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मस्जिद कमिटी दोबारा बनवाएगी चम्पारण की ऐतिहासिक पब्लिक लाइब्रेरी

अफ़रोज़ आलम साहिल,

बेतिया (बिहार) : चम्पारण की ऐतिहासिक ज़मीन से जुड़े संघर्षों की प्रतीक यहां की मशहूर ‘सज्जाद पब्लिक उर्दू लाइब्रेरी’ एक बार फिर से आकार लेने जा रही है. चम्पारण के कुछ बुद्धिजीवियों और जागरूक नौजवानों ने इस लाइब्रेरी को दोबारा ज़िंदा करने का इरादा किया है. इस नज़रिए से यह एक बड़ा काम है क्योंकि सज्जाद पब्लिक उर्दू लाइब्रेरी एक ऐतिहासिक लाइब्रेरी है. ने छह महीने पहले इस लाइब्रेरी की कहानी अपने पाठकों से साझा की थी.

People wrongly convicted in terror charges must be compensated, says Justice Shah-led jury

By Staff Reporter

Media must refrain from pronouncing terror accused as ‘guilty’ till a formal pronouncement is made by the court, and a rights-based approach should be adopted by the State to grant compensation to the victims of wrongful actions of the State, a Jury led by Justice AP Shah, former Chairman of Law Commission of India said at a press conference in Delhi on December 10.

After Mulayam questions lack of recruitment, UP govt says it gave jobs to 4.58 lakh people

By Faisal Fareed,

Three days after Samajwadi Party president Mulayam Singh Yadav raised questions over Akhilesh Yadav-led government for not giving jobs to five lakh people, Uttar Pradesh government has informed the people that it has given jobs to 4.58 lakh people.

गांधी की जान बचाने वाले बत्तख मियां के वंशज को बिहार सरकार देगी 35 एकड़ ज़मीन Staff Reporter

मोतिहारी : चम्पारण सत्याग्रह के दौरान 1917 में राष्ट्रपिता महात्मा गांधी की जान बचाने वाले स्वतंत्रता सेनानी बत्तख मियां के वंशज को राज्य सरकार द्वारा ज़मीन उपलब्ध कराने की योजना है.

भागलपुर पुलिसिया दमन : नीतीश कुमार के ‘सामाजिक न्याय की प्रतिबद्धता’ को कर दिया ‘नंगा’ Staff Reporter

दिल्ली : उत्तर प्रदेश के लखनऊ में अपने पुराने पेंशन व अन्य मांगों को लेकर प्रदर्शन कर रहे शिक्षकों पर पुलिस द्वारा किए गए लाठीचार्ज के बाद अब यही कहानी बिहार के भागलपुर में दोहराई गई है. इस कहानी में फर्क़ सिर्फ़ इतना है कि यहां पुलिसिया दमन का शिकार शिक्षक नहीं बल्कि भूमिहीन दलित हुए हैं.

Handicapped need not stand up in cinema hall for national anthem: SC

New Delhi : The Supreme Court on Friday modified its November 30 order, exempting physically handicapped person from standing up when the national anthem is played in cinema hall before the start of a film show.

The bench of Justice Dipak Misra and Justice Amitava Roy modified their order by which the court had directed cinema halls to play the national anthem before the start of movies and when is sung or played, it is imperative on the part of everyone present to show due respect and honour by standing up.


Justice Katju offers to apologise to SC for criticising judges, verdict

New Delhi : Former Supreme Court judge, Justice Markandey Katju on Friday offered to tender an unconditional apology in a contempt case for criticising judges and their judgment in Saumya rape and murder case.

Justice Katju, in his application, which was mentioned on Friday before a bench headed by Justice Ranjan Gogoi, has said that he has deleted all the Facebook posts and respected the judicial process and judiciary.


10,171 children died in MP between July and October

Bhopal : An average of 82 children died everyday since July in Madhya Pradesh due to various illnesses, data provided by Health Minister Rustam Singh in the state assembly revealed.

The health Minister informed the state assembly on Friday that from July to October -- 123 days in total -- 10,171 children died in the state due to pneumonia, diarrhoea, fever and measles, among other reasons.


Railways, Metro, buses won't accept old Rs 500 notes after December 9

New Delhi : Making a U-turn within a few hours, the government on Friday advanced by a day the last date for using the old Rs 500 notes to purchase tickets for travel by train, government- or public sector undertaking-run buses and commuting on suburban and Metro rail services.

The guillotine was also applied to use of the old Rs 500 notes to pay for catering services on board during travel by rail.

In a communication here, the government said that effective December 9 midnight old Rs 500 notes can no longer be used for availing these services.


Plastic currency notes to be printed soon

New Delhi : Soon, plastic currency notes will be printed in India. The procurement process for the required material has already been initiated, Parliament was informed on Friday.

"It has been decided to print bank notes based on plastic/polymer substrate. The process of procurement has been initiated," Minister of State for Finance Arjun Ram Meghwal said in a written reply in the Lok Sabha.

Meghwal said that on December 11, 2015 it was informed by the Reserve Bank of India that they received some Rs 1,000 denomination without the security thread.