज़ा...और क्या चाहिए

सिद्धांत मोहन,

रूह अफ़ज़ा, ये कोई पेय या महज़ शरबत नहीं है. एक सभ्यता का नाम है. एक पूरे त्यौहार का नाम, एक पूरी क़ौम का नाम, एक आराम का नाम, अव्वल तो यह कि यह एक मौसम का नाम है.

यह तलब का भी नाम है. शीशे की पारदर्शी बोतल में भरा लाल गाढ़ा द्रव. देखने में गुलाब का जीता-जागता अर्क. सूंघो तो लगता है कि गुलाब का रस नाकों के भीतर निचोड़ दिया गया हो.

Govt target 5 lakh handloom weavers for loans in the next three years

By TCN News

New Delhi: The Ministry of Textiles has set a target of extending loans to five lakh handloom weavers in the next three years. This was announced by Union Textiles Secretary Rashmi Verma, at a national workshop on MUDRA scheme for handloom weavers and artisans, organized by Office of Development Commissioner (Handlooms), Ministry of Textiles at New Delhi yesterday.

Elaborate arrangements in UP for 'alvida namaz'

Lucknow : Elaborate arrangements were being made across Uttar Pradesh (UP) for the "alvida namaz" on Friday, police said on Thursday.

The 23rd day of Ramzaan which also marks the last Friday of the holy month, will be observed under tight and fool-proof security, an official said.

In the state capital, the namaz (prayers) would be monitored by two drones and the old city, which has the highest Muslim majority, has been divided into five sectors of which City Magistrates have been made in-charge.

Highlights of special court order rejecting Sadhvi’s bail despite NIA clean chit

By A Mirsab,,

The much anticipated bail application of Sadhvi Pragya Thakur in Malegaon 2008 blasts case came to be rejected on Tuesday by the special NIA court, Mumbai. The rejection order is a huge set back to Thakur as well as NIA that has provided clean chit to her on May 13, revoked MCOCA charges from the case and did not object her bail.

Following are the highlights of the bail order by Special NIA judge S D Tekale :

Ramadan 1437: Mariya Hasni

Mariya Hasni

By Asif Khan,

“Someone should really talk about how much a woman's workload increases during Ramadan,” Mariya says jokingly. A mother of three, she is the principal at a local girls’ school.

For Adil Ashraf Khan, fasting is no excuse to stop exercising

By Raqib Hameed Naik,

Jammu: Ten years ago, Adil Ashraf Khan was a slim 18-year-old boy from Bahu fort, a locality in Jammu. Never had he imagined that six years later, trying his luck at state-level power lifting competition and finishing third would herald a career that would see him break state records back to back in Strength lifting and Power lifting.

Ehsan Jafri fired or not but can it justify lesser punishment to killers of 69?

By Masood Peshimam for,

After 14 years of sweat and toil A SIT Court held a mirror to reality by terming the Gularg society massacre in Gujarat the darkest day in the civil society and awarded the life terms to 11 convicts for burning alive 69 people, including former Congress MP Ehsan Jafri, in one of the worst riots of post Godhra violence of 2002.

जहां रमज़ान की बरक़त हिन्दुओं पर बरसती है

अफ़रोज़ आलम साहिल,

दिल्ली: दिल्ली का एक इलाक़ा है जामिया नगर. इस इलाके के बारे में पहली तस्वीर यह बनती है कि यह एक मुस्लिमबहुल इलाक़ा है. ज़्यादातर लोग इस बात को मान भी लेते हैं, क्योंकि यहां मस्जिदों से अज़ान की आवाज़ें आती हैं. सड़कों पर टोपी पहने लोग दिखते हैं. महिलाएं बुर्के में चलती हैं. पहली नज़र में यह सौ फीसदी मुस्लिमबहुल इलाक़ा ही दिखता है. यह बात भी सही है कि जामिया नगर नई दिल्ली का सबसे घना मुस्लिमबहुल इलाक़ा है.

Literary journal ‘Andaz-e-Bayan’ is the quest for understanding feminine pain and protest

Literary journal ‘Andaz-e-Bayan’ is the quest for understanding feminine pain and protest

By Manzar Imam for,

Ramadan 1437: Danish Qavi

Danish Qavi

By Asif Khan,

After Iftar, Danish was explaining the importance of interpersonal behaviour to one of the employees at his upmarket multi-utility store in the central part of Lucknow.