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Businessman opens ‘honey hut’ in Shimla

Shimla (IANS) : A honey maker from Punjab has opened a unique “honey hut” in Shimla, the summer capital of India, for selling honey and honey-based products.

“We’ve come up with a unique concept of honey huts for selling our honey and honey-based products. This is our first honey hut outlet in the country,” said Jagjit Singh Kapoor, owner of the venture.

“The next such outlet will be opened in Chandigarh as we plan to open around 70 honey huts across the country, although we have been exporting our products to at least 70 countries,” he added.

The outlet has been opened late Saturday in Shimla’s down town Mall street.

“Besides honey, we are also selling honey-based eatables such as honey tea, honey coffee, chocolates, cakes and even popcorns with honey flavour,” said Kapoor.

“Our Doraha-based honey farms in neighbouring Punjab are spread over 60 acres where we have around 20,000 colonies of honey bees producing high quality honey,” he said.

“We are also planning to open a bee keeping research institute in Doraha,” he added.