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Iran denies US report on nuclear arms

By NNN-Prensa Latina

Tehran : Iran declared on Saturday that the United States is still lying by telling the world in an intelligence report that Teheran suspended a nuclear arms program in 2003.

Spokesman from the National Security Commission and Foreign Policy of the Parliament Kazen Yalahi said contrary to everything expressed by the 16 US intelligence entities, the Persian country has never had an atomic weapons program.

“That is another lie to try to deceive the international community,” Yahali said.

The US intelligence bodies claimed that Iran tried to develop mass destruction weapons in 2003 but brought the program to a halt.

Several Iranian top rank officials have discredited the US document in the last 24 hours which has been leaked to the press in some of its parts only.

The Iranian ambassador in the UN Mohammad Jazai told the Press in New York that his country has never and will not ever produce those weapons, but will not give up its legitimate right to use nuclear energy with peaceful aims.