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Iran wishing peace, friendship, brotherhood, and equality for region – Ahmadinejad


Doha : Visiting IRI President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said here Monday night Iran wishes sustainable peace, friendship, brotherhood and equality for the Persian Gulf region.

Speaking at a press conference on the sidelines of the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council (PGCC) meeting, at which Iran was participating as an observer for the first time, President Ahmadinejad said in response to the reporter of Qatar’s Al-Sharq daily who had asked the reason why he had not touched on Iran’s nuclear issue, “The nuclear issue is a concluded issue from our point of the view.” He added, “There are of course a couple of countries that assume they can through imposing pressure and threatening us at the end of the path get occasions from us, which is impossible, since our nation has already made its choice.”

On nations’ inescapable access to the nuclear energy in near future, including the Iranian nation’s, he said, “In near future the fossil fuels would come to an end, and that would be when the world nations would need new sources for energy.”

President Ahmadinejad said, “Yet, unfortunately, some arrogant world powers wish to maintain the monopoly of this clean, cheap source of energy, which is the reason why on pretext of opposing the spread of nuclear weapons they seek to deprive the nations of getting access to this energy.”

Ahmadinejad emphasized, “The enemies of the Iranian nation are not scared of nuclear weapons, and they are above that quite sure that Iran is moving towards taking quite peaceful advantage of nuclear energy.”

He added, “All the same, they keep up intensifying the political crisis, trying to deprive the Iranian nation of its rights through threats.”

The president said, “The Iranian nation’s resistance and not yielding to their illogical demands, side by side with the IAEA Chief’s recent report in which he has made clear that Iran’s nuclear activities are of a peaceful nature, have proved that the Iranian nations’ claims have been based on realities.”

The IRI President expressed regret that the first two UN Security Council resolutions against our country have been issued based on false information, adding, “Many mistakes have been made in that respect so far, and a couple of countries keep insisting over continuing their mistakes, rather than trying to make up for their mistakes.”

He said, “They had better accept that they have made mistakes, since that would be to their benefit, although the decision is theirs, but if they would do otherwise they would just like always be the losers.”

Ahmadinejad emphasized, “We feel no threats, while maintaining our readiness for facing any possible conditions. Those who feel threatened are under the influence of the launched psychological war of the West.”

He reiterated, “Iran would keep on pursuing its activities in the framework of the Agency’s regulations, and we would enter talks with everyone for bilateral and multilateral cooperation, but we would not return from the path that we have paved so far.”

He added, “We look towards the future, that belongs to the nations, and will be constructed based on logic and brotherhood.” Qatar’s Al-Jazeera TV reporter referring to UAE’s claim over three Iranian islands, asked the Iranian President whether he thought the claim has negatively influenced the two countries’ ties.

President Ahmadinejad replied, “Our relations are excellent with our brethren in Emirates and the volume our our annual trade is over eleven billion US dollars currently, that is the topmost trade volume in Persian Gulf region currently.”

He referred to his meeting with the UAE Emir on the sidelines of the ongoing PGCC meeting, arguing, “I had an excellent meeting with my good brother in which we discussed ways for further expansion of bilateral ties, as well as talking on lots of other issues.” Ahmadinejad emphasized, “I see no obstacle at all in the way of further expansion of ties, and our future perspective for the region is a bright one for the entire regional nations.”